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31 Healthy Summer Meal Prep Ideas

So, summer is finally here. But you don’t want to be stuck in the kitchen over a hot stove on hot summer nights! You can enjoy more delicious recipes with these summer meal prep ideas.

You can prep a wide variety of easy meals in advance for busy weeknights. Plenty that is light and refreshing for hot summer days.

Summer is also an excellent opportunity for seasonal fruits and fresh vegetables. Countless desserts – and salads – can be prepared.

healthy summer meal prep recipes

Best Summer Meal Prep

Below you will find the best summer dinner ideas, appetizers, side dishes, and desserts. All arehealthy recipes perfect for a hot day!

1. Chicken Farro Salad Meal Prep

chicken farro salad meal prep


Begin summer meal prep with a refreshing chicken farro salad for an easy dinner or lunch!

Your salad is both sweet and savory in a delicious way. You’ll find oranges and beets alongside broccoli, chicken, and fresh herbs!

A dressing of olive oil, parsley, garlic, vinegar, and salt finishes it nicely!

2. Protein Bistro Box

protein bistro box


A protein bistro box is ideal for meal prep for kids’ packed lunches. Each package is bursting with protein and full of nutrition!

The boxes are perfectly balanced with the snacks inside. You will fill these with hard-boiled eggs and various savory snack packs.

Fruit-wise, they contain clementine and apple slices.

3. Red Kidney Bean Burger Bowls

red kidney bean bowl


Red kidney beans make for delicious burgers. Cumin and chili powder add spice.

Prep your burgers into containers with a rainbow of healthy veggies and seasonal produce.

You might also love these other meal prep bowls for your summer meal planning!

4. Grilled Cheese Kabob

grilled cheese kabob


Kabobs are a staple food of summer dinners, aren’t they? These grilled cheese kabobs are a unique, fun twist. Ideal for packed lunches during the summer time!

Make these by threading grilled cheese, deli turkey, and turkey bacon onto your skewers. Remember your lettuce leaves and baby tomatoes for nutrition!

5. Chickpea Salad

chickpea salad


You are aware that chickpeas are high in protein. Therefore they will keep you feeling fuller for longer and make the perfect meal ideas.

Your salad includes popular summer veggies. Tomatoes, cucumber, and red onion. Combine these with olive oil, white wine vinegar, and garlic dressing.

6. Keto Greek Salad

keto Greek salad


Keto-friendly Greek salad keeps you feeling full! It lasts a few days refrigerated for easy lunches.

The olives and feta cheese give you a unique Greek taste. These are mixed with cherry tomatoes, cucumber, and red onion.

Your salad is finished with a Greek-style dressing. This perfectly complements the flavors!

7. Salmon Meal Prep with Veggies

salmon meal prep with veggies


Find sweetness in parsnip, carrots, beets, and sweet potatoes. These all bring out the acidity of the pan-fried salmon. Ground ginger, paprika, cumin, and garlic provide a flavor sensation!

You may prefer a veggie side that is less sweet. Try serving this salmon with cauliflower rice or zoodles!

8. Hydrating Melon Smoothie Freezer Packs

melon smoothie freezer packs


Your melon smoothies include three types of melon. You’ll find juicy honeydew, cantaloupe, and watermelon. Add some cucumber and celery, distribute between jars, then freeze.

When you are ready to drink, blend the ingredients with some water. Then you’re good to go!

9. Chicken Burrito Bowls

chicken burrito bowls


Your burrito bowls take you less than 30 minutes to make.

Tender, juicy shredded chicken paired with spiced rice. Serve these with arugula, grape tomatoes, black beans, and sweet corn.

Discover more ways to enjoy chicken and rice with these yummy chicken and rice meal preps!

10. Taco Bowls

taco bowls


Taco bowls are super easy to prepare. Fry up your lean ground turkey or ground beef. Do this with a taco seasoning of your choice. Then mix with your other ingredients.

Try black beans, sweet corn, tomatoes, and jalapenos. Then add some rice, shredded cheese, and sour cream.

11. Kiwi Chia Pudding

kiwi chia pudding


Your chia pudding makes use of the seasonal fruits of kiwi and blueberries. You can use any dairy-free milk for this. However, coconut milk makes it super creamy!

This will last for up to five days in your refrigerator. So, it’s an easy grab-and-go prep.

12. Chicken Grain Bowls

chicken grain bowls


Meal prep bowls are a popular option for summer meal prep. In this one, you’ll combine chicken with farro, slow-roasted tomatoes, and salad greens.

The lemony garlic vinaigrette adds to your meal in two different ways. It is a chicken marinade for cooking. And a “raw” dressing on your salad. 

13. Sriracha Lime Chicken Salad

sirarcha lime salad


Spicy, zesty chicken salad is another option great for summer! You will use a hot chili and lime dressing to enhance the flavor of your tender chicken breast.

Grilled pineapple adds sweetness to your salad. Salad greens, tomatoes, and sliced red onion complete your meal.

14. Vegan Mexican Chopped Salad

vegan Mexican chopped salad


This chopped salad looks like a rainbow in your bowl!

Your salad features ingredients you’re likely to find in Mexican cuisine. Think black beans, sweet corn, and tomatoes. Plus, avocadoes and lime juice.

These are all topped with your creamy avocado dressing! Try serving alongside tacos for your feast.

