21 Best Smoked Appetizers

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Smoked appetizers are the cream of the crop. The delicate smokey flavors are some of the best out there! Get your guests’ appetites ready with these incredible smoked appetizers.

If you’re curious about the world of smoked appetizers, you’ve come to the correct list.

Some of these recipes require a smoker or pellet grill. But others use pre-smoked ingredients or a homemade smoking method, so there’s a great option for everyone to try for your next party!

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smoked appetizer recipes

There are so many appetizers served all around the world. It’s hard to know which one is the most popular! Bread-based appetizers are pretty standard because they’re easy to make.

Crostini, bruschetta, and even breadsticks with dip are all very popular. Other things like stuffed mushrooms and even French fries make appearances often.

The key is making a crowd-pleasing dish for your appetizer so that everyone can enjoy them!

What Can Be Smoked Besides Meat?

When people think of smoked appetizers, they often think of meat. But you can smoke so many other things to give them a richer flavor.

Dairy items like sour cream or cheese are great at absorbing smoke. Vegetables are also a good place to start, with artichokes or potatoes being particularly good.

Of course, there’s also fish! The delicate fish flesh is a perfect home for veins of smokiness. To explore the full range of what you can smoke, keep reading!

Best Smoked Appetizer Recipes

The point of an appetizer is to make your guests feel hungry without filling them up too much. Each of these recipes fits the bill and is the perfect match for your pellet smoker!

Add a hint of smoke, and you’ve got appetizers your guests will devour in minutes.

1. Smoked Salmon Bites

smoked salmon bites

Source: allnutritious.com

First on the list is a quick high-protein appetizer. Smoked salmon and avocado pair ideally in these tasty little bites. You only need four ingredients to make this finger food recipe!

You will absolutely love this finger food recipe for potlucks and parties!

2. Smoked Cream Cheese with Pepper Jelly

smoked cream cheese with pepper jelly

Source: bonappeteach.com

Cream cheese is beautiful when smoked. The rich, tart flavor takes on a rounded smokiness that makes it a hundred percent more addictive!

Pair a block of cream cheese with this delicious pepper jelly. You’ve got a real winner. This is a great appetizer to use for a small group of guests.

3. Smoked Jalapeño Poppers

smoked jalapeno poppers

Source: threeolivesbranch.com

Take your jalapeno poppers to the next level with this delicious hack.

The key is to cook these in a smoker. If you don’t have a smoker, you can improvise one using your Traeger grill or even a stovetop pot at home.

4. Florida Smoked Fish Dip

florida smoked fish dip

Source: bonappeteach.com

This delicious flaky Florida fish dip has the perfect amount of smoke hovering around the edges.

If you don’t have a smoker at home, you can use pre-smoked fish to make this at home.

5. Smoked Salsa

smoked salsa

Source: bbqingwiththenolands.com

This recipe pours smoke into a prepared salsa, lacing it with fragrant notes.

This is a beautiful way to elevate a simple party appetizer. Making this requires barely any extra effort. If you don’t have a smoker at home, you can use your grill to achieve a similar effect.

6. Smoked Queso Dip

smoked queso dip

Source: bonappeteach.com

Speaking of Mexican-style dips made better with smoke: it’s time to up your queso game! This delicious queso dip would be the perfect bite and the ultimate party dip at your next gathering.

Enjoy more tasty appetizers for your fiesta night with these other Mexican appetizer recipes!

7. Cream of Sardines Tapas with Smoked Salmon and Capers

cream of sardines tapas with smoked salmon and capers

Source: atastefortravel.ca

If you don’t have a smoker at home, this is a great appetizer to reach for. The smoked element is salmon, which you can easily pick up from your local store.

Capers and cream of sardine combine to create an appetizer that looks fancy but tastes like a homemade treat.

8. Smoked Scallops with Garlic

smoked scallops with garlic

Source: bbqingwiththenolands.com

Scallops are one of the best seafood items you can smoke. The delicate flesh takes on flavor like a sponge, especially smoke!

One or two of these scallops make a great appetizer. However, you can also use this recipe to create a main dish. These scallops are super versatile!

9. Smoked Guacamole with Bacon

smoked guacamole with bacon

Source: familyspice.com

Put a unique spin on a game-day favorite with this delicious smoked guacamole. The bacon stirred through the mix highlights the smokiness in the avocado, making it a million times better.

