21 Best Cucumber Appetizers That are Easy to Make

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These lean, mean, and green vegetables are not only good for us, but they can also provide some great dishes and snacks that are so easy to make like these healthy cucumber appetizers.

With a high-water content and its mild and refreshing taste, fresh cucumbers can help relieve dehydration and are so good to eat in hot weather!

Cucumber is low fat too, so if you are following a low-fat diet, these easy appetizer recipes may just provide you with some inspiration where you can still enjoy some proper taste.

So, I have scooted around and found the best healthy appetizers you can make with cucumbers so you can enjoy them in lots of different ways.

cucumber appetizers

What Can You Make with a Lot of Cucumbers?

Cucumbers are really versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. 

Not only is the refreshing flesh inside tasty and good to add to salads, dips and sandwiches, the outside can be used as a vessel of some sort.

Cucumber scooped out and topped with pâtés, dips, salsas or sauce can look rather inviting and a great way to present a dish.

Cucumber appetizer recipes can also be used in a low carb diet where the outside can be used as the “bread” for sandwiches.

Crisp cucumbers are easy to grow, inexpensive and taste great so get the imagination going and start by trying some of these easy recipes.

Best Cucumber Appetizers

1. Shrimp Cucumber Bites

shrimp cucumber bites

Source: theinstantpottable.com

High protein, refreshing and quick, these English cucumber snacks are perfect for a hot day. 

The cucumber is used almost like a blini here, where the topping of shrimp, fresh dill and cream cheese mixture is added.

This makes these perfect for a low-carb diet or keto one.  Serve these as canapes at a summer party, and you will see how pretty they can be too.

Use up any extra shrimp with these other delicious shrimp appetizers for parties!

2. Cucumber Pita Bites

cucumber pita bites

Source: thekitchenismyplayground.com

Just five ingredients and 10 minutes are needed here, and you have an easy cucumber appetizer that is filling and refreshing at the same time.

A wedge of pitta, cream cheese, fresh herbs like dill, and crunchy cucumbers is a delightful combination that you will want to make over and over!

3. Cold Bulgarian Soup

bulgarian cucumber soup

Source: immigrantstable.com

You may find it odd to make a soup from cucumber and a cold one too but go with me here.  This is refreshing and full of taste that you will love, love, love on a summer’s day.

The nutrition is boosted here with the addition of feta and walnuts and topped off with fresh ground black pepper. They give the soup some great texture and also look so tasty!

4. Pickled Beet and Cucumber Salad

pickled beet and cucumber salad

Source: immigrantstable.com

Pickling ingredients such as vinegar and brine lend themselves perfectly to cucumber recipes, and this easy peasy salad will get your taste buds going.

The addition of cucumber calms prepared horseradish, and it’s certainly a rather tasty and fresh salad that is different.  So, if you are fed up with the same old salads, this one is for you.

A small bowl of this standout dish is such a great addition to a game day BBQ!

5. Cream Cheese Salmon Cucumber Bites

cream cheese and smoked salmon bites

Source: mommyevolution.com

Salmon and cucumber are a match made in heaven in this salmon appetizer recipe, and these salmon appetizer bites have got all the taste and the style.

If you need an easy recipe for a rather elegant appetizer or canapé, you may want to bookmark this one as a good idea, as it looks divine!

Your party guest will love these other cold appetizers as well!

6. Bacon and Egg Cucumber Bites

bacon and egg cucumber bites

Source: midlifehealthyliving.com

These low-carb cucumber rounds are packed with taste and protein. Hard-boiled eggs, hummus, and bacon create a flavor combination that will keep you satiated.

You can buy ready-to-eat hard-boiled eggs, so this finger food recipe has the potential to be super speedy, which is essential if you’re in a hurry or hungry!

It’s also a great idea to make ahead, so if you can make up a few of these and keep them handy, stored in an airtight container.

It may be a much healthier choice for a snack later rather than more processed options.

7. Cucumber Tomato Salad with a Mexican Twist

cucumber tomato salad

Source: flavormosaic.com

With cucumber having a mild taste, a little help with the flavor can help boost a dish, which is seen in this recipe.

This dish uses cilantro and oregano, which helps to keep the taste and freshness of cucumber perfect as they need to be stronger to overcome it. 

This juicy cherry tomato salad with a really addictive taste and a rather different taste profile.  You could add some chili flakes too to compliment the fresh veggies, but they are not essential.

8. Green Summer Panzanella

green summer panzanella

Source: rachaelhartleynutrition.com

This well-known summer salad is the perfect dish for you, especially if you need to avoid tomatoes.  

With the chunky, torn pieces of bread that soak up the dressing, this will be something you can show off to friends in the summer months.

This one is tomato free but still full of taste.  Red wine vinegar, basil, and red onion will fire the taste buds and join some thinly sliced zucchini here.

