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31 Best Gluten Free Meal Prep Ideas

Whether you have celiac disease, gluten intolerance, or other dietary restrictions preparing gluten-free meals can be difficult. These gluten free meal prep recipes will bring you peace of mind.

Eating gluten-free is ideal if you want to incorporate more whole foods into your diet however it does not mean your food can’t be exciting and delicious! Grains, starches, and flours can still be enjoyed as a gluten-free diet.

Some great alternatives are –

  • Gluten-free flour
  • Quinoa
  • Rice, including wild rice
gluten free meal prep recipes

Best Gluten Free Meal Ideas

Many processed foods also contain gluten. That is why it is better to cook your healthy meals from scratch to suit your dietary needs.

Below are some delightful ideas for delicious meals to incorporate into your healthy gluten-free diet!

1. Salmon Meal Prep with Veggies

salmon and veggies meal prep


Salmon is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids.

Ground ginger, paprika, cumin, and garlic flavor your dish with added sweetness from parsnip, carrots, beets, and sweet potatoes.

If this recipe made you fall in love with salmon, you’ll love these other easy salmon meal prep recipes.

2. Chicken Teriyaki Bento Box

chicken teriyaki bento bowl


Bento boxes are a staple of Japanese cuisine. It is an upgraded lunch box!

Here, spicy edamame partners with flavorful teriyaki glazed chicken. Rice is a must for your bento box.

Serve with a light green salad from organic ingredients. And finish with a sweet, salty, tangy vinaigrette!

3.  Salsa Shredded Chicken Meal Prep

salsa shredded chicken


Salsa-shredded chicken takes minimal effort to prepare.

A jar of salsa from the grocery store will do the trick here. Mild, medium, or hot – it is your choice! Simmer the chicken in the salsa, then shred it when cooked.

Serve this flavorful meal with cauliflower rice and roasted peppers.

4. Homemade salad Kits

homemade salad


You cannot be sure that prepackaged salads are gluten-free as there may be traces of gluten in those meal kits.

You can be sure with a homemade salad – You choose what to put in it and the choices are endless!

Go for an apple walnut salad. Or a maple bourbon bacon salad. How about a BLT salad?

5. Chickpea Salad

chickpea salad


Chickpeas are high in protein, keeping you fuller for longer.

Chickpea salad includes common summer veggies. Combine tomatoes, cucumber, and red onion. Then mix with olive oil, white wine vinegar, and garlic dressing.

Try this out with your favorite veggies. The juicier, the better, makes a more flavorful salad!

6. Cuban Style Tuna Meal Prep Bowl

cuban style tuna meal prep bowl


Plantain chips are one of the intense flavors in this Cuban-style tuna meal prep bowl. Your plantain is fried until soft. Then it is seasoned with smoked paprika.

A great thing about this? You can leave the jalapeno tuna in the pouch until ready to eat. Serve with seasoned salad veggies and a zesty yogurt dressing!

7. Lemon Chicken and Veggies

lemon chicken and veggies


Chicken is ideal for pairing with your veggies. Lemon adds a sweetness to an otherwise savory dish.

Roasted veggies in this prep are broccoli and sweet potatoes. Roasting your veggies here will aid caramelization.

Your chicken is best marinated overnight. This will produce more depth of flavor! Add further sweetness with dill cherry tomatoes.

8. Skillet Kielbasa with Bell Peppers

skillet kielbasa with peppers


Are you sitting there wondering, what is Kielbasa? Well, in simple terms, it’s a flavorful Polish smoked sausage!

Hearty Kielbasa and peppers is a one-pot wonder. Your meal is also packed with chopped onions and sweet bell peppers.

Tender rice and beans go well with this. How about adding some sauerkraut too?

9. Chicken Legs with Chickpeas and Quinoa

chicken legs with chickpeas and quinoa


This chicken legs dish is packed with protein for full tummies. That is because you are using chickpeas and quinoa too. Both are high-protein foods.

Cinnamon, turmeric, and coriander add warmth to your dish. Natural cranberry sweetness balances out tomato acidity.

Your chicken legs are only lightly seasoned before skillet cooking.

10. Overnight Oats with Frozen Fruit

overnight oats and fruit


Overnight oats are an excellent grab-and-go option for a quick breakfast.

Soak gluten-free oats, chia seeds and milk in a jar. Top with frozen fruit.

Stir before eating for to disperse the juice from the frozen fruit for a refreshing taste!

Check out other delicious meal prep breakfast ideas here!

