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31 Bodybuilding Meal Prep Ideas to Build Muscle

If you are trying to build more muscle, healthy meal prep lunches and dinners can help you. Meet your fitness goals with these bodybuilding meal prep recipes.

Welcome, bodybuilders! If you’ve been on this path for a while, you know that eating right can be one of the trickiest parts of honing your body. Check out these bodybuilding meal preps!

1. Chicken Burrito Bowls

chicken burrito bowl

Per Serving:

• Calories: 520

• Fats: 13g

• Protein: 37g

• Carbs: 54.5g

• Fiber: 9.5g

• Sugar: 4.2g

You can enjoy lean meat, plenty of nutritious vegetables, so much protein, and a punchy flavor profile your taste buds will love. Talk about the power of spices!

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2. Spicy Pineapple Chicken

spicy pineapple chicken

Per Serving:

• Calories: 324

• Fats: 10g

• Protein: 31g

• Carbs: 29g

• Fiber: 1.8g

• Sugar: 23g

This is another recipe of mine. I love to reach for this when I need something easy and nutritious to get me through the week. It’s a one-pan meal that’s ideal for Sunday meal-prepping!

The pineapple glaze on the chicken makes it super tender and sweet. Check out these delicious high calorie meal prep recipes.

3. Chicken and Leek Pie

chicken and leek pie


Per Serving:

• Calories: 399

• Fats: 30g

• Protein: 22g

• Carbs: 25g

• Fiber: 5g

• Sugar: 3g

Are you looking for some comfort food on a relaxed day? This potato-topper pie is exactly what you’re after.

Enjoy warming flavors with a healthy dose of protein to keep you on track with your fitness goals, even on an off day.

4. Chicken with Broccoli, Beets, and Farro Salad

chicken, broccoli, beets, farro salad

Per Serving:

• Calories: 715

• Fats: 27g

• Protein: 55g

• Carbs: 55g

• Fiber: 12g

• Sugar: 17g

Pack your easy meal prep recipes with fiber and enough protein thanks to this tasty recipe. It’s refreshing and full of herbs to keep everything light and delicious.

When making lean meat and grains delicious, citrus and herbs are your friends! That’s what makes these bodybuilding meals so good.

5. Chicken Protein Bread

chicken protein bread


Per Serving:

• Calories: 178

• Fats: 9.9g

• Protein: 20.55g

• Carbs: 2.52g

• Fiber: 1.77g

• Sugar: 0.2g

If you’re living the keto life, this chicken protein bread could be for you. It’s a great change from the usual lean chicken breast after the gym. Plus, it’s easy to prepare ahead of time!

This is a low-calorie and high-protein snack your body will thank you for. The olive oil adds healthy fats as well!

6. Keto Protein Bars

keto protein bars


Per Serving:

• Calories: 272

• Fats: 22g

• Protein: 15g

• Carbs: 10g

• Fiber: 4g

• Sugar: 0g

You can’t go past these keto protein bars for snacks before or after the gym to help you with fat loss while building muscle mass.

These homemade bars taste so much better than store-bought bars. Plus, you only need four ingredients from the grocery store, like vanilla whey protein!

7. Mexican Meal Prep Bowls with Cauliflower Rice

mexican meal prep bowl

Per Serving:

• Calories: 406

• Fats: 17g

• Protein: 48g

• Carbs: 17g

• Fiber: 8g

• Sugar: 6.2g

Veto carbs and highlight protein with my Mexican meal prep bowls. These bowls use cauliflower rice, lean chicken, and plenty of avocados to create a well-rounded meal.

Visit your spice cabinet to create a delicious rice dish that’s cheap, easy, and super healthy.

8. Gluten-Free Egg Casserole with Salmon

egg casserole with salmon


Per Serving:

• Calories: 289

• Fats: 16g

• Protein: 22g

• Carbs: 13g

• Fiber: 2g

• Sugar: 4g

Enjoy all the best parts of a quiche without the unhealthy crust. This salmon, dill, and basil egg casserole have many nutrients stuffed into every slice.

You can enjoy even more healthy meals with these best meal prep ideas.

9. Red Kidney Bean Burger Bowls

red kidney bean bowl

Per Serving:

• Calories: 646

• Fats: 25g

• Protein: 28g

• Carbs: 86g

• Fiber: 34g

• Sugar: 20g

Craving a hit of your favorite takeout? Make a bodybuilder-friendly version with these red kidney bean burger bowls.

You can make these patties well in advance. Freeze a bulk batch and whip them out when you need something last minute!

10. Baked Oats with Egg White

baked oats with egg whites


Per Serving:

• Calories: 548

• Fats: 15.5g

• Protein: 28.7g

• Carbs: 77.1g

• Fiber: 9.3g

• Sugar:

This super simple and long-lasting recipe with egg whites will bulk your oats with plenty of protein. These baked oats are a great way to enjoy breakfast on the go or if you need a simple post-gym snack.