This technique uses a smoking gun, a cheaper alternative to a full-on smoker.

10. Smoked Cheese Ball

smoked cheese ball

Source: aimeemars.com

Here’s a super simple make-ahead appetizer that’s great for holiday parties. This delicious smoked cheese ball is covered in a layer of crushed pecans to add some nuttiness.

The combination is out of this world! Serve with crackers, breadsticks, or your favorite Christmas snacks.

This is one of the greatest fall appetizers for parties!

11. Spicy Smoked Chex Mix

smoked chex mix

Source: cookwhatyoulove.com

Fire up your smoker and crank out this smoked Chex Mix in no time!

Pick up all your favorite crunchy snacks and blend them into the perfect collection of crunch. Then, leave it in the smoker for a few minutes and coat it with a spicy glaze to finish it. Delicious!

12. Smoky Rosemary Hummus

smokey rosemary hummus

Source: planted365.com

This smoky rosemary hummus might be one of the best recipes on this list. It’s so simple, but the flavors are out of this world. Rosemary and smoked chickpea are an incredible combination.

Complete your party apps with more of these easy cold appetizers!

13. Smoked Salmon Cakes

smoked salmon cakes

Source: ourlovelanguageisfood.com

Do away with the old-style fish cakes and make room for these modern smoked salmon cakes.

But they take it up a notch with smoky goodness. Pair with a chipotle-style mayonnaise that picks up on the smokiness in the salmon flesh. These are amazing as both an appetizer and a side dish.

14. Crispy Smoked Chicken Wings

smoked chicken wings

Source: windingcreekranch.org

These smoked wings are so tender and juicy. The smoker cooks them perfectly, putting a lovely char on the outside.

You can serve these as a game-day appetizer or as part of your lunch. Try serving with various dipping sauces to let everyone try their favorite combinations!

15. Smoked Stuffed Mushrooms

smoked stuffed mushrooms

Source: agrillforallseasons.com

Stuffed mushrooms are a classic high-protein appetizer that will satisfy your guests. These smoky mushrooms are stuffed with a delicious meat and cheese mixture.

Mushrooms are known for soaking up the flavor of their surroundings. By smoking them on the grill, you’re turning them into little flavor bombs!

16. Venison Teriyaki Meatballs

venison teriyaki meatballs

Source: outgrilling.com

Venison is gamey meat, so it goes beautifully with smoke. These delicious venison teriyaki meatballs are so smoky, sticky, and sweet.

They are super simple to make. You can prepare the meatballs the day before. Then, whack them in the smoker and brush them with your teriyaki glaze to serve.

17. Smoked Salmon Dip

smoked salmon dip

Source: dinneratthezoo.com

Here’s a smoky salmon take on the Key West smoked fish dip from earlier in the list.

I recommend making this ahead of time. The dip keeps well in the fridge, saving you much time. While you can smoke your salmon for this, store-bought works well too!

18. Smoked French Onion Dip

smoked french onion dip

Source: vindulge.com

If you love French onion soup, then you will love this dip.

Make it ahead of time and let it sit in the fridge to become even more flavorful.

If you are looking for the best hot appetizers, this is it!

19. Smoked Deviled Eggs

smoked deviled eggs

Source: theprimitivedish.com

Deviled eggs are already incredible. Now, imagine adding smoke… I know, right?!

These delicious eggs have an incredible smokiness wafting through every bite. Pair that with the smoked bacon sprinkled on top. Then, you’ve got an addictive appetizer.

20. Smoked Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

smoked bacon wrapped asparagus

Source: theprimitivedish.com

Asparagus is an underrated vegetable. Smoking it in some bacon can bring out its natural springtime flavor to contrast the dark smoke and pair perfectly with your main dishes.

The flavors at play in this appetizer are to die for. Fresh asparagus faces off with smoky bacon to create an addictive cycle.

21. Smoked BBQ Chicken Nachos

smoked BBQ Chicken nachos

Source: theprimitivedish.com

Our final recipe can be ready and on your table in less than twenty minutes!

Mix it up and turn it into your signature dish on game days! Make sure to include plenty of fresh salsa, lime, and cilantro to balance the smoky flavor.

So, do you own a smoker? Do you use another method at home to smoke your food? Let us know your favorite recipe in the comments below so we can try it!

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