9. Smoked Salmon Cucumber Appetizer with Cream Cheese

smoked salmon cucumbers with cream cheese

Source: homemadeandyummy.com

This tasty appetizer uses mini cucumbers, but there’s no reason why you couldn’t use slices of regular cucumber.

Dill is the perfect herb to go with cucumber, and this recipe is a celebration of this combination.  It’s low calories, easy, quick, and the perfect summer snack.  You could make this one ahead.

You might also enjoy these savory smoked appetizers!

10. Cucumber Hummus Bites

cucumber hummus bites

Source: noshingwiththenolands.com

These little bites look so pretty and would be perfect for sharing with guests.  However, they pack a punch of taste and protein and can just be enjoyed on your own.

Cherry tomatoes and the hummus on top of the cucumber make these bites look like little jewels, making them a great entertaining dish.

11. Asian Spiralized Cucumber Salad

spiralized cucumber salad

Source: rachaelhartleynutrition.com

Spiralized cucumber is like a sponge for flavor, and this Asian-inspired salad certainly provides the fuel for that.  Full on taste.

Chilli flakes, sesame oil, and soy sauce dress these spiralized noodles, creating a perfect low-carb or keto dish that you will keep returning to. 

12. Cucumber Canapes with Shrimp

cucumber canapes with shrimp

Source: urbanblisslife.com

Cilantro, garlic, and dill take these ingredients to a new level of taste.  It’s still quick and easy to make, but this elegant dish also has flavor to boast about.

The cream cheese has been piped in this recipe, so if you want to really impress, give it a go!  It’s easier than you think.

13. Smashed Cucumber Salad

smashed cucumber salad

Source: worldofvegan.com

This cracked-open cucumber is transformed by some simple Japanese ingredients to create an elegant and tasty salad.

The sesame oil, sesame seeds, rice vinegar, garlic, and cilantro add the perfect balance of fragrant taste to this dish.

14. Cucumber Roll

cucumber roll

Source: chefjar.com

This is a pretty and elegant dish that is based on a combination that is already well-known to work: shrimp, garlic, avocado, cream cheese, and cucumber.

If you are looking for a recipe to take to a party or to dish out at home, this one is simple and can be made ahead too.  Great for a summer event!

15. Cucumber Slices with Smoky Sunflower Seed Pate

cucumber slices with sunflower seed pate

Source: kitchentreaty.com

Cucumber is used as an alternative to pastry, blinis, or bread here, so it’s an excellent choice for those avoiding wheat or carbs.

Packed with a smoky sunflower seed pate, you will find these easy to make ahead and prepare for later. 

Find some edible flowers like this recipe have used, and you will see how pretty these slices can look.

16. Carrot and Cucumber Rolls

carrot and cucumber rolls

Source: pastryandbeyond.com

These are a little different, so I included them: no shrimp or dill here, just a warming curry spice.

Carrot and cucumber slices have been rolled up here to create a tasty-looking appetizer that is easy to prepare.

17. Thai Beef Salad Cucumber Bites

Thai beef salad cucumber bites

Source: adorefoods.com

Cucumber really lends itself to summer snacks, and this is really quite special. 

These cucumber slices have been piled up high with beef steak, shallots, fish sauce, and lime and will transport you to the shores of Asia.

Cucumber is an excellent vessel for rich and citrus tastes, showcasing this here.  You can make plenty of these ahead and take them to a party where you will see smiles everywhere.

18. Tofu Salad with Cucumber

tofu salad with cucumbers

Source: delightfulplate.com

Okay, this one does need a bit of cooking, but only to get the tofu lovely and crisp, which is great for this dish.  Tofu does go so well with the other ingredients and really worth the extra time.

The cucumber salad that accompanies this is a tasty combination of carrot, cucumber, onion, and herbs and is an excellent option for a light summer dish.

19. Melon, Cucumber, and Watermelon Radish Salad

melon, cucumber, radish salad

Source: jamjarkitchen.com

How pretty is this dish?  If you need to learn what a watermelon radish is or what to do with it, this is something for you to try.

Cucumber and melon add the freshness and sweetness needed for this dish, perfect with the goat’s cheese and mint. 

If you love goat cheese, these other goat cheese appetizer recipes are sure to please!

20. Thai Cucumber Salad

Thai cucumber salad

Source: seasonandthyme.com

So, this recipe is perfect on its own, or you could use it as a side dish for an Asian-inspired meal.

The cucumber has been added to by peanuts, sesame oil, red pepper, green onions, and vinegar, and it creates a fresh but full-of-flavor salad.

21. Cucumber Sandwiches

cucumber sandwiches

Source: 365daysofbakingandmore.com

If you are trying to create the perfect sandwich for a special afternoon tea and want the recipe and the tips to make it look professional, this is the recipe for you!

Dainty finger sandwiches with a delicate taste of cucumber and cream cheese are just here to drool over.

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