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41 Best Spicy Chicken Recipes To Bring The Heat

Fiery and incredibly irresistible! These spicy chicken recipes will crank up the heat on your dinner table in the yummiest way possible!

Set your palate on fire with these delicious spicy chicken meals! Bold and full of flavor, these sizzling recipes will make you want to keep your glass of water close by!

Chicken is the perfect white canvas for spices and seasonings. With the right combo of ingredients and the ideal level of heat, you can easily satisfy your cravings for a spicy kick.

Whether you like your chicken fried, grilled, or sautéed, you will definitely find more than a few spicy chicken recipes to save from this roundup.

Now, let’s bring some caliente flavors to your kitchen, shall we?

spicy chicken recipes

How Do You Spice Up Cooked Chicken?

Just because you’ve already cooked the meat doesn’t mean that it cannot handle any more seasonings.

To spice up your cooked chicken, just make your favorite blend of seasonings and spices. Then, depending on whether it is shredded or whole, rub or sprinkle the blend over the meat.

And it’s as simple as that!

Best Spicy Chicken Recipes

If you’re looking for a foolproof kick of spiciness that will satisfy everyone, try these delicious chicken recipes.

1. Taquitos



Spicy chicken and cheese. Fresh Pico de Gallo. Crispy tortillas. And sour cream to serve. I admit. This has to be the definition of comfort food. And it is healthy, too!

This recipe uses cooked and shredded chicken that’s coated with a spicy sauce. Which is even more convenient.

The Pico de Gallo includes fresh tomatoes, onion, coriander, some lime juice, and a whole chili pepper for heat.

The tortillas are baked until super crispy. So make a large batch because everyone will be asking for more, even picky eaters.

2. Harissa Chicken

harissa chicken


Spicy, smoky, sweet, and perfectly glazed that will have you licking your fingers.

These chicken thighs are made in the skillet in just 30 minutes and are a simple and quick weeknight meal.

It is best to leave the chicken to sit in the harissa marinade spice blend before cooking.

But just smothering the main components in the paste can give them a nice flavor and heat if you don’t have the time.

The lemon and honey complement the spiciness of this spicy chicken dish wonderfully. This easy spicy chicken recipe is best served with plain rice and some salad on the side.

3. Chicken and Butternut Squash Curry

chicken and butternut squash curry


This Thai curry is not only spicy and creamy, but it is super healthy, too.

This spicy chicken dinner combines simple ingredients like butternut squash, chicken thighs, tomatoes, fresh ginger, coconut milk, and curry powder for a little bit of spice.

This spicy food is best served with chopped peanuts on top for some crunchiness.

The deep flavor in this delicious recipe comes from ginger, garlic, and curry paste. It is absolutely ravishing and filling with rice or naan bread on the side of this main dish.

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4. Gochujang Chicken Wings

gochijang chicken wings


Do you want to take your chicken wing game to a whole new level? Then, let these spicy Korean flavors bring some heat to your get-together dinner parties!

Gochujang is a traditional condiment in Korea, and it consists of brown rice, red pepper, and fermented soybeans. And it has a subtle spiciness.

If you cannot find this condiment, you can use harissa paste or a bit of sriracha instead.

These wings are made in the Air Fryer and are super crispy without the added fat.

5. Spicy Lime Chicken

spicy lime chicken


For this spicy Mexican-inspired recipe, bone-in and skin-one thighs are recommended.

Tossed with cumin, coriander, garlic, and lime juice, these are seasoned to perfection and have an amazing flavor.

The spiciness here comes from red pepper flakes. If you want to bump it a notch, just add a few dashes of hot sauce to the chicken, as well.

Garnish with cilantro. Or your favorite salsa for some more heat.

6. Szechuan Chicken

szechuan chicken


If you’re craving some Chinese restaurant dishes, try this Szechuan chicken at home. It is basically chicken with colorful veggies, stir-fried and tossed with a yummy sticky sauce.

The sauce is a combo of hoisin sauce, soy sauce, sesame oil, broth, and brown sugar.

The veggies of choice are onions and colorful peppers. And the heat comes from the 25 dried chilies. Yup, you’ve read it correctly. Twenty-five!

If you cannot handle the heat, use some chili flakes instead.

Spicy Chicken Breast Recipes

If boneless skinless chicken breasts are on the menu tonight, then you might want to check out these new recipes for the perfect combination and spice level.

7. Instant Pot Spicy Chicken

instant pot spicy chicken


High in protein and fiber. This nutritious meal is a quick and simple dinner that will feed the whole family.