15. Tiramisu Overnight Oats

tiramisu overnight oats


Your take on the classic Italian dessert, tiramisu, is the flavor of these overnight oats.

Coffee flavor oats are layered up. This is with your creamy vanilla yogurt. Plus, full-bodied cocoa powder.

They will last three to four days in the fridge. Perfect for a grab-and-go breakfast!

16. Vegetarian Summer Rolls

vegetarian summer rolls


Summer rolls have a lot of exciting summer vegetables inside.

Your vegetables are wrapped up in rice paper. This is served with avocado and tofu, both high in protein.

Serve these together with three dips. How about creamy peanut dip? A sweet hoisin? Or perhaps tangy Vietnamese nuoc cham!

17. Pesto Butter Salmon

pesto butter salmon


You only need 20 minutes to make pesto butter salmon.

This dish has asparagus and ripe cherry tomatoes. You will bake these with pesto butter on a sheet pan. They accompany your oven-baked salmon.

Love easy meals? These other tasty sheet pan meals will wow you!

18. Tri Quinoa Bowl

quinoa bowl


This tri-color quinoa bowl is a riot of summery colors.

Some of the best seasonal ingredients work with this dish. Think charred corn, grilled mango, and diced English cucumber.

Have your delicious vinaigrette dressing ready. Then you can add this when ready to serve!

19. Jerk Chicken Salad

jerk chicken salad


Jerk chicken salad packs a spicy punch. It’s also super easy for you to create.

A homemade Jerk marinade is used for your salad. Sweet grilled pineapple perfectly complements spicy chicken.

Seasonal vegetables add color and crunch. Avocado adds a creamy texture and cooling element to your salad!

20. Vegan Kale Slaw

vegan kale stew


Vegan kale-based slaw is an excellent mayo-based slaw alternative. Instead, you will mix it with a flavorsome sesame soy dressing.

The red cabbage and the carrot make this the most vibrant summer dish. The garlic and ginger in your dressing produce a strong flavor.

Serve this as a side or an appetizer.

21. Orzo Pasta Salad

orzo pasta salad


Here, you’ll use orzo pasta. (This is often confused with rice!)

You can make your dish more interesting. Add chickpeas, artichoke hearts, and kalamata olives.

A zingy lemon vinaigrette finishes your orzo pasta salad!

If you love a filling pasta meal, these yummy pasta meal prep ideas are for you!

22. Ground Turkey Skillet with Veggies

ground turkey skillet with vegetables


This skillet recipe uses ground turkey. Plus, a selection of your favorite veggies. The flavor profile of your meal is lifted with a variety of spices.

Try some seasonal vegetables with this. This will be alongside your zucchini and tomatoes.

Asparagus would work well in this easy ground turkey meal prep!

23. Strawberry Overnight Oats

strawberry overnight oats


Here you have another version of overnight oats. This time you have a summery, sweeter type!

Juicy strawberries are stirred into the creamy mixture. Greek yogurt, oat milk, and rolled oats make this up.

You can make a chocolate strawberry version. Stir in some chocolate chips. Top with further chopped strawberries.

24.  Berry Salad

berry salad


Your salad comprises a selection of berries. Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries. Plus, a little watermelon.

Toss these with your zingy lemon poppy seed dressing. If you wish to add a bit of savory? Try crumbled feta or candied walnuts!

25. Turkish Bulgur Salad

Turkish bulgur salad


For another different cuisine, try this Turkish bulgur salad.

Bulgur, tomato paste, and herbs make up the base. Pomegranate molasses adds a lovely tanginess to your salad!

Serve this as a part of your summer mezze platter. Hummus, baba ganoush, and lentil meatballs are ideal choices!

26. Greek White Bean Salad

Greek white bean salad


Greek bean salad is perfect for summer weather!

Your bean salad will use white beans. Mix with tomatoes, bell pepper, and onion. Then coat everything in your extravagant champagne vinaigrette!

27. Salmon Asparagus Pasta Salad

salmon asparagus pasta salad


This salmon dish is a real taste of summer! You can use fresh or canned salmon.

Your pasta salad is so easy to make. Seasonal fresh asparagus elevates your dish. Hard-boiled eggs and green onions add distinctive flavors. 

Finish by combining everything with your creamy lemon dill dressing!

28. Chicken Avocado Salad

chicken avocado salad


Avocado is a summer staple. It will pair well with chicken. In this salad, you use only a few essential ingredients!

Your easy salad features complimenting flavors. These are chicken and sweet corn. Avocado and bacon. Plus, some chives.

You will combine it all with another summer lemony dressing!

29. Stuffed Shells

stuffed shells


This dish combines tofu with aromatic ingredients. You’ll pulse these together in a food processor. And you will produce vegan ricotta!

You’ll bake the shells to perfection. They lay on top of a flavorful marinara.

Before you serve, garnish with basil. And enjoy it with a vegan salad!

30. Edamame Crunch Salad

edamame crunch salad


Your crunch salad combines edamame and red onion along with bell pepper and cilantro. The cashews add your crunch. Finish with your delicious ginger miso dressing!

31. Zucchini Lasagna

zucchini lasagna


Zucchini lasagna is a twist on a classic Italian favorite. Zucchini replaces the traditional noodle layers.

This is a great recipe for getting more veggies into your diet too.

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