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21 Easy Thin-Sliced Chicken Breast Recipes

Thin chicken slices that are both juicy and crispy? Or just drenched in sauce? Well, we’ve got both here. Check out these great thin-sliced chicken breast recipes!

Thinly sliced chicken breast is every busy cook’s best friend. It is not only quick to prepare but pretty versatile, too. It can easily be turned into a full meal with just a few ingredients.

Whether in pasta, salads, onto skewers or with some sauce on its own. For thin chicken breast recipes, the options are pretty limitless.

But I’ve managed to find the top 21 thinly sliced chicken meals. And here are my top choices that you will also love. That’s something you can definitely count on.

recipes with thin sliced chicken breast

How Do I Cook Thin Chicken Breast?

As I said, thin chicken breast slices can be cooked quickly. And there are several ways to prepare them.

Bake them in the oven for 15-20 minutes.

You can fry in the pan for a few minutes per side, until no longer pink.

Also, you can grill them until they lose their pinkish color and become slightly charred.

Whatever method you choose, make sure to season them with your favorite spices for the perfect indulgence.

Best Thin Sliced Chicken Breast Recipes

Looking for a foolproof chicken recipe? Here are the perfect meals you can make with thinly sliced chicken breast.

1. Chinese Chicken Salad

chinese chicken salad


Do you love Chinese salads? But not their sugar content? Then this healthy version will be a regular in your kitchen.

With Napa cabbage, boneless skinless chicken breasts, mandarins, and almonds. This salad packs nutrition in a crunchy and delicious way.

It is also drizzled with slightly sweet and gingery dressing.

And it’s quick and easy, and ready in 30 minutes.

If you loved this recipe, you should try this flavorful chicken zucchini pasta!

2. Everything Bagel Chicken Cutlets

everything bagel chicken cutlets


If you own an Air Fryer, this is something you simply have to try. Crispy chicken cutlets are ready in just half an hour. Isn’t that the perfect dinner after a busy day?

With breadcrumbs, parmesan, and everything bagel seasoning.

These golden meaty delights are perfect with some sauce to dip into. And if you have some air-fried fries on the side, even better.

Comfort food, but healthy!

Love a good crispy chicken recipe? You’ll melt over these crispy baked chicken cutlets.

3. Chimichurri Chicken Cutlets

chimichurri chicken cutlets


Chicken cutlets with a herbed sauce for a high-protein, low-carb dinner.

This easy chicken recipe and lovely dinner recipe is made in just over 20 minutes. And it is best with thin chicken cutlets.

If you love moist, tender, and juicy chicken, this will be a real keeper.

Serve with a green salad on the side for some added nutrition.

4. Chicken Piccata

chicken piccata


Saucy comfort food, at its best! Italian-inspired and loaded with lemony flavors. These thin chicken slices are perfect on top of some pasta or rice.

Sitting on a bed of caramelized onions and lemon juice, the meat is soaked in nothing but goodness.

Capers, white wine, and parsley also inject the meat with intense flavors.

Fresh and yummy, this easy recipe has to be served with a glass of white wine!

5. Chicken Satay

chicken satay


Dinner or a party appetizer. However you choose to serve it, this chicken will please everyone.

Seasoned chicken onto skewers. Grilled to charred perfection. Serve with a dipping sauce, and it will be a total hit.

Curry powder and lemon play a vital part in this recipe, so make sure not to omit them.

6. Chicken Katsu

chicken katsu


Chicken katsu is deep-fried Japanese comfort food that should be introduced to the rest of the world. I hope I’m doing my part here.

It is made with thin pieces of chicken that are dipped into an egg, coated with flour, and fried until crispy golden brown.

This recipe uses only salt, but feel free to add your favorite spices to these chicken tenders.

7. Air Fryer Chicken Schnitzel

air fryer chicken schintzel


Schnitzel is a classic Austrian dish, featuring deep-fried meat. But let’s skip the greasy part for the sake of our health here.

This air-fried chicken is just as crispy and tasty as the original with spices like garlic powder and black pepper, minus all the cholesterol-spiking fat.

Thin chicken breast slices are a must here. If yours are not that thin, pound the meat on your cutting board until they become ¼ of an inch thick.

8. Baked Pesto Chicken

baked pesto chicken


Thin chicken slices. Brushed generously with pesto sauce. Sprinkled with grated cheese. And topped with tomato slices. Then, it is baked until golden perfection.

This meat tastes so good, and you really won’t believe how easy it is to make.

And the best part? It is made in just 30 minutes. Which is perfect for all of you busy moms reading this.

Looking for more dinner inspiration? Check out these best dinner ideas.

9. Chicken Milanese

chicken milanese


A lovely dish with crispy breadcrumb coated chicken, silky butter, and a nutritious topping.

These fried juicy chicken breasts are dredged into flour, dunked in eggs, and coated with breadcrumbs.

Then, they are fried until crispy and served with arugula and onion salad on top.

The Italian seasoning in this chicken dish makes all the difference. So do not skip it.

10. Pan Fried Parmesan Crusted Chicken

pan fried parmesan chicken


Super juicy on the inside, and incredibly crispy on the outside. These pan-fried thin chicken breasts are so simple to make, that they will be regular weeknight dinner on your table.

There is also a generous amount of Parmesan cheese involved. Which makes them incredibly delicious.

These sliced chicken breasts are best if served hot straight from the pan. So, for the best result, don’t make them in advance.