Conveniently, it is made in the Instant Pot. And you only need 25 minutes for this spicy delight.

It combines chicken breast with quinoa and salsa sauce. Plus, some flavorful seasonings like paprika, cumin, and garlic powder.

If you choose to pair it with red beans and some raw peppers on the side, it can make a wonderful lunchbox idea.

This is one of the best fall chicken recipes to enjoy!

8. Chicken Mole Tamales

chicken mole tamales


Traditionally, these tamales are made in banana leaves, but this corn husk recipe is adapted for a wider audience. And you definitely have to try it!

Shredded chicken breast with cocoa-infused mole sauce. Placed on top of a rich masa spread. Then wrapped in corn husks and steamed to perfection.

You can make this in a tamale steamer or in a regular, larger pot. So spicy and tempting, I am sure you’ll love these!

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9. Caribbean Jerk Chicken Breasts

caribbean jerk chicken breasts


Caribbean jerks are always packed with the most amazing flavor. This recipe lets you soak up all of the Jamaican flavors in a very appealing way.

A longer list of seasonings and spices, plus a touch of citrus flavor, is combined to make the marinade.

The chicken is left to absorb the flavors for two hours before it is cooked in the Instant Pot.

But don’t worry. If you don’t have an Instant Pot, this recipe also features methods for making this chicken in the oven or grill.

Serve over rice and veggies, and enjoy.

10. Sheet Pan Chicken Potatoes

sheet pan chicken potatoes


Chicken and potatoes make a timeless duo that’s always a satisfying choice for dinner.

This recipe takes it up a notch with its spicy flavor that’s sure to become a favorite.

Sliced potatoes and juicy chicken breast are coated in a fragrant blend of seasonings.

Plus, a dash of lemon juice and Worcestershire sauce for a flavorful kick.

11. Grilled Blackened Chicken

grilled blackened chicken


Are you a fan of blackened meat? This heavily-seasoned chicken is a versatile dish that can be served on its own or sliced up for tacos and sandwiches.

It is salty, smoky, spicy, and grilled until charred perfection. The recipe uses cayenne pepper for spiciness, but you can add chili powder, too.

This recipe makes the most sense if grilled. But you can easily pop it into an oven for a more hands-free dinner.

12. Grilled Tajin Chicken Breasts

grilled tajin chicken breasts


This recipe features a 3-ingredient homemade Tajin that is used to flavor up this chicken.

It is juicy. It is spicy. And it could be citrusy and garlicky if you like those flavors.

The chicken is smothered into the marinade for half an hour. Then grill until you’ve got those beautiful dark marks.

This Mexican-inspired dish is very versatile. And can be served with pretty much any side dish.

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13. Sweet and Spicy Asian Chicken

sweet and spicy Asian chicken


Asian-flavored chicken that is cooked in the Slow Cooker for the perfect, dump-and-forget-about-it dinner.

I love making such dishes on lazy Sundays. You simply prepare this in the morning, and you’ve got a perfect dinner 7-8 hours later. How great is that?

The recipe uses hoisin sauce, soy sauce, garlic, and sriracha. And it is combined with broccoli, rice, peppers, and snow peas.

So a full, filling, and very nutritious meal!

14. Chicken and Chorizo Enchiladas

chicken and chorizo enchiladas


Made from scratch, these enchiladas are to die for!

Haven’t made enchilada sauce at home before? Then, this recipe is the way to go.

It is so easy, simple, and well-explained. And even the absolute cooking newbies will master it.

Chicken breasts, chorizo, and pineapple chunks are the main filling ingredients. And smothered in all of the tomato juices, they taste incredibly delicious.

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15. Spicy Chicken Wraps

spicy chicken wraps


For your next last-minute party, make these spicy wraps. They combine spicy chicken, potatoes, peppers, and salad. And are drizzled with fresh yogurt to knock down the spiciness.

The deep flavor comes from the heavily-seasoned marinade. It is recommended to leave your meat in it for at least 30 minutes. But for the best taste, leave it overnight.

A Mediterranean-inspired dish that is sure to satisfy a crowd!

16. Cream Cheese Chicken Chilli

cream cheese chicken chili


Creamy, spicy, and warm flavors that will tantalize your taste buds! This chicken chili packs a flavorful ranch seasoning and a decent amount of chili powder.

It is made with corn, beans, tomatoes, and cream cheese. And made in the Slow Cooker, it is probably one of the easiest chilies you have ever made.

