21 Best Soup Recipes with Ham (Leftover Ham Soup)

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Whether you have a ton of leftovers from your holiday family meal or you’re just a big fan of ham, these soup recipes with ham are so good! They’re a great way to enjoy this flavor-filled protein.

Simmering ham into a delicious broth creates an ideal soup base. When you layer even more flavors on top, it turns into a rich, warm, comforting ham soup recipe.

Not only that, but ham soup recipes are also really versatile!

Great for meal prep and easy to pack with healthy vegetables, this list is full of hearty soup recipes to make your mid-week dinners easier.

recipes for ham soups

What to Do With Ham Fat and Bone?

As with many other proteins, the fat and bone leftover from ham preparation are full of flavor. Melted-down ham fat can replace butter in many recipes, almost like bacon fat!

The bones are also a great ingredient you can use to create a healthy, delicious bone broth. Browned off in a pan and boiled in water, these bones create an amazing foundation for any soup.

Studies show that ham bones contain peptides that are released when they’re cooked down. These possibly have cardioprotective effects, meaning they help keep your heart healthy.

How Do You Thicken Ham Soup?

If you’re looking for a thick and creamy soup, the best way is to add flour or cornstarch to your broth. Around three tablespoons of flour to a cup of liquid ought to do it!

You can also use natural thickeners like vegetables with a heavy starch component. Potatoes and sweet potatoes are ideal, as they release starch into the broth while boiling.

Best Ham Soup Recipes

1. Instant Pot Split Pea Soup

split pea soup

Source: sulaandspice.com

First up, we have a classic soup recipe the whole family will love, and it doubles as one of the best leftover ham recipes.

Split pea soup echoes Indian dal recipes, but this recipe uses a meaty ham bone to create the ultimate tasty soup base. A bay leaf gives this ham bone soup recipe even more flavor depth!

2. Instant Pot Ham and Potato Soup

ham and potato soup

Source: windingcreekranch.org

Make your mid-week dinners a breeze with this comforting Instant Pot recipe! The potato in this recipe helps to naturally thicken the broth, while the flavors are out of this world.

3. Instant Pot Navy Bean Soup with Ham

bean soup with ham

Source: sulaandspice.com

Also known as haricot beans, navy beans are a wonderful ingredient to include in your daily diet. They’re rich in protein and nutrients, affordable, and absolutely delicious alongside a cut of ham.

4. Collard Green Soup with Smoked Ham and Black Eyed Peas

collard green soup with ham and peas

Source: aforkstale.com

Take all the best flavors from the South and transform them into an addictive soup with a smoky flavor!

This bean soup recipe with chicken broth is a super simple way to enjoy your favorite Southern side dishes. Plus, the best part is it’s delicious and super healthy.

5. Slow Cooker Ham and Kidney Bean Soup

ham and kidney bean soup

Source: thekitchenismyplayground.com

Inject plenty of healthy, high-quality protein into your day with this simple slow cooker soup recipe.

Leftover holiday ham and kidney beans are an ideal pair, offering tons of flavor without breaking the bank. This soup is best served with a side of crusty bread.

This is one of the best cheap crockpot meals for families!

6. Ham and Cheese Soup

ham and cheese soup

Source: chocolatemoosey.com

If you’re a fan of ham and cheddar cheese sandwiches, then this is the homemade soup recipe for you!

This super simple one-pot meal is guaranteed to put a smile on your family’s face and save you time on a busy weeknight.

7. Slow Cooker Ham and Corn Chowder

ham and corn chowder

Source: thekitchenismyplayground.com

There’s something so comforting about a warm bowl of chowder on a cold evening. Take care of your winter weeknight dinner with these easy dump-and-go slow cooker recipes.

This is one of the best easy crockpot recipes for anyone to make!

8. Crockpot Ham and Cabbage

ham and cabbage

Source: everydayfamilycooking.com

Ham and cabbage are a combination as old as time itself and for a good reason! Cabbage is like a flavor sponge, absorbing all that delicious saltiness and tempering it with some earthiness.

Together, these humble ingredients create an amazing, affordable soup the whole family will love.

This is one of the best dinner ideas for tonight!