11. Mexican Quinoa Casserole

Mexican quinoa casserole


Quinoa is high-protein whole grain. It’s going to fill you up. It will also add some bite and a nutty taste to this casserole.

Red kidney beans add heartiness and flavor to this meatless, Mexican recipe.

Use pepper jack cheese to up the spice level. Or chopped chilies – try jalapenos for ultimate spice!

12. Freezer Chicken Soup

freezer chicken soup


Freezer chicken soup is a super quick option for meal prep.

Prep your ingredients and then combine them in a freezer bag. And then freeze.

All it takes is to empty the bag into a pot and cook. Half an hour on the stove, and you have tasty soup!

13. Keto Greek Salad

keto Greek salad


Keto Greek salad keeps you feeling full!

Feta cheese and olives give your salad a delicious Greek taste. Cucumber and red onion add a crunch to the meal.

The Greek-style dressing perfectly complements the flavors!

If you love Greek flavors you will also enjoy this easy Greek sheet pan chicken dinner!

14.  Buffalo Chicken Meal Prep

buffalo chicken meal prep


The buffalo sauce in this chicken dish lends a hot, tangy flavor.

Shredded buffalo chicken is the star of your meal. Serve with raw onion, juicy tomatoes, and shredded cheddar.

These bowls use fluffy jasmine rice. However, cut carbs by using cauliflower rice instead. Remember a homemade ranch sauce for drizzling!

15.  Instant Pot Chili

instant pot chilli


Instant Pots are lovely for warming meals such as chili. This chili recipe lends a full-bodied Mexican flavor.

It is packed with hearty beans and lean ground beef. The spices and broth add a flavor sensation to your recipe.

Complement the robust chili flavor with your toppings. Sour cream, cilantro, and shredded cheese are a must!

16. Buffalo Chicken and Rice bowls

buffalo chicken and rice bowls


Buffalo chicken and rice bowls are so satisfying! In this version, you will use cubed chicken breast.

Raw, chopped veggies add crunch to your dish. Carrots and celery are good options. Juicy cherry tomatoes bring acidity.

Add some crumbled blue cheese to your bowl. And finish with a drizzle of ranch dressing!

17. Curry Chicken Salad

curry chicken salad


Curry chicken salad is a twist on a classic favorite. Curry powder, ground ginger, and turmeric add heat and spice.

Add some crunch with crisp apples and toasted almonds. Juicy grapes add a delicious burst of sweetness.

Mayonnaise and sour cream are the base for your creamy dressing. Serve the salad in butter lettuce wraps!

18. Butternut Squash Black Bean Quinoa Salad

butternut squash black bean quinoa salad


Roasted butternut squash is the ideal veggie option for a salad.

Quinoa salad features festive flavors, perfect for fall salads. Protein-packed black beans are a key ingredient in the filling dish.

Dried cranberries and pumpkin seeds bring festiveness to your salad. This is a perfect side dish for your Thanksgiving gathering.

19. Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Soup

pumpkin sweet potato soup


This fall-inspired soup is ideal for those with a sweet tooth.

Roast your veggies first to adding depth of flavor to your soup. This will give a delicious caramelized flavor.

Chickpeas add extra protein and help thicken it. If you like a less hearty soup, add a little stock to thin it.

20. Sheet Pan Roasted Vegetables

sheet pan roasted veggies


From bell peppers to tomatoes. From carrots to squash. And from broccoli to purple potatoes. These sheet-pan veggies just burst with color!

Toss the raw veggies with avocado oil, salt, and pepper. Then roast in the oven.

These sheet pan recipes are sure to make your meal easier this week!

21. Italian Pasta Salad

Italian pasta salad


A rainbow of veggies and tri-color rotini make this gluten-free pasta salad. 

Black olives, grape tomatoes and gluten-free pasta are essential here.

Olive oil, red wine vinegar, and dried herbs create your delicious Italian dressing. This vegan meal prep will store in the fridge for a week! 

22. Air Fryer Falafel

air fryer falafel


Falafel is an excellent gluten-free food for appetizers, lunches, or snacking.

Canned chickpeas and chickpea flour make your falafel. This means they are super filling too!

Fresh parsley and cilantro add a heap of flavor. Serve in a gluten-free pita with salad greens. Or snack on them with a tahini dip!

23. Taco Chicken

taco chicken


Taco chicken takes just five minutes to prepare. It’s cooked in the slow cooker.

This is good enough with chicken breasts and taco sauce. However, adding a few Mexican extras is better.

Throw in some sliced onions, diced tomatoes, and green chilies. Shred the chicken when it’s cooked.