Almost without any fuss, this recipe will feed and satisfy six people.

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Spicy Chicken Pasta Recipes

If you’re anything like me, you adore spicy pasta dishes. And here are the ones I just cannot seem to resist.

17. Jerk Chicken Pasta

jerk chicken pasta


Chicken breasts with pasta, peppers, heavy cream, and a spicy Jamaican jerk blend.

The recipe states that it is almost a crime not to pair this lovely dish with some white wine. We must follow the instructions, right?

The dish is creamy, cheese, and so succulent. That it will be impossible not to get a refill.

The chicken is prepared in the skillet, but if you have time for grilling, it will be even more delicious. Give it a try!

18. Jerk Chicken Rasta Pasta

jerk chicken rasta pasta


This pasta is described as a Jamaican Goodness. And once you try it, you will see the reason behind it.

Creamy and garlicky pasta with lots of cheeses and amazing jerk spice flavors.

It also features bell peppers and green onions, but other veggies can be used here, too.

It is suggested to add a bit of lime juice to make it a bit zingy. The citrusy flavors pair perfectly with the creamy spiciness.

19. Cajun Chicken Pasta

cajun chicken pasta


Looking for a nutritious dish packed with flavor, creaminess, and spiciness? Then I present to you this delight.

Okay, this recipe has a pretty lengthy list of ingredients. But there’s nothing fancy on it. I promise! Just simple and everyday veggies, spices, and condiments.

This egg noodle bowl is topped with Cajun chicken. And it combines avocadoes, tomatoes, peppers, and jalapenos.

20. Spicy Chicken Pasta

spicy chicken pasta


If you hate bland pasta, this is a recipe for you. So rich in flavor and creaminess. You will not be able to stop yourself from eating.

Creamy tomato sauce with chicken, red pepper flakes, parmesan, and bowtie pasta. You can add noodles or whatever type of pasta you prefer.

It comes together in under 45 minutes, so it is a perfect weeknight meal to enjoy with your family.

21. Creamy Spicy Chicken Pasta

creamy spicy chicken pasta


Need a comforting dish with meat on your table? And you need it in under 30 minutes? Don’t sweat! This recipe is just what you have been looking for.

Creamy and spicy chicken pasta with tomato-flavored cream and Italian seasonings. It is loaded with Parmesan cheese and flavorful spices.

There is also some cayenne pepper. But you can use hot sauce if you want it to be even spicier.

22. Spicy Cajun Chicken Pasta with Sausage

spicy cajun chicken pasta sauce


Chicken, sausage, and lovely Cajun flavors. This creamy and spicy red-sauce pasta is something that every pasta lover should try.

It features peppers and tomatoes, and it is super nutritious, too.

The best sausage for this recipe would be Andouille sausage.

But anything that’s smoky will do well. You can even substitute it with bacon or make it a chicken sausage recipe. And it will still be delicious.

Spicy Chicken and Rice Recipes

A classic combo that never seems to disappoint – chicken and rice. These spicy recipes will help you pair the meat and grain in the most delicious way possible.

23. Shrimp and Chicken Rice skillet

shrimp and chicken rice skillet


I love pairing chicken with shrimp. There’s something about these two protein sources that makes perfect sense. They complement each other well, especially if they’re served with rice.

This recipe combines these proteins with rice, and it is a full meal that comes together in less than 30 minutes.

The chicken and shrimp are both marinated in a lemony and garlicky spicy marinade. And they taste heavenly!

24. Chinese Five Spice Chicken Bowl

chinese 5 spice chicken bowl


If you love Chinese food, then Five Spice seasonings is probably a staple in your house.

Then you’re all set! Because you only need to add chicken, garlic, orange, soy sauce, and a touch of honey. And your Chinese rice will be ready!

It takes 25 minutes. It feeds four people. And it has a real restaurant-worthy taste. See for yourself!

25. Creamy Curry Chicken and Rice

creamy curry chicken rice


Chicken curry with rice? Is there anything for filling and comforting on a cold day? And wait until you hear just how simple and quick this comes together!

Coconut milk, cream of chicken soup, onions, frozen peas, and curry powder. Plus, your chicken and rice and dinner will be served.

This recipe is really simple, perfect for those days when you need a nourishing dish quickly.

26. Bacon Sirarcha Chicken Skewers and Coconut Rice

bacon sirarcha chicken skewers and coconut rice


If you’re all about the presentation and elegant-looking platter meals, this recipe will be a total hit at dinner.

