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about me

Hey, my name is Karo! I am the woman behind this blog, the videos, and the pictures! I currently live in Scotland, a truly picturesque country full of magic and beautiful nature.

While I’m not running this business, I am either singing, playing an instrument, meditating, or dancing tango. You’ll find me in the gym, in the swimming pool, in a spa, out about on a walk, or peacefully at home.

I am very spiritual in nature and have studied astrology a good amount. I like to read to friends and loved ones. I have always had a fascination with the hidden (as a Scorpio rising), so I’m always on a path of learning! 🙂

Interestingly enough, I didn’t grow up cooking all the time and mostly had to eat whatever my father had made. And let me tell you, he wasn’t a good cook! ;D

So you’re probably thinking, how come you’re cooking for a living? :>

This is where it gets interesting. I started cooking in my early twenties for my health. I suddenly found myself trying to make healthier versions of my favorite dishes at the time! But this was just the beginning of it all!

A few years later, I was diagnosed with hemiplegic migraines that would last for months at a time, and when my neurologist offered me antiseizure medication with a lot of side effects as the only solution to manage my migraines, I knew there must be a better way.

After a long time of listening to my body and building my spiritual practice, I noticed that my migraines were somehow connected to my digestion. This is when I learned about the gut-brain axis and came across a podcast by a doctor.

This is where my life changed. I reached out to this doctor and very quickly learned about the power of the food we eat. Turns out I was sensitive to a lot of foods at the time and my gut needed to heal.

After half of a year of an anti-inflammatory diet specifically designed for me, I was cured. I haven’t had hemiplegic migraines ever since. And it’s been a few years now.

This is how I learned about the power of food, healthy cooking, and focusing on making nutritious dishes that are nurturing and healing to your body.

Cooking to nurture my body and my soul has become my new life’s pleasure. And I am here to share this love for nourishing food with you. 🙂