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23 Best Mulberry Recipes to Make at Home

Mulberries are one of the less-known berries. Due to their health benefits, they are quickly growing in popularity! If you have a surplus of mulberries, you need these mulberry recipes.

These berries are a fruit that have an impressive nutritional value. They are rich in vitamins and minerals. Particularly Vitamin C and iron.

Mulberries look like blackberries. Do not get them confused, though! Mulberries are longer in shape and often darker in color. They also grow on trees. While blackberries grow on bushes!

mulberry recipe ideas

What Can I Do with Mulberries?

Depending on the ripeness, they can range in taste. From a wonderful sweet to a slightly tart flavor. They are enjoyed both fresh and dried.

If you are lucky, you may have a mulberry tree growing around your property! If not, then you will need to visit a market. Or even go foraging!

These deep purple berries can be used in several ways. To produce both delicious food & drinks like mulberry pie bars and mulberry pancakes.

The following recipes all use fresh mulberries. Let us see what we can make this mulberry season!

Best Mulberry Recipes

Get your cups of mulberries out and cook up some of these delicious recipes. Easy, flavorful, and so fun to make!

1. Mulberry Puff Pastry Danishes

mulberry puff pastry danish


Let us start with something that is fun! But simple and quick to make with fresh fruits even if you are a beginner baker.

These Danishes hold an easy cheesecake filling with cream cheese, white sugar and fresh mulberries. You do not even have to make your pastry! This recipe uses frozen puff pastry.

The eye-catching pink topping is simple to make. Squeeze a few mulberries into a regular sugar glaze. Then drizzle it over the cooked pastries.

A true delight to eat!

Have extra puff pastry sheets on hand? Enjoy these scrumptious phyllo dough recipes.

2. Mulberry Ginger Sorbet

mulberry ginger sorbet


Imagine yourself sitting by a pool. Or on a lounger in your yard on a scorching summer day. Add a sorbet to cool you down!

This recipe uses fresh ginger to add a kick to the mulberries. Plus, some raspberry liqueur to give it an extra fruity taste.

And just look at the amazing deep purple color of the sorbet!

3. Mulberry Ice Cream

mulberry ice cream


Continuing with the frozen dessert theme. Do you prefer a refreshing ice cream instead? If so, then you need to try this mulberry ice cream!

This recipe uses only six ingredients like lemon juice. Two of which are optional. But highly recommended to take it to the next level!

It does involve a bit of work. But I can assure you that the result will be worth it!

There is no checking on the ice cream to stir it. Because it is made in an ice cream maker! A must-have for every kitchen!

Don’t have any whipping cream handy? These brilliant heavy cream substitutes will help!

4. Gingered Mulberry-Orange Crumble with Pecan Crunch

gingered mulberry orange crumble


Another recipe that uses ginger to add an extra zing. But this is a warming oven-baked one.

It will take you from summer right into fall. Especially by adding the cinnamon and pecan streusel topping!

This dessert just makes you want to sit relaxing by the fire. While you savor the comforting flavors of ginger, mulberry, and pecan!

5. Mulberry Muffins with Brown Sugar Topping

mulberry muffins


Muffins with ripe fruit is the best way to get kids into baking! We are sure they will be tempted by the brown sugar topping on offer with these mulberry muffins!

These are well suited to breakfast as well as dessert. They are not too sweet and are made with part whole wheat flour.

Do you love to take a bite of a soft berry-filled muffin and find it bursts with berry juice? Then you are sure to find that in these. After the lovely crunch from the brown sugar topping!

6. Mulberry Syrup

mulberry syrup


A fruity syrup is a wonderful addition to any kitchen pantry. It can be simply added to a lot of recipes. Like the mulberry ice cream further up!

This easy mulberry syrup could even be used to top pancakes at breakfast. Or mixed with a batch of fresh lemonade to make a cooling summer drink.

Keep scrolling to find a delicious mulberry lemonade!

7. Mulberry Jam

mulberry jam


A homemade jam can be counted as another pantry staple. Perfect for adding to other recipes.

You may be lucky enough to have a mulberry tree in your yard. So, this flavorful mulberry jam costs next to nothing to make!

If it is sealed and stored properly, it will last up to two years. From one batch of mulberries and less than one hour of your time!