Spicy chicken skewers with bacon served over coconut milk rice that is fluffy and full of flavor.

The heat comes from two tablespoons of sriracha for the meat, but you can also add some flakes to the rice, too.

The recipe also pairs broccoli florets, which gives extra nutrition.

27. Buffalo Chicken Rice Bowl

buffalo chicken rice bowl


Bold flavors, spiciness, and a powerful fiber and protein punch. That’s how I would describe this recipe.

Buffalo chicken with rice. Plus, avocados, celery, and tomatoes.

The recipe is ready in just 20 minutes from start to finish. And it is spicy nutrition at its best.

If you don’t like ranch dressing, you can use your favorite condiment instead.

28. Chicken Machboos

chicken machboos


Chicken Machboos is a popular Middle Eastern dish with chicken and rice. Technically, this is not a very spicy dish, but you can adjust the level of heat to make it spicier.

The chicken is rubbed in a spice mixture and baked until golden. Then, combined with tomato-based Machboos and rice, it is simmered until the rice is tender and the meat super juicy.

If you want to, you can serve this with chopped herbs and yogurt on the side.

29. Chicken Biryani

chicken biryani


Marinated chicken and fried rice are the main ingredients in this recipe. And let me tell you, they will easily please everyone.

This recipe is for a Pakistani chicken and rice dish. And it uses tomatoes, onions, and yogurt. Plus, the most fragrant blend of spices.

For an authentic taste, Biryani masala is needed for the marinade. If you cannot find it, though, Garam masala can be a decent substitute.

Spicy Chicken Sandwich Recipes

If you love your chicken in sandwiches, these spicy and juicy delights are certainly a must-try.

30. Blackened Chicken Sandwich

blackened chicken sandwich


Well-seasoned chicken. Toasted buns. Provolone cheese. And some salami to complement the spiciness perfectly.

Plus, some fresh toppings like lettuce, tomatoes, and red onions.

Now, seriously, how can you say no to this sandwich?

Great both for lunch and dinner, this 20-minute delicacy is a real keeper.

31. Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

buffalo chicken sandwich


This Spicy chicken sandwich is made in the Air Fryer in just 23 minutes.

The chicken is breaded and cooked until golden and crispy. It pairs perfectly with some sliced pickles and mayo, but any kind of topping will do well, really.

Buffalo flavored and much healthier than your takeout fried chicken sandwiches. It is impossible not to fall in love with this dish.

32. Honey Chipotle Chicken Sandwich

honey chipotle chicken sandwich


Grilled chipotle chicken for a healthy sandwich. The ideal combo of sweet, spicy, and smokey to satisfy your taste buds.

The recipe uses Chipotle chili powder, cumin, and paprika. And some honey to give it sweetness.

It is best topped with lettuce, cucumbers, radishes, and shallots.

If you’re not keeping it super healthy, you can even add some mayo. Yum!

33. Spicy BBQ Chicken Sandwiches

bbq chicken skewers


Barbecue chicken with cheese. Do you need anything else in a sandwich to make you feel good? Oh yes, caramelized onions and pickled jalapenos, of course!

These comfort-food buns are so juicy, moist, and sticky. That’s pretty impossible not to lick your fingers.

The recipe uses Pepper Jack cheese, but use whatever you have on hand.

34. Cajun Chicken Sandwich

cajun chicken sandwiches


Fluffy Kaiser rolls sliced fresh veggies and a spicy chicken that is so easy to make. I know you cannot say no to that indulgence.

The meat here is rubbed with Cajun seasoning and made in the Air Fryer. But it is the secret touch of mayo and cajun that takes things to a whole new level.

For a more filling option, pair these sandwiches with some fries on the side. Trust me, absolutely no one will be able to resist the combo.

Other Spicy Chicken Recipes

Still haven’t found the ideal spicy chicken recipe? Then, you might want to check out these tasty dishes.

35. Spicy Vindaloo Chicken

spicy vindaloo chicken


Made in the Instant Pot, this chicken thigh recipe is very easy to make. But it packs a wonderful taste. And everyone will think you’ve spent hours in the kitchen.

Toasted spices give this dish a lovely fragrance. And the aromatic ginger and garlic also bring a lot to the plate.

Diced tomatoes, coconut milk, and onions accompany the chicken. This delightful dish is served over fluffy Jasmine rice for the yummiest filling dinner ever.

36. Buffalo Chicken Thighs

buffalo chicken thighs


This lovely recipe for chicken thighs is made in the oven. But it can easily be prepared in an Air Fryer, too.