11. Mustard Chicken

mustard chicken


Mustardy chicken sitting on a bed of nutritious veggies.

This recipe uses mushrooms, potatoes, peas, garlic cloves, chicken broth and thin cutlets but you can use your favorite vegetables. Or whatever you have on hand for this chicken cutlet recipe.

So creamy and balanced. This makes one heck of a meal on its own. And it really doesn’t need side dishes.

Well, maybe a green salad to boost that nutrient content.

This mustard chicken is one of the best ideas for Friday night dinner.

12. Chicken Marsala

chicken marsala


Saucy, creamy, well-seasoned, and with mushrooms.

Thick marsala sauce with crispy and juicy chicken. I mean, how can you possibly go wrong with that?

This has nothing but protein and flavors, and it can be done in just 30 minutes.

So yes, this thin chicken breast recipe makes a great last-minute dinner.

13. Lemon Butter Chicken

lemon butter chicken


Lemon butter chicken for a lovely, bright, colorful, and incredibly saucy dinner in a large skillet.

Thin chicken slices are fried until golden. And then each piece of chicken is coated with a thick and buttery sauce.

The lemon notes powerfully infuse the meat, but it is the caramelized onion that gives it that oomph.

Everything is made in one pan over medium-high heat, and it comes together in half an hour of cooking time.

14. Brined Herb Chicken Breasts

brined herb chicken breast


Juicy, tender, brined, and simply loaded with flavor. These lovely herb chicken slices are perfect with rice. Or mashed potatoes. And even pasta.

These boneless chicken breasts are also buttery, super garlicky, and infused with rosemary, thyme, and lemon.

Make sure to plan this recipe in advance next time, as you should place chicken breasts in the brine for four hours.

15. Chicken Alfredo

chicken alfredo


Silky, saucy, smooth, and surprisingly easy to make.

With mushrooms and your pasta of choice, this makes one heck of a filling and satisfying meal. And trust me, your family will be begging you to make it again.

Plenty of spices accompany the tender chicken, and for a good reason. Every dash of seasoning has its purpose. So if you can, try it just as instructed in this recipe.

For creamy results, use whole milk.

16. Maple Citrus Glazed Sous Vide

maple citrus glazed sous vide


With this sous vide method, you should never worry about the juiciness of your meat. It will be tender and juicy, every single time.

A tangy orange glaze is also prepared. 

The herb-infused chicken, topped with the zesty and sweet glaze makes one delicious dinner. You can trust me on that.

And if you want to enhance the color of the meat for presentation, just put it under the broiler for a couple of minutes.

17. Creamy Mushroom Chicken

creamy mushroom chicken


This recipe is loaded with everything you want with chicken.

There is white wine, mushrooms, garlic, and Dijon mustard. Plus, butter, heavy cream, and chicken stock, for the creamiest sauce ever.

For special flavors, there are shallots and thyme.

18. Lemon Artichoke Chicken

lemon artichoke chicken


In just 20 minutes, this simple and quick dinner will be ready on your table.

All you need is thin chicken breast, lemons, artichokes, chicken stock, flour, and flavorful spices.

Tender and juicy, this lovely chicken is perfect over pasta or rice, no dry chicken here!

19. Pistachio Chicken

pistachio chicken


Chicken with a pistachio crust. Crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Isn’t that the definition of the most comforting chicken recipe ever?

The chicken is baked. And that toasted pistachio flavor is super tasty.

Serve these crispy baked chicken cutlets with arugula for a bitter note that pairs perfectly with the nuts.

Oh, and did I mention that you only need 30 minutes from start to finish? Check out more meat dinner recipes here.

20. Chicken Fajitas

chicken fajitas


Bell peppers, chicken breasts, onion, garlic, and beloved Mexican spices.

The chicken is marinated before cooking, which is why the meat is so flavorful. If you’re in a hurry, you can skip this step. It may not be as infused, but it will still be tasty.

Serve it hot, on tortillas.

Fajitas always make the best Sunday dinner ideas for families.

21. Chicken Biryani

chicken biryani


Chicken biryani the Bombay style. This Indian dish is packed with intense flavors, onions, and tomatoes.

The rice is also flavored with cinnamon, and I suggest you do the same. The warmth of this spice plays perfectly with the rest of the seasonings.

Serve this with yogurt, for the most delicious comfort food ever.

Chicken Fajitas with Vegetables

21 Easy Thin-Sliced Chicken Breast Recipes

Yield: 4-6
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes

Want to cook a delicious chicken dish tonight? These thin sliced chicken breast recipes are just what you need for a simple, healthy meal.


  • 1. Chinese Chicken Salad
  • 2. Everything Bagel Chicken Cutlets
  • 3. Chimichurri Chicken Cutlets
  • 4. Chicken Piccata
  • 5. Chicken Satay
  • 6. Chicken Katsu
  • 7. Air Fryer Chicken Schnitzel
  • 8. Baked Pesto Chicken
  • 9. Chicken Milanese
  • 10. Pan Fried Parmesan Crusted Chicken
  • 11. Mustard Chicken
  • 12. Chicken Marsala
  • 13. Lemon Butter Chicken
  • 14. Brined Herb Chicken Breasts
  • 15. Chicken Alfredo
  • 16. Maple Citrus Glazed Sous Vide
  • 17. Creamy Mushroom Chicken
  • 18. Lemon Artichoke Chicken
  • 19. Pistachio Chicken
  • 20. Chicken Fajitas
  • 21. Chicken Biryani


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