You are sure to find this delicious mulberry jam yummy, spread on freshly baked bread.

8. Mulberry Cheesecake

mulberry cheesecake


Sweet mulberry jam is the perfect addition to this baked mulberry cheesecake. Find it swirled into the batter. And used as an eye-catching topping!

This cheesecake uses a premade Graham cracker pie crust. You could make your own. That is if you want to be even more creative in the kitchen!

9. Mulberry Lavender Jam with Honey

mulberry lavender jam


Another mulberry jam recipe. This one holds even more health benefits with the addition of lavender and honey.

The flavors of these ingredients combine perfectly together. Making me think of relaxed summers with friends and family!

The aromatics of this mulberry lavender jam with honey are the perfect start to your day. Try it spread on fresh bread or drizzled over oats and yoghurt!

10. Mulberry Pie

mulberry pie


If you are looking for another warming baked dessert to take you into fall. Then this easy mulberry pie is sure to hit the spot.

If you have an abundance of foraged mulberries stored in your freezer. Then you can even use those for this!

Check out the pretty lattice topping on this pie crust. It looks like something that could be spotted in a bakery window.

Be sure to serve this warm from the oven. Do not forget a big dollop of homemade ice cream on top!

11. Mulberry Lemonade

mulberry lemonade


Lemonade is the perfect cooling drink to serve on a scorching summer day. Suitable for both kids and grown-ups.

Take it up a notch by adding some delicious mulberries. And produce this delightful mulberry lemonade!

Mulberry lemonade takes just five minutes to make. It should be prepared right before serving. So, you can guarantee it is super fresh!

Garnish with mint leaves and a couple of frozen mulberries. This will make it look even more inviting than it already is.

12. Vanilla Bean Mulberry Cake

vanilla bean mulberry cake


Mulberries can take a plain vanilla cake to the next level. How about this vanilla bean mulberry cake?!

This uses its syrup recipe. But if you already have a batch of mulberry syrup. Then this delicious cake can be on your table in even less time!

Find fresh mulberries in the cake batter. And mulberry syrup between the layers.

Just drizzle even more mulberry syrup on top. You will have the ultimate mulberry cake! Everybody will want a piece of this!

13. Mulberry Iced Tea

mulberry iced tea


Try to find a more refreshing drink during the early summer than iced tea. Do not buy a premade one. They are full of added sugar and too sweet.

Why not make up a batch of this mulberry iced tea instead?

This iced tea has endless health benefits. It has just green tea, fresh mulberries, and fresh mint.

Once again, use mulberry syrup. Do you already have a batch made up? Then you can have this in a glass in minutes!

Mix it up with several types of green tea. Try jasmine, lemon, or mint. Or just a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime juice!

14. Mulberry Muffins

mulberry muffins


This delicious mulberry muffin recipe uses fresh mulberries. Add homemade mulberry jam for a true mulberry taste sensation!

Do not worry if you do not want to make mulberry jam. You can replace it with any low pectin fruit jam you have in your pantry!

You can also swap the coconut milk for almond milk in the muffin batter. Or even replace the butter with coconut oil.

It is fun to experiment to suit your taste. But you will always have those juicy mulberries bursting out!

If you are looking for the best things to bake when you’re bored these muffins will hit the spot!

15. Mulberry Mojitos

mulberry mojitos


After enjoying mulberry lemonade or iced tea during the day. You want to wind down during the warm evening.

Look no further than these fruity mulberry mojitos. A great twist on the classic!

These mojitos are super easy to make if you have a mojito muddler. Rather than using a fork to mash up your mint leaves!

You can experiment with these mulberry mojitos. Use club soda or sprite, or different sweeteners or rums.

Fresh or frozen mulberries can be added to these mojitos. Get your bartender on and experiment with it!

16. Coconut Rice Pudding with Mint Mulberry Compote

coconut rice pudding with mulberry compote


Smooth and creamy coconut rice pudding with a tropical twist on the classic. Made with coconut milk, coconut water, and coconut cream. Making it suitable for vegans too!

Add a sweet mint mulberry compote to this coconut rice pudding. Give it a pop of color and an extra fruity twist. You will not want to miss it!

17. Mulberry Lemon Yogurt Cake

mulberry lemon yogurt cake


What could be better than a lemon yogurt cake? A mulberry lemon yogurt cake!

