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51 Fun Vegan Halloween Recipes (Spooky & Delicious)

The spooky season is almost here! That means treats, treats, and more are around the corner. But for anyone who lives the vegan way, this can be an intimidating holiday, but not with these spooky vegan Halloween recipes.

It can be tough to find a tasty way to enjoy the spookiest night of the year! Especially with all the dairy hiding in Halloween candy. 

Well, worry not. I have fifty-one fun vegan Halloween food ideas that are all treat and no trick.

vegan halloween recipes

What Do Vegans Eat at Halloween?

Your typical trick-or-treat bag is bursting with dairy or gelatine-filled products. That’s why vegans might struggle to find a tasty way to enjoy the holiday.

Vegans can’t eat either dairy or gelatine. The best choices are handmade desserts or candies, so they can be sure to include neither. Luckily, there are many tasty choices out there with this list of vegan Halloween recipes.

These fifty-one spooktacular vegan Halloween recipes will work for you. No matter whether hunting down some vegan treats the old-fashioned way or hosting spooktacular Halloween parties!

Vegan Halloween Appetizer Recipes

The key to any party is a tasty appetizer. Get together with your friends and have them shaking in their boots with these scarily good vegan appetizers! Vegan or not, they’ll love these recipes for a perfect vegan Halloween party.

1. Baked Apple Chips

baked apple chips


We’re kicking this list off with one of my favorite vegan Halloween recipes of all time! These baked apple chips are so simple yet so tasty. Each bite sings with the warm, spicy flavors that bring Fall to mind.

These are great appetizers as you don’t need any cutlery to enjoy them. Simply serve and demolish at your next Halloween party!

2. Roasted Sugar Pumpkin Hummus

pumpkin hummus


What’s better than tasty, homemade hummus at Halloween? A hummus that fits the theme, of course! This vibrant orange pumpkin hummus is a great centerpiece for your party table.

Serve with side bread and chopped vegetables. You can pick anything else you like to serve alongside these delicious vegan Halloween recipes to be the healthiest Halloween host in town.

3. Maple Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

maple roasted pumpkin seeds


Need something to do with all your leftover pumpkin seeds? Are you an avid Jack O’ Lantern carver? Then don’t throw those tasty seeds out!

Use them to create an on-theme Halloween appetizer that will have your guests drooling. These are so simple to make with simple ingredients. But they’re so irresistible and full of healthy fats.

Looking for more appetizers to round out your Halloween party? Check out these easy Halloween appetizers.

4. Spider Bagel Bites

spider bagel bites


I don’t know about you, but I celebrate Halloween with spooky treats from the moment I wake up on October 31st. That’s why these spider bagel bites are so cute!

Host a spooky brunch with these tasty eight-legged friends on the plate. They’re so tasty that your whole family will forget they’re vegan entirely.

5. Healthy Halloween Snack

healthy halloween snack


Hosting a Halloween bash for your little monsters? Keep the appetizers healthy with this delightfully ghoulish fruit platter. Break out the peanut butter and embrace your creative side with some Halloween fun.

Trust me, the speed at which your little ones gobble up this delicious treat is frightening!

6. Spooky Spider Dip

spooky spider dip


Speaking of keeping things healthy… this tasty spooky spider dip is just what the doctor ordered. This is a great party appetizer. All thanks to the gorgeous fall colors and a friendly spider in the middle.

Serve with some crunchy chips for a little bit of extra texture. The little ones will love this treat!

7. Halloween Pumpkin Empanadas

pumpkin empenadas


Take a traditional empanada recipe and kick it up with these incredible Halloween pumpkin versions! These are like mini pumpkin pies with a spooky twist.

You can adapt this recipe to suit any cookie-cutter shape you like. So, feel free to break this out again around Thanksgiving!

8. Mini Carrot Mummies

mini carrot mummies


This recipe is geared toward kids. But I guarantee you’ll also be digging into these mini carrot mummies. These are cute and so easy to whip up!

These are perfect for taking on a family picnic. Just create them in advance and take them along. They’re great warm or cold, pack well, and taste so good.

This is one of the best healthy Halloween recipes for parties!