Flavor these oats with anything you want. This recipe uses plenty of peanut butter and fruit to add some sweet and salty notes.

11. Lemon Chicken with Veggies

lemon chicken with veggies

Per Serving:

• Calories: 500

• Fats: 23g

• Protein: 40g

• Carbs: 27.7g

• Fiber: 7.3g

• Sugar: 11g

Enjoy some natural sweetness with this delicious meal prep recipe. The lemon chicken is slightly tart and sweet.

This is super simple to prepare in a single pan. So, no dishes for you! Make your lunches a breeze with this great high-protein recipe.

12. Vegan Protein Pancakes

vegan protein pancakes


Per Serving:

• Calories: 72.2g

• Fats: 0.6g

• Protein: 4g

• Carbs: 12.5g

• Fiber: 0.4g

• Sugar: 2.5g

Stuck for a delicious breakfast you can take on the go on a vegan diet? These vegan protein pancakes are sure to satisfy your cravings. Each mini pancake has four grams of protein, which is plenty!

13. Baked Herb Chicken Breasts with Couscous

baked herb chicken breast with couscous

Per Serving:

• Calories: 633

• Fats: 17g

• Protein: 61g

• Carbs: 56g

• Fiber: 7.5g

• Sugar: 9.7g

The classic baked chicken breast is a bodybuilder’s bread and butter. That doesn’t mean it has to taste bland!

Enjoy a moist spiced chicken breast on top of fluffy cous cous with gems of roast vegetables.

14. Protein Snack Pack

protein snack pack


Per Serving:

• Calories: 589

• Fats: 40g

• Protein: 34g

• Carbs: 28g

• Fiber: 8g

• Sugar: 5g

Kill the snack game with this delicious protein snack pack. This lives up to its name because it’s packed with high-protein snacks like hard-boiled eggs to keep you going.

Best of all, it’s effortless to assemble. You can eat it on the go and keep it well in the fridge. No downsides to this tasty food!

15. Salmon Meal Prep with Veggies

salmon meal prep with veggies

Per Serving:

• Calories: 806

• Fats: 45g

• Protein: 54g

• Carbs: 53g

• Fiber: 13g

• Sugar: 16g

Salmon is a great fish to cook with. It’s high in protein, good fats, and omega-3 to help repair muscle. Best of all, it tastes fantastic. You barely have to do anything to it!

Pair a fillet of salmon with a delicious roast salad. You’ll have the perfect lunch for the week with no effort.

16. Protein Waffles

protein waffles


Per Serving:

• Calories: 218

• Fats: 7g

• Protein: 21g

• Carbs: 19g

• Fiber: 2g

• Sugar: 3g

If pancakes aren’t your thing, try this easy recipe for protein waffles! These high-fiber bites of protein satisfy any cravings for this tasty breakfast food.

Are you running low on time? Make a big batch ahead of time and keep them in your freezer.

17. Salsa Shredded Chicken Meal Prep

salsa shredded chicken

Per Serving:

• Calories: 554

• Fats: 16g

• Protein: 62g

• Carbs: 46g

• Fiber: 14g

• Sugar: 21g

Enjoy extra-juicy chicken with all your favorite Spanish flavors. This salsa chicken is quick and easy to knock out on a Sunday afternoon so you can follow a healthy lifestyle all week long.

The salsa keeps the chicken super moist and tender. The vegetables also take on those delicious Spanish flavors and have all the right nutrients.

18. Tuna Pasta Salad

tuna pasta salad


Per Serving:

• Calories: 462

• Fats: 24g

• Protein: 29g

• Carbs: 31g

• Fiber: 2g

• Sugar: 3g

Pasta salad is a classic, but how do you pack it with protein? This amazing tuna pasta salad recipe teaches you how to do that the easy way and make it taste good.

Have leftover pasta? Try these yummy pasta meal prep ideas.

19. Protein Banana Bread

protein banana bread

Per Serving:

• Calories: 333

• Fats: 26g

• Protein: 9.4g

• Carbs: 18g

• Fiber: 3.6g

• Sugar: 11g

Everybody loves good banana bread. Treat yourself to a slice of high-protein, high-fiber deliciousness. Bonus, your whole family will love the taste of this healthy treat.

It’s great as an on-the-go breakfast or a snack to keep you going through the day. Try adding some peanut butter for even more protein!

20. Teriyaki Chicken Meal Prep

teriyaki chicken


Per Serving:

• Calories: 831

• Fats: 22g

• Protein: 35g

• Carbs: 125g

• Fiber: 8g

• Sugar: 28g

Here’s a delicious recipe that will keep you going strong for five days. This teriyaki glaze is great for two things: adding flavor and helping you prepare for high-intensity training.

Enjoy more flavorful chicken and rice meal prep ideas.