The thighs are boneless and skinless, and they’re full of flavor.

Combines only with butter and cayenne hot sauce. The meat is sticky, spicy, and finger-licking. And it tastes so darn good with fries!

37. Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Peppers

buffalo chicken stuffed peppers


Another Buffalo-flavored recipe. But this time, for stuffed peppers with chicken.

Bell pepper halves are filled with a mixture of shredded chicken, green onions, buffalo sauce, and mayo.

They are also drizzled with ranch dressing and topped with blue cheese. So yummy!

You might also enjoy these flavorful stuffed chicken recipes for dinner!

38. Sriracha Air Fryer Wings

sirarcha air fryer wings


All you need is a bottle of Curry Sriracha, BBQ sauce, and some flavorful spices, and these chicken wings will be on your table in no time.

The recipe also uses honey for sweetness. But you can use another alternative.

The wings are made in the Air Fryer. And they turn out crispy, sticky, and so incredibly delicious!

39. Chongqing Chicken

chongquing chicken


Next to chicken, Szechuan peppercorns and dried chilies are the stars of this recipe.

The sticky marinade is made with egg whites, dark soy sauce, and Shaoxing wine. And it offers such a dark glaze. That makes the chicken even more tempting.

The recipe also includes garlic, ginger, and scallions. And it is aromatic, spicy, and incredibly elegant-looking.

40. Chicken Birria Tacos

chicken birria tacos


Birria, or Mexican braised meat, is usually made with goat. This recipe, though, uses chicken. And it is so darn good!

Why? Because it is paired with jalapeno salsa. Smothered in red chili sauce. And served in corn tortillas along with cheese and fresh toppings.

Both the meat and sauce are prepared in the Instant Pot. So, although there is quite a bit of work, it is still very simple to make this Birria.

This is one of the best Saturday dinner ideas!

41. Chicken 65

chicken 65


This dish is called Chicken 65  because it was made in 1965. And it is a spicy, deep-fried meal that will have everyone coming back for more.

It is coated with curd, garam masala, ginger and garlic paste, chili powder, and cumin. And it is flavored with curry leaves that seriously elevate the taste.

If you don’t like dee-fried food, you can also prepare the chicken 65 in an Air Fryer.

homemade spicy szechuan chicken

41 Best Spicy Chicken Recipes To Bring The Heat

Yield: 4-6
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes

Spice up your mealtime routine with our mouthwatering spicy chicken recipes. It's the perfect combination of heat and flavor!


  • 1. Taquitos
  • 2. Harissa Chicken
  • 3. Chicken and Butternut Squash Curry
  • 4. Gochujang Chicken Wings
  • 5. Spicy Lime Chicken
  • 6. Szechuan Chicken
  • 7. Instant Pot Spicy Chicken
  • 8. Chicken Mole Tamales
  • 9. Caribbean Jerk Chicken Breasts
  • 10. Sheet Pan Chicken Potatoes
  • 11. Grilled Blackened Chicken
  • 12. Grilled Tajin Chicken Breasts
  • 13. Sweet and Spicy Asian Chicken
  • 14. Chicken and Chorizo Enchiladas
  • 15. Spicy Chicken Wraps
  • 16. Cream Cheese Chicken Chilli
  • 17. Jerk Chicken Pasta
  • 18. Jerk Chicken Rasta Pasta
  • 19. Cajun Chicken Pasta
  • 20. Spicy Chicken Pasta
  • 21. Creamy Spicy Chicken Pasta
  • 22. Spicy Cajun Chicken Pasta with Sausage
  • 23. Shrimp and Chicken Rice skillet
  • 24. Chinese Five Spice Chicken Bowl
  • 25. Creamy Curry Chicken and Rice
  • 26. Bacon Sirarcha Chicken Skewers and Coconut Rice
  • 27. Buffalo Chicken Rice Bowl
  • 28. Chicken Machboos
  • 29. Chicken Biryani
  • 30. Blackened Chicken Sandwich
  • 31. Buffalo Chicken Sandwich
  • 32. Honey Chipotle Chicken Sandwich
  • 33. Spicy BBQ Chicken Sandwiches
  • 34. Cajun Chicken Sandwich
  • 35. Spicy Vindaloo Chicken
  • 36. Buffalo Chicken Thighs
  • 37. Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Peppers
  • 38. Sriracha Air Fryer Wings
  • 39. Chongqing Chicken
  • 40. Chicken Birria Tacos
  • 41. Chicken 65


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