9. Witches Broomstick Snack

witches broomstick


This next recipe will clean up as your next party appetizer. Bursting with flavor and texture, these tasty broomstick snacks look so good on the plate.

These miniature broomsticks are super easy to assemble. They don’t require cooking, so you can focus on nailing your Halloween costume!

Vegan Halloween Dinner Recipes

Moving on to the main courses! We have a few hair-raising recipes to put the spook in your step. Each one is simple, tasty, and easy to alter to fit the Halloween spirit.

Are you looking for more vegan recipes to spookify? Check out my database of vegan recipes for more ideas!

10. Pumpkin Pasta

pumpkin pasta


The first devilish dinner recipe is a creamy vegan pumpkin pasta. While great for a Halloween theme, this is also too tasty not to be enjoyed year-round!

The meal takes just thirty minutes from start to finish. It is ideal for getting you in the spirit if you’re short on time.

You will love this pumpkin pasta if you are looking for alternative Thanksgiving meals as well!

11. Potato Pancakes

potato pancakes


Our next recipe may not be spooky at first glance, but that’s where your creativity steps in! These potato pancakes are tasty, hailing from Germany and packed with tasty herbs.

Once you have the potato pancakes made, just transform them with cookie cutters!

12. Spooky Gnocchi

spooky gnocchi


Next up, we have a ghostly gnocchi recipe… shaped exactly like skulls. That’s right, skulls!

While these are a little finicky to make, the result is worth it. Dig into a bowl of deep purple skulls with a tasty pumpkin sauce for a rich, unique, and utterly spooky dinner.

13. Jack O Lantern Stuffed Peppers

stuffed peppers


If you don’t have enough time to shape skulls out of your gnocchi, don’t worry.

These stuffed peppers are a great choice for a spooky dinner. With faces like Jack O’ Lanterns, these look so good on the plate.

Hiding beneath that sinister shell is a riot of unique Mexican flavor. These stuffed shells are a tasty weeknight dinner you can enjoy year-round.

14. Sin Cinnati Chilli

sin cinnati chilli


Looking for a simple Halloween recipe? This one will get your family in the mood for a night of trick-or-treating!

Set up your slow cooker with this sinful chili. Let it cook and come back to dinner hours later!

This is great for busy parents. We all know the dance of wrangling kids into Halloween costumes after a long day at work.

15. Spooky Skull Vegan Pot Pie

skull vegan pot pie


Put a delightful twist on your classic pot pie with this spooky skull vegan pot pie. This is a boneless pie, so it does not contain any meat.

What it does contain is a whole lot of healthy vegetables to combat a night of candy-eating!

16. Spooky Spaghetti



Make Halloween as fun and frightening as possible without spending hours in the kitchen. This spooky spaghetti will delight your kids beyond measure (and save you much time).

Green from the pesto and some well-placed olives make this monstrous plate of pasta as tasty as it is terrifying.

Savory Vegan Halloween Recipes

Sometimes you just want something tasty to nibble on as you enjoy the festivities. These savory vegan Halloween recipes certainly deliver. They’re so good… it’s chilling!

17. Pumpkin Spice Bread

pumpkin spice bread


First thing first: what is Halloween without a slice of spice bread? This is a Fall treat anyone would be delighted to sink their teeth into.

This vegan recipe is rich, warm, packed with spice, and great for taking pumpkin picking.

18. Chile con Queso

chile con queso


Chile con queso… with no cheese? That’s right, hungry vegans on the internet can do anything! This delightful recipe lets you enjoy a fan favorite without any dairy.

This is a great party snack to serve with some chips. Captivate your guests with the best vegan chile on this side of the grave.

19. Monster Slow Cooker Jackfruit Gumbo

jackfruit gumbo


Gumbo is one of those meals at home, no matter the holiday. It’s comfort food incarnate, so it’s great for reviving friends after a night out celebrating!

Packed with nutrients and tasty, this is perfect for preparing in advance. Simply reheat and enjoy any night of the week.

20. Mummy Meatballs

mummy meatballs


Petrify your protein with these tasty mummy “meat” balls. Made with frozen vegan meatballs and pastry, these are super easy to whip up at a moment’s notice.

