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31 Easy Halloween Appetizers for Your Party

Make this Halloween party even more special with these Halloween appetizers. They’re yummy and easy to make.

Throwing a Halloween party is always fun. However, the most challenging task is arranging food. Halloween is the time to show your creativity through decor, costumes, and food.

There are many Halloween finger food ideas and easy Halloween appetizers that you can customize to fit the occasion of Halloween to wow your spooky party guests.

halloween appetizer recipes

What Food Do You Serve at a Halloween Party?

There is a spooky theme to all Halloween parties, so the food also needs to complement.

But spooky-themed food needs creativity and effort. With a little detailing and imagination, you can make any food fit for Halloween. For example, Witch Hat cupcakes, Green Gooey Brownies, Bloody Lasagna, Graveyard Taco Dip, etc.

Continue reading if you are looking for inspiring and creative spooky Halloween appetizer recipes.

1. Halloween Pizza Potato Skins

Halloween Pizza Potato Skins


Here’s a Gluten-free and vegetarian Halloween dish you can serve in three different ways; Halloween Pizza Potato Skins. Dress your potato skins up as a Spooky Mummy, Spider Web, or a creepy ghost.

All you need for these spooky appetizers are potato skin shells, cheddar cheese, pizza sauce, and olives for detailing. Assemble and pop these into the oven to bake. Once done, you can serve these hot at your Halloween party.

2. Jalapeno Popper Mummies

Jalapeno Popper Mummies


Fun, Spooky and Spicy, our Jalapeno Popper Mummies are all these and more. Add a fun and delicious dish to your Halloween spread and make these classic appetizer Jalapeno Poppers .

Cut your jalapenos in half, and fill them with Cream Cheese, Pepper Jack Cheese, Green Onion, and Bacon mixture. Next, wrap them up nice and cozy with dinner rolls and add halved olives for the eyes.

Now, bake your mummy jalapenos and serve them hot and spooky at your next Halloween party.

These could also be a fun appetizer for Thanksgiving celebrations.

3. Healthy Spider Halloween Snacks

Healthy Spider Halloween Snacks


Halloween party appetizers should be creative and mysterious, but there is no need to compromise on healthy food to make cool-themed snacks for your favorite holiday. If you are worried about the Halloween snacks being unhealthy, here are some healthy Halloween food ideas.  

4. Spooky Spider Halloween Appetizer Dip

 Spooky Spider Halloween Appetizer Dip


Halloween is all about creativity. Whether it’s food or decoration, you get to show how creative you can get with your spooky theme parties.

This Spooky Spider Halloween Appetizer Dip for a raving Halloween party is all you need to feed a big crowd.

Make any Dip spooky with a cute little spider on top. This can become the centerpiece of your Halloween food. Just cut your bell pepper from the middle, and add legs and olives for eyes on your spider body. Serve this perfect appetizer with fresh carrot sticks or tortilla chips for a killer Halloween party.

5. Ghostly Halloween Fruit Dip

Ghostly Halloween Fruit Dip


Here’s a fun fruit recipe that will disappear in front of your eye within minutes of serving. To make your fruits comply with the Halloween theme, use Orange, Red, Black, Green, and White fruits to pair perfectly with this sweet treat made with brown sugar.

Once your ghost dip is ready, place your fruits next to your dip. To get extra praises, use a Halloween cookie cutter and cut your fruits into different Halloween shapes and string them on skewers.

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6. Bloody Bone Breadsticks

Bloody Bone Breadsticks


Here’s the spookiest dish of all, Bloody Bone Breadsticks! These will add just the right touch to your spooky Halloween party. And the best part is that you can make these with just three ingredients in under 30 minutes.

Get Classic Pizza Crust, Olive Oil, and Seasoning, and bake your bones to have the perfect Halloween appetizers. Once done, pour ketchup or red sauce on top to add the bloody effect to these creepy appetizers.

7. Bloody Guts Cinnamon Rolls

Bloody Guts Cinnamon Rolls


These bloody cinnamon rolls are a versatile Halloween recipe you can make for a party, dinner or even your kid’s spooky breakfast on Halloween.

Preheat your oven, pop in your store-bought cinnamon rolls, and let them bake. Once down, take them out, and with the help of a kid’s syringe, squirt red color frosting over your cinnamon rolls.

And that’s it, you are done. You can add small rubber spiders to add a  more spooky look to the bloody gut cinnamon platter.

8. Mini Vegan Halloween Pizzas

Mini Vegan Halloween Pizzas


If you are looking for the best Halloween appetizers to pair with your favorite scary movies this mini pizza recipe is pretty versatile. You can add any kind of detailing on this to make it look scary and spooky to match your spooky decorations this Halloween season.