9. Leftover Ham Bone Soup

ham bone soup

Source: lanascooking.com

If you’ve prepared a delicious holiday ham hock, don’t let any piece of it go unenjoyed!

This leftover ham bone soup is proof that you can create something delicious, all while ensuring your hard work doesn’t go to waste.

10. Instant Pot Barley Soup

barley soup

Source: temeculablogs.com

I love adding barley to soups because it’s a great option to help the meal feel so much more robust!

It also keeps beautifully, which is why this Instant Pot barley soup is so great for meal-prepping.

11. Healthy Reuben Soup

reuben soup

Source: coupleinthekitchen.com

Transform your favorite sandwich into a nutritious, delicious soup perfect for a chilly evening. This Reuben soup is so easy it’s almost unfair. Just throw four ingredients in a pot, cook, and enjoy!

12. Creamy Ham and Potato Ham Bone Soup

ham and potato soup

Source: busycreatingmemories.com

Ham bone soup has been a staple for decades thanks to its deep, rich flavor. Adding potatoes to the mix helps thicken the tasty broth while making it more filling, so it’s no wonder this recipe is a hit!

13. Ham Bone and Chickpea Soup

ham bone and chickpea soup

Source: sumptuousspoonfuls.com

Chickpeas are versatile, affordable, and packed with protein. That’s what makes them so great in soup recipes!

This delicious ham bone and chickpea soup is proof that even the most humble ingredients can be mind-blowing when you know what to do with them.

This is also a great cheap dinner idea to stay under budget this month!

14. Ham and Bean Soup

ham and bean soup

Source: amandascookin.com

Simple, warm, and comforting are the three words that come to mind when I think of this soup. It’s so easy to customize by adding your own vegetables and spices, so make it your own!

You can also use any beans you like, such as cannellini beans, great northern beans, or even green beans!

15. Irish Cabbage and Potato Soup with Ham

cabbage and potato soup with ham

Source: sumptuousspoonfuls.com

Take inspiration from Irish cuisine with this cabbage, potato, and ham soup. This recipe yields pure comfort in a bowl, and it’s a great way to use up your leftovers after a big holiday dinner.

16. 3 Cheese Tortellini Soup with Ham

3 cheese tortellini soup with ham

Source: masalaherb.com

Looking for something rich and luxurious to add to your recipe book? Look no further than this cheese and tortellini soup. The pieces of ham strewn in the broth make it absolutely delicious.

17. Creamy Cabbage Soup

creamy cabbage soup

Source: simplystacie.net

Hearty, comforting, and packed with tender vegetables, this is a healthy soup your family or guests will love. Not only that, but it’s also a great meal prep recipe.

Keep a few portions in your freezer for those nights when cooking just feels impossible. Simply defrost the soup, warm it up, and serve!

18. Classic Ham and White Bean Soup

ham and white bean soup

Source: cookathomemom.com

Keep things simple and hearty with his classic ham and white beans soup. Quick, affordable, and tasty, this is a great go-to meal for a busy weeknight at home with your family.

19. Instant Pot 15 Bean Soup

15 bean soup

Source: savoryexperiments.com

That’s right, this recipe features fifteen different kinds of beans!

From navy beans to pinto beans, this recipe features every protein-packed legume under the sun. It’s so easy to customize and make your own.

The ham really makes the dish sing, offering a burst of saltiness to elevate the flavor of the beans.

You might also enjoy these other canned pinto bean recipes!

20. Keto Cheesy Ham Chowder

cheesy ham chowder

Source: bobbiskozykitchen.com

Soups are a great meal category for anyone who lives keto. With low carbohydrates and a ton of protein, this tasty cheese and ham chowder recipe is warm, comforting, and super flavorful.

21. Ham Bone and Vegetable Soup

ham bone and vegetable soup

Source: numstheword.com

Finally, we’re capping off our list with a super healthy ham and bone vegetable soup! This recipe is a great way to use all the leftover ingredients from a big holiday meal with your family.

Serve it up the next day for a nutritious, easy dinner that’s also gentle on the stomach.

There you have it! Twenty-one delicious soup recipes that make use of your leftover ham. Check out the rest of my Recipe Roundups for more great ways to enjoy leftover ingredients.

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