Send your child to school with a platter of these to make them the Belle of the Halloween Ball!

21. Potato Soup

potato soup


Crank up the spook factor with this ghoulishly-green potato soup. Humming with mellow flavors, this soup gets both its color and nutrients from a bunch of kale and spinach.

Refined but with a cheeky nod to the holiday, this is an excellent option for a Halloween dinner party.

22. Roasted Cauliflower Brain

roasted cauliflower bin


Looking for a show-stopping vegan Halloween dish? This roasted cauliflower brain is what you’ve been searching for! It’s so unique and inventive. Plus, it tastes great.

You can have the centerpiece to your Halloween dinner table that you’ve always dreamt of in under an hour.

23. Colcannon



Colcannon is traditionally an Irish dish. It’s mashed potatoes with cabbage or kale mixed in to add some extra nutrients, and utterly tasty.

This dairy-free version is just as tasty as the original, and the green kale throughout is perfect for a Halloween treat.

24. Veggie Tray

veggie tray


Googly eyes are your best friend with this next recipe! This is the simplest way to cater a party and keep things spooky.

Simply decorate your platter with spooky things to create a spectacle! Paste googly eyes onto clear jars, fill said jars with vegetables, and you’re ready!

Vegan Halloween Treats Recipes

Trick or treat? Don’t worry; no tricks are to be found here, just tasty vegan-friendly treats! These delightful vegan Halloween desserts will have everyone – child and adult alike – nipping at your heels for a bite.

25. Apple Snacks

apple snacks


Our first fun treats are hellishly healthy and devilishly tasty. Using classic fall ingredients, you can create these simple apple snacks in no time.

Everyone will love these healthy vegan Halloween recipes! Pare back the candy-eating on Halloween night with a plate of these simple snacks.

26. Pumpkin Muffins

pumpkin muffins


These pumpkin muffins aren’t just tasty. They’re also super filling and sure to be a crowd-pleaser! That makes them a great breakfast option in the lead-up to Halloween.

Enjoy the warming flavors of ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, and more. Every bite with warm fall spices will draw you further into the spooky spirit, packing you with enough nutrients for a night of trick-or-treating and a happy Halloween.

27. Pumpkin Protein Balls

pumpkin protein balls


Speaking of nutrients, these perilous pumpkin protein balls deliver that in spades. This no-bake, gluten-free healthy snack is one of mine, and I love whipping it out come Fall to enjoy some sweet treats!

Humming with just a little spice, these are great for kids and adults. Tie these in little baggies to give out at parties, or save them for your triumphant little ones when they return. They are the perfect Halloween treat

These protein balls would also make great healthy Thanksgiving desserts.

28. Pumpkin Donuts

pumpkin donuts


The only thing scarier than Halloween is the possibility of meeting someone who doesn’t like donuts! These vegan donuts are super simple, super tasty, and great for enjoying this happy holiday.

Packed full of the natural sweetness of pumpkins, these donuts are enhanced by the maple glaze on top. Remember, sharing is caring, so make sure everyone gets a taste of these!

29. Monsters Bites

monsters bites


Make healthy, tasty snacks that your kids will love thanks to this monster bites recipe. These vegan monster cookies are delightfully clever and completely vegan. Plus, you can make them in advance!

Before serving, adorn your treats with googly eyes and wings for ten minutes. These keep forever, so they’re a fantastic option to send with school lunches.

30. Pumpkin Cookies

pumpkin cookies


Even the sight of these scrumptious pumpkin cookies will have you salivating! Pillowy, crumbly, and humming with the natural sweetness of the pumpkin. These cookies are unbeatable.

These soft cookies make great gifts for the neighborhood kids making their rounds on Halloween night. Better yet, serve them to the parents hustling along in their wake. They deserve a treat too!

These cookies would also make great Thanksgiving treats for kids!

31. Rice Crispy Treats

rice crispy treats


Put a spooky spin on an old classic with these terrifying treats. Whether you’re heading out on a road trip or picnic, or just need a last-minute recipe; these are for you!