24. Mediterranean Vegan White Bean Stew

Mediterranean vegan white bean stew


Beans are an excellent source of fiber and protein. This white bean stew embraces Mediterranean flavors.

Think lemon, za’atar, harissa, and capers. Add some dill for a light herby flavor.

The stew is versatile too. You can easily substitute with what you have readily available.

25. Eggplant Lentil Curry

eggplant lentil curry


Adding lentils to your curry is a great way to make it more filling. Here you will cook the aromatics first to give a strong flavor boost.

The key ingredients to this curry are eggplant, lentils and, creamy coconut milk to you a delicious velvety texture.

Pair with coconut basmati and gluten-free roti!

26. Sweet Potato Casserole

sweet potato casserole


Sweet potato casserole is a much-loved one-pot wonder!

The contrasting colors of sweet potato and black beans. The distinct flavors of tender quinoa and bitter kale.

A creamy roasted garlic sauce is your delicious base flavor. This dish tastes best with a gluten-free breadcrumb topping too!

27. Slow Cooker Pot Roast

slow cooker pot roast


A slow cooker pot roast is ideal even for a busy weeknight! Only 15 minutes are needed to prep.

The critical point is to sear the roast and deglaze the pan. This delivers delicious juicy flavors into the broth.

Throw your roast, veggies, and broth into the slow cooker and let it do its magic!

28. Chickpea Spinach Curry

chickpea spinach curry


Chickpeas are a simple way to make your curry vegetarian (and filling too)!

It is a curry that is full of aromatic warming spices.

Creamy coconut milk and canned tomatoes create a delicious sauce. Spinach adds a pop of green and nutrition.

Serving with roasted squash will make this a hearty meal!

29. Cheese and Onion Quiche

cheese and onion quiche


For this quiche, you will be making buttery gluten-free pastry. This holds the flavorful cheese and caramelized onion filling.

This recipe uses full-fat milk to create your filling. However, heavy cream is another option. Mushrooms would be an excellent addition to the quiche!

30. Apricot Salmon

apricot salmon


Just two ingredients are needed for this easy recipe – Fresh salmon and apricot jam.

All it takes is to coat your salmon pieces with the jam. Bake for around 12 minutes. And then broil to caramelize the jam!

Serve with a fresh salad. You have a delicious filling meal in under 20 minutes!

31. Healthy Carrot Cake Cupcakes

carrot cake cupcakes


Flavor isn’t compromised with these plant-based, gluten-free carrot cupcakes.

Dates will provide natural sweetness. Plus, they are packed with crunchy walnuts. Cinnamon, ground ginger, and ground nutmeg provide spice!

You can eat these as they are. Or you can top them with a swirl of frosting. Either way is delicious!

Gluten meal prep ideas

31 Best Gluten Free Meal Prep Ideas

Here are some ready-to-eat meals that you can make ahead. We’ve got all the gluten-free meal prep recipes you need to plan a delicious week! 
5 from 2 votes
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Course Meal Prep
Cuisine American
Servings 2 -4 meal prep boxes


  • 1. Salmon Meal Prep with Veggies
  • 2. Chicken Teriyaki Bento Box
  • 3. Salsa Shredded Chicken Meal Prep
  • 4. Homemade salad Kits
  • 5. Chickpea Salad
  • 6. Cuban Style Tuna Meal Prep Bowl
  • 7. Lemon Chicken and Veggies
  • 8. Skillet Kielbasa with Bell Peppers
  • 9. Chicken Legs with Chickpeas and Quinoa
  • 10. Overnight Oats with Frozen Fruit
  • 11. Mexican Quinoa Casserole
  • 12. Freezer Chicken Soup
  • 13. Keto Greek Salad
  • 14. Buffalo Chicken Meal Prep
  • 15. Instant Pot Chili
  • 16. Buffalo Chicken and Rice bowls
  • 17. Curry Chicken Salad
  • 18. Butternut Squash Black Bean Quinoa Salad
  • 19. Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Soup
  • 20. Sheet Pan Roasted Vegetables
  • 21. Italian Pasta Salad
  • 22. Air Fryer Falafel
  • 23. Taco Chicken
  • 24. Mediterranean Vegan White Bean Stew
  • 25. Eggplant Lentil Curry
  • 26. Sweet Potato Casserole
  • 27. Slow Cooker Pot Roast
  • 28. Chickpea Spinach Curry
  • 29. Cheese and Onion Quiche
  • 30. Apricot Salmon
  • 31. Healthy Carrot Cake Cupcakes


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