You will need tin pizza slices, cashew mozzarella vegan sauce, and pizza sauce for this recipe. Use the cashew mozzarella sauce to add spooky detailing, and use halves of olives as eyes for your mini pizza.

9. Monster Mash Party Mix

Monster Mash Party Mix


Halloween is the only time of the year when everything goes. You can use any kind of candy, store-bought sweets, or cinnamon rolls and call it a day to make these timeless snacks for your Halloween party menu.

The best part of Halloween is that there are no rules, so this Monster Mash Party Mix is the perfect snack to serve at your Halloween party, you will see the bottom of the bowl in no time!

This bowl is full of mixed snacks that you would stay away from if it weren’t for Halloween. To fill up your wacky Halloween bowl, you will need Eyeball gummies, Colored Halloween popcorn, any kind of fun chocolates you can find, candy canes, gummy teeth, Pretzels, etc.

10. Avocado and Wasabi Halloween Deviled Eggs

Avocado and Wasabi Halloween Deviled Eggs


Add a ghoulish look to your deviled eggs by using wasabi. This will not only add a kick to your eggs but also add a green tinge that is perfect for Halloween.

Make sure you place your boiled eggs in blueberry water to get the spooky spider web effect on your eggs; that’s the real catch here.

11. Mini Ghost Pizzas

Mini Ghost Pizzas


Are you a pizza lover? Well, you will definitely love our mini ghost pizzas. You can add any topping or filling to your pizza.

The only thing is to cut the crust into the shape of a ghost.

The Halloween cookie cutters are easily available. Get the ghost cutters here for your spooky scary pizzas.

12. Witches Broomstick Pretzel and Cheese Snacks

Witches Broomstick Pretzel and Cheese Snacks


Time to join the Witch’s cult; hop on to these broomsticks, and let’s go. Here’s a fun Witches Broomstick Pretzel and Cheese Snacks that will make you want to join the good Witch’s cult.

These enhanced broomsticks are very easy to assemble.

Take your Pretzel stick, add cheese as twigs for the broomstick and tie the cheese with chives.

These attractive-looking broomsticks will steal the show for sure. Despite the chives, these will vanish within minutes of serving.

13. Halloween Charcuterie Board

Halloween Charcuterie Board


The easiest way to make a Halloween charcuterie and cheese board is to add lots and lots of detailing to your tray.

Choose a dark-colored tray to add a spooky vibe. Next, for the cheese, you can use any but make sure you use cheese pearls for the eyeballs and cookie cutters to give your cheese scary Halloween shapes.

14. Mummy Hot Dogs

Mummy Hot Dogs


The one thing I love about Halloween food is how you can Mummify everything and make it look perfect for a Halloween spread.

When in doubt, use the mummy detailing to make your food look perfect for a Halloween party. Just use the Pillsbury dough sheets and wrap your Hot Dogs.

You can add eyes if you want to go all out with your Mummified hot dogs.

15. Halloween Guacamole Dip

Halloween Guacamole Dip


Are you looking for a yummy yet revolting-looking Halloween dip for your party? Well, your search is over; this classic guacamole dip with sour cream spiderwebs on top is all you need for your Halloween bash or side dish at your spooky dinner party.

16. Snake Breadsticks

Snake Breadsticks


Making bread scares most people. However, what we have here is the easiest bread recipe ever. Just combine yeast, warm water, olive oil, flour, and salt to make your bread, but wait! We need to give it a Halloween touch.

Shape your breadsticks like snakes and put them in the oven to bake. When your bread is half-baked, paint it with a mix of water and green food dye to make it look creepy and ghoulish.

17. Halloween Veggie Tray

Halloween Veggie Tray


Halloween and healthy snacks don’t go hand in hand, but when you are a mommy, you need to keep a keen eye on your kid’s Halloween snacks. Here’s how you can make your kid’s cool Halloween Veggie Tray.

Take all kinds of Veggies and Dips you want to offer your kids, add them to transparent glassware, and add googly eyes to the jars. This is the coolest and simplest way to dress up your veggies for Halloween.

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18. Halloween Trail Mix

Halloween Trail Mix


If you aren’t keen on making gooey or disgusting Halloween food for your big bash, here’s a simple recipe that isn’t bloodcurdling but still goes perfectly with the Halloween theme; our custom Halloween Trail Mix.

To make this Halloween Trail Mix, you will need a glass jar and all kinds of mixed snacks like dried papaya, almonds, cashews, salted pumpkin seeds, popcorn balls, sesame seeds, and raisins.

19. Sweet and Spicy Skeleton Bone Appetizer

Sweet and Spicy Skeleton Bone Appetizer


Here’s a classic Southern recipe to spice up your Halloween party, and to make this, you only need three ingredients.

With just Jalapeno, Pepper Jelly, Cream cheese, and Crackers, you can make the perfect Sweet and Spicy Skeleton Bone Appetizer in just minutes.