They’re also great for using any leftover Halloween candy the next day. Crunchy, chewy, and full of flavor, these tasty treats are certainly tough to beat!

32. Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies

pumpkin oatmeal cookies


This pumpkin oatmeal cookie recipe is perfect for you if you’re after a filling treat with all the comforting flavors of a classic. Soft, chewy, and melt-in-your-mouth, these cookies are delightful.

These are great for making on pumpkin carving day! Use all that leftover pumpkin flesh to create cookies for which the whole neighborhood will come running.

33. Chocolate Fudge

chocolate fudge


Fudge is one of the best Halloween treats out there because it keeps for so long! The tricky part is finding a vegan recipe that doesn’t use condensed milk… but now you’ve found it!

Every bite is smooth as silk, with an irresistible deep and dark chocolate flavor. Pass out as treats, or keep it close when you need a pick-me-up. This fudge is perfect either way.

34. Pretzel Spiders

pretzel spiders


Combine salty crunch with tangy sweetness in these nutrient-rich Halloween treats. They’re ideal for cutting through all that processed sugar on Halloween night!

Plus, they’re so simple to make that you’ll feel like you’re cheating. It takes ten minutes to blend, ball, and bedazzle the treats. Keep this recipe on hand for a pick-me-up snack year-round.

35. Almond Joy

almond joy


Halloween has a way of making us all crave our favorite candies. If yours is an Almond Joy, then don’t despair! This vegan Almond Joy recipe puts those tasty treats within your reach.

While they look store-quality, these bloodcurdling bites are spooky in their simplicity. Whip them up in advance and store them for Halloween night, when those cravings will start to haunt you!

Vegan Halloween Candy Recipes

Are you handing out candy this Halloween? Delight the trick-or-treaters with an assortment of these tasty vegan candies. They’ll love the taste, and you’ll love how easy they are to make!

36. Coconut Candy Bars

coconut candy bars


Our first Halloween candy recipe only requires a blender and ten minutes of hands-on preparation. These are great ways to enjoy a chocolate bar without any chocolate in the mix.

Store these in the fridge for up to seven days! They’re perfect for combating unexpected midnight cravings or satisfying children in pursuit of a Halloween candy kick.

37. Zombie Pops

zombie pops


Not only are these ice pops creepy, but they’re also delicious! Featuring no additional sugar, these pineapple and coconut ice pops are so refreshing that they’re positively chilling.

The green mixture is ideal for making zombie pops, but you can use any mould you like! These are great for whipping out at summertime celebrations. Just have them waiting in the freezer!

38. Halloween Pudding Cups

halloween pudding cups


The only thing better than a tasty pudding cup is a spooky one! These super simple Halloween treats are just as good as the non-vegan version. Plus, they’re great for making in advance.

Each pudding cup can be decorated however you like. Go wild with little gravestones, candy bones, or crumbled chocolate dirt.

Sit the kids down with some supplies for a fun assemble-it-yourself dessert!

39. Pumpkin Caramel Chocolates

pumpkin chocolate caramels


These pumpkin caramel chocolates are a recipe you will want to keep in your back pocket. They’re the kind of thing you bring to a neighborhood potluck to blow everyone else’s minds!

Whip up a batch of the pumpkin caramel the day before and let it cool completely. From there, you can whip up the chocolates in minutes.

Pick up some custom moulds to make them in any shape you like! From Halloween to Thanksgiving, these chocolates make great gifts or after-dinner treats.

40. Oreo Bats

oreo bats


This Oreo bat recipe guides the kids through a super simple Halloween decoration session. They’re cheap, mess-free, and ideal for entertaining little ones on the spookiest night of the year!

These are also great if you run a daycare or work as a kindergarten teacher. The ingredients are easy to buy in bulk, and the method is simple enough for all the kids to enjoy.

41. Chocolate Bark

chocolate bark


These bloodcurdling bark treats are, in a word, cute. Covered in googly eyes and sprinkles, these perfectly-tempered chocolate treats are as tasty as they are delightful.

Best of all, there’s no gruelling kitchen time! Simply melt the chocolate, pour it on a tray, or marble, and decorate. The kids will love getting their hands dirty with this one.