21. Peanut Butter Protein Cookies

peanut butter protein cookies

Per Serving:

• Calories: 125

• Fats: 8.2g

• Protein: 4.2g

• Carbs: 9.3g

• Fiber: 1.1g

• Sugar: 3.3g

You need five ingredients and fifteen minutes to crank out these tasty protein snacks. Magically, they have no dairy, egg, or gluten.

You can whip these up and keep the dough in the freezer, ready to bake. They’re chewy, crunchy, and full of protein-packed flavor.

22. Marinated Chicken Skewers

marinated chicken skewers


Per Serving:

• Calories: 275

• Fats: 10g

• Protein: 29g

• Carbs: 16g

• Fiber: 4g

• Sugar: 6g

Bring a meal to the potluck that everyone – including you – can enjoy. These simple chicken skewers are delicious. Every bite sings with the flavor of charred vegetables and herbs.

The best part? You can assemble these ahead of time and whack them on the grill in two seconds flat.

23. Oatmeal Protein Cookies with Blueberries

oatmeal protein cookies with blueberries

Per Serving:

• Calories: 108

• Fats: 3.4g

• Protein: 7.1g

• Carbs: 13g

• Fiber: 2g

• Sugar: 3.7g

Next up is my recipe for the perfect breakfast cookie. These oatmeal blueberry protein cookies are super easy to bring together. They’re sweet, chewy, soft, and great for building muscle.

Use these for a pre-gym breakfast or as a snack to keep you going. They’re a little addictive!

24. No-Bake Peanut Butter Protein Balls

peanut butter protein balls


Per Serving:

• Calories: 140

• Fats: 11g

• Protein: 7g

• Carbs: 6g

• Fiber: 2g

• Sugar: 2g

Need a little snack to keep you going? Reach for these tasty no-bake peanut butter protein balls!

Keep them in an air-tight container for a quick snack on the go.

25. Lemon Protein Balls

lemon protein balls

Per Serving:

• Calories: 41

• Fats: 0.8g

• Protein: 2.4g

• Carbs: 6.2g

• Fiber: 0.7g

• Sugar: 1.3g

If peanut butter doesn’t do it for you, these lemon protein balls surely will. They’re sweet and mellow with a delicious texture. Not to mention, they’re just as easy to make.

These are great as a sweet treat after dinner. Curb those dessert cravings with this summertime treat.

26. Instant Pot Egg Bites

instant pot egg bites


Per Serving:

• Calories: 150

• Fats: 11g

• Protein: 11g

• Carbs: 1g

• Fiber: 1g

• Sugar: 1g

Break out the Instant Pot for some all-natural protein. These little egg bites are the perfect simple breakfast food. Plus, they’re keto-friendly and gluten-free.

I love cooking with the Instant Pot because of how easy it is. These are best eaten immediately!

27. Chipotle Chicken Salad

chipotle chicken salad

Per Serving:

• Calories: 596

• Fats: 25g

• Protein: 39g

• Carbs: 61g

• Fiber: 15g

• Sugar: 28g

Sick of the same salad every afternoon and night? Check out this delicious chipotle chicken salad. The dressing on this salad takes it to a whole new level.

That’s not even considering the extra juicy chicken topping the salad. Give it a try!

28. Steak Bites

steak bites


Per Serving:

• Calories: 205

• Fats: 11g

• Protein: 25g

• Carbs: 1g

• Fiber: 1g

• Sugar: 1g

Just because you’re focusing on building your body doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a good party! Serve these steak bites for a tasty treat your guests – and your muscles – will love.

The dipping sauce is what makes these. Whip these tasty bites up in no time, and your guests will love you for it.

29. Apple Cinnamon Overnight Oats

apple cinnamon overnight oats

Per Serving:

• Calories: 330

• Fats: 6.8g

• Protein: 14g

• Carbs: 57g

• Fiber: 8.9g

• Sugar: 21g

The only thing better than breakfast you can make quickly is one you don’t have to make at all. These overnight oats come together the night before and taste like apple pie.

30. BBQ Tempeh

BBQ Tempeh


Per Serving:

• Calories: 404

• Fats: 26g

• Protein: 23g

• Carbs: 24g

• Fiber: 1g

• Sugar: 9g

Plant-based bodybuilding is more than possible. It can be downright delicious. This meatless recipe is great for a protein-packed and tasty dinner.

Tempeh is super easy to cook with, too! Marinate it for a day to pack it full of flavor. You can freeze it in the marinade and defrost it when you’re ready to cook it.

31. Rotisserie Chicken Salad

rotisserie chicken salad


Per Serving:

• Calories: 305

• Fats: 20g

• Protein: 21g

• Carbs: 14g

• Fiber: 6g

• Sugar: 4g

Our final recipe celebrates the perfect way to enjoy some leftover rotisserie chicken. This is a super clean salad you can make in mere minutes. You can make it with your favorite veggies.

If you need more protein, try roasting some vegetables to add to the mix. A light dressing of lemon juice and capers goes a long way to add some flavor.