20. Monster Halloween Popcorn

Monster Halloween Popcorn


Life is good when you have a big bowl of popcorn to munch on. But wait, these aren’t your regular popcorn. They are the creepiest Halloween popcorn you can ever find.

To turn popcorn into Halloween ones, you will need crunchy sprinkles, monster eyes, Gummy teeth, and candy. For good measure, throw in some fake spiders as well.

21. Halloween Hot Dog Spiders

Halloween Hot Dog Spiders


These spooky Halloween hot dogs are the perfect bite-size treat for both adults and kids, and guess what! They take only three ingredients to make.

Trim your hot dogs from the edges, cut strips on either end and wrap your hot dogs in the dough. Bake for a quick bit and serve hot with a gooey dip.

22. Buffalo Chicken Dip

Buffalo Chicken Dip


Themed food is just great, and if it’s Halloween-themed food, it’s most definitely the best. Make this Buffalo Chicken Dip and impress your guests with your par excellence culinary skills and creativity.

To make this cool orange dip, you will need shredded cheddar, hot buffalo sauce, yummy cream cheese, and shredded chicken. This dip goes perfectly with all kinds of finger foods you are thinking of serving at your Halloween bash.

23. Skull Mushroom Pizza Bites

Skull Mushroom Pizza Bites


Here’s a Halloween special you can’t miss; Skull Mushroom Pizza Bites. To make the skulls for your pizza, get some button mushrooms, and pop holes in them with a straw. Next, carve lines in the stem to mimic the teeth of the skull.

Make sure you select small, bite-size mushrooms for your pizza topping. You can also color your pizza dough black with the help of food dye.

24. Vegan Caviar Appetizer Bites

Vegan Caviar Appetizer Bites


There are plenty of black and orange snacks and food options in the market to decorate your Halloween food; take these Vegan Caviar appetizers Bites, for instance.

Made with vegan caviar that is available in both black and orange color, it’s the perfect snack for a Halloween-themed party. You will also need mangoes, vegan cream cheese, and bread to make your caviar appetizers.

25. Halloween Deviled Eggs

Halloween Deviled Eggs


You may have had delivered eggs, but have you ever had deviled face eggs? Try this recipe and creep your friend out at your Halloween bash this year.

Prepare your deviled eggs and add devil face detailing with the help of olives and chili peppers. Since the deviled eggs have a strong taste already, use mild peppers.

26. Pumpkin Dip

Pumpkin Dip


All things pumpkin, that’s how you celebrate Halloween. This one-bowl pumpkin dip is perfect to go with crackers, crackers, pretzels, and fruits. It’s the perfect dip for Halloween as it’s orange and made with pumpkins; it’s also very delicious.

27. Ghostly Halloween Guacamole

Ghostly Halloween Guacamole


Halloween Ghost Guacamole is the perfect people pleaser on Halloween. Eight out of ten people love Guacamole, so this recipe will be a super hit for sure.

To make your Ghostly Halloween Guacamole, you will need Creepy Cookie Cutters, Flour Tortillas, Olive Oil, Ripe Avocados, tomatoes, lemon juice, and chives. Easy to make and so much fun to serve.

28. Halloween Spider Bagel Bites

Halloween Spider Bagel Bites


Have you got picky eaters in your house? You need these cool Halloween Spider Bagel Bites to make your kid’s Halloween snack vanish before your eyes.

To make the best Halloween Spider Bagel Bites, you will need mini bagels, pizza sauce, cheese, and black olives. The rest of the toppings are optional, add as many or as few as you need.

29. Creepy Deviled Eggs

Creepy Deviled Eggs


Deviled eggs are the most versatile Halloween food ever. You can make them in so many different ways to make your Halloween spread look nice and unique.

To make the creepy version of deviled eggs, you will need Eggs, Pesto, Mayonnaise, Salt and pepper, Candy eyes, and Red food coloring.

30. Halloween Pizza Skulls

Halloween Pizza Skulls


Here’s a Halloween snack so unique that it will make you the star chef of the family. Your kids will gobble these up within minutes and ask for second helpings for sure.

These Halloween Pizza Skulls seem intimidating, but they are effortless to make and leave a lasting impression on your guests, family, and friends.

31. Halloween Stuffed Pumpkins

Halloween Stuffed Pumpkins


Here’s a wholesome Halloween pumpkin recipe that everyone will love at your Halloween party. You can make any stuff you like. For ours, we use shallot, garlic, wild rice, rosemary, vegetable stock, broccoli, pecans, and cranberries.

Halloween is a fun time to celebrate the love of food and creativity with family and friends. Use these easy-to-create and fun-to-serve recipes to make your Halloween snacks the talk of the town.