42. Mazapan



Mazapan hails from Mexico, which means you can trust it to be tasty. It only requires two ingredients, so this treat is ideal for whipping up when supplies are few and far between.

Wrap each disc in parchment paper and store it in the fridge for a long-lasting treat you can whip out at any time.

Best Vegan Recipes for Halloween

Finally, we have the most fearsome collection: the best vegan Halloween recipes on the list! Whether you’re after a dessert, some décor, or an indulgence, you’ll find it here in spades.

43. Orange Jack o’ Lantern

orange jack o lantern


These orange Jack O’ Lanterns make a summery spin on the spookiest night of the year! These are so simple and fun. Great for kids who need a healthy treat, they take just five minutes to create.

Fill the oranges with all the little ones’ favorite fruits. If you’re stuck for a picnic lunch or school lunch idea in the lead-up to Halloween, these frightening fruits are precisely what you need.

44. Pumpkin Pie Fudge

pumpkin pie fudge


Creamy, full of spice, and easy to store for picnics among the leaves, fudge is the ultimate Fall treat.

It’s also a great way to have something sweet in the house when trick-or-treaters are inspiring cravings.

You only need five ingredients to bring this recipe to life. Be careful. It’s addictive!

45. Candy Corn Fruit Parfait

candy corn parfait


Step away from processed candy corn and make a much healthier, much more tasty candy corn-inspired dessert instead. Bursting with vibrant colors and flavors, this is a dish to remember.

This recipe is ideal whether you’re gearing up for a Halloween dinner party or need a quick dessert. You can also make them in advance and store them in the fridge until it’s time for something sweet.

46. Pumpkin Juice

pumpkin juice


No tricks here just treats! The Harry Potter franchise inspires this pumpkin juice. That makes it a no-brainer for any magic-themed party.

Every sip sings with spice and dried apricots’ sweet, mellow flavor. Make a large batch in advance! You can store it in the fridge to astonish and delight the Harry Potter lover in your family.

47. Pumpkin Spice Latte

pumpkin spice latte


Love pumpkin spice lattes, but don’t want to endure the prices at your local coffee shop? Make your pumpkin spice lattes at home thanks to this simple recipe!

Whipping up a cup of this tasty brew is a great way to kick off a Halloween morning. It’s a great way to use all the leftover pumpkin flesh from carving Jack O’ Lanterns.

48. Deviled Potatoes

devilled potatoes


Create your very own creepy eyes! These vegan devilled potatoes are a great way to enjoy devilled egg flavor without the eggs. They’re super easy to make. Plus, they keep well in the fridge for ages.

Whip up a plate of these before your next neighborhood party. Everyone, there will love these potatoes, whether vegan or not.

49. Ghost Cake

ghost cake


Next up is a cute ghost cake with little ghost pears! Top your tasty chocolate cake with some pure white pears. Dot them with little eyes to create cute ghosts.

You can use marshmallows or meringue instead of pears here. The fruit adds a nice texture, but it’s not essential. Top with generous drizzles of chocolate and plenty of buttercream.

50. Raspberry Mummy Pies

raspberry mummy pies


No need for a whole pie this time. These hand-held raspberry mummy pies are excellent finger food. They taste just as good as they look!

The kids will love them because of how sweet and crunchy they are. You’ll love them because they take no time at all to make! It’s a win-win.

Whip these up at a moment’s notice with some frozen pastry and a jar of raspberry jam. Trust me. They’ll taste like you spent hours slaving away.

51. Chocolate Covered Apples

chocolate covered apples


Finally, we have chocolate-covered apples. Apples are a staple of Halloween! Wrapping them in chocolate is the perfect way to enjoy them a little more sinfully.

The key to a good vegan chocolate coating is coconut oil. It makes vegan chocolate smoother. It also helps it set into a smooth shell that crunches when you bite it.

Sprinkle with your favorite decorations, and enjoy!

Have any of these vegan recipes caught your eye? Are you ready for a bone-chilling evening of tasty vegan food? Comment down below which recipes made the cut!