This cake is seriously easy to prepare. You are sure to find all the ingredients already in your pantry.

Also, you’ll need to make sure you carefully fold the berries into this cake. You will end up with juicy mulberries oozing out when you cut into it.

This cake is okay to enjoy for breakfast or dessert!

18. Homemade Mulberry Pie

homemade mulberry pie


This homemade mulberry pie hits the spot. Especially for those who like a double crust! You could easily use a store-bought crust. But a homemade one feels more like an achievement!

This mulberry pie does not turn out watery. This is due to the ripeness of the mulberries being used.

You can enjoy the crunch of the double crust. Plus, the ooze of the delicious purple mulberry filling!

Top the pie off with some homemade ice cream. Or a spoonful of whipped cream. Enjoy those amazing flavors!

19. Mulberry Sorbet

mulberry sorbet


Try an alcohol twist on a mulberry sorbet. This recipe uses a homemade elderberry liqueur. For a double berry taste sensation in your mouth!

You do not have to make an elderberry liqueur. You can hunt down a bottle of cassis from the store. Or even substitute port wine.

The deep purple color of this sorbet is such a delight to look at. But even more to eat!

20. Mulberry Cookies

mulberry cookies


Cookies are another surefire way to get kids baking. Especially these thumbprint cookies which are so much fun to make!

This cookie dough needs some to chill in the refrigerator before baking. This means you can make your mulberry jam while you are waiting.

The jam in the center of these cookies is so inviting. Looking just like a bowl of mulberries ready to be eaten!

21. Mulberry Scones

mulberry scones


Scones are a perfect addition to your breakfast or brunch table. In fact, for a snack any time of the day!

Add some mulberries, and they are even more inviting!

Mulberries are baked straight into the scone dough. So, you will find pockets of beautiful purple berries when you bite into them!

Sweeten them up even more by adding a simple lemon or orange glaze over the top.

Use up that extra sour cream with these yummy leftover sour cream recipes!

22. Mulberry Spinach Salad

mulberry spinach salad


Now for a savory addition to your summer menu. Look no further than this paleo mulberry spinach salad!

Savory with sweetness from the berries. The dressing for this crisp and refreshing salad uses raspberries.

But it is a real delight with whole mulberries. These are used as one of the main salad ingredients.

For an optional extra to add a different flavor. Try including goat cheese or feta. Mouth-watering!

23. Gluten-Free Mulberry, Orange, and Almond Tarts

gluten free mulberry tarts


Our final recipe caters to those who eat a gluten-free diet, but still want something tasty.

These mulberry, orange, and almond tarts look beautiful. Especially piled high with fresh mulberries!

The tarts are filled with a buttery, sweet almond frangipane mixture. The perfect base for the berries. And the twist of citrus from the orange zest!

Dust with a cloud of powdered sugar, and they are a wonderful sight!

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mulberry recipes

23 Best Mulberry Recipes to Make at Home

From sweet to savory, this collection has all the mulberry recipes that you could possibly need for this summer.
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Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Course Recipe Roundup
Cuisine American
Servings 8 -12


  • 1. Mulberry Puff Pastry Danishes
  • 2. Mulberry Ginger Sorbet
  • 3. Mulberry Ice Cream
  • 4. Gingered Mulberry-Orange Crumble with Pecan Crunch
  • 5. Mulberry Muffins with Brown Sugar Topping
  • 6. Mulberry Syrup
  • 7. Mulberry Jam
  • 8. Mulberry Cheesecake
  • 9. Mulberry Lavender Jam with Honey
  • 10. Mulberry Pie
  • 11. Mulberry Lemonade
  • 12. Vanilla Bean Mulberry Cake
  • 13. Mulberry Iced Tea
  • 14. Mulberry Muffins
  • 15. Mulberry Mojitos
  • 16. Coconut Rice Pudding with Mint Mulberry Compote
  • 17. Mulberry Lemon Yogurt Cake
  • 18. Homemade Mulberry Pie
  • 19. Mulberry Sorbet
  • 20. Mulberry Cookies
  • 21. Mulberry Scones
  • 22. Mulberry Spinach Salad
  • 23. Gluten-Free Mulberry Orange, and Almond Tarts


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