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21 Best Chicken Liver Recipes You Can Cook Perfectly

It may not be tempting to look at, but cooking chicken livers is healthy. And these yummy chicken liver recipes can show you just how delicious it can be, too!

Has your doctor ordered some liver to give your iron deficiency a boost? Or are you just looking to squeeze some more nutrients into your meals?

Either way, this article can help you enjoy more organ meats!

If you’re a chicken liver newbie and don’t know how and what to cook with it, these healthy liver recipes will be the perfect starting point.

Whether as a pate, stew, pasta, or even muffins. Here are the most delicious things you can cook with chicken liver in a great way.

chicken liver recipes

Are Chicken Livers Good for You?

Liver (all kinds) is way richer in nutrients than muscle meat like chicken breast. Plus, it contains more minerals and vitamins than fruits and veggies. And chicken liver is no exception!

Besides, tender chicken livers are also a great source of protein, and iron, and are packed with vitamins B and A.

This nutritional powerhouse should definitely be a part of your healthy diet, but you shouldn’t overdo it, either.

Chicken liver is enough if consumed once a week.

Best Chicken Liver Recipes

For a guaranteed way to enjoy chicken liver, try some of these amazingly delicious favorite recipes.

1. Chicken Liver Patties

chicken liver patties


Do you fear you won’t enjoy chicken liver? Then these patties are the perfect way to start introducing this powerful protein ingredient and tasty chicken liver taste.

And they are just like your usual meaty cakes. Trust me, they are a great occasional alternative to your classic burgers.

The key to nailing the best taste is soaking the liver beforehand. Leaving it in a vinegar solution for 20 minutes will reduce some of that sharp taste.

2. Curried Chicken Liver Pate

curried chicken liver pate


There are only two reactions to pate. It is either “I love it” or “I haven’t tried it yet.” Because when properly seasoned, it is nothing but a smooth indulgence.

This buttery creaminess also combines curry powder and black pepper. And let me tell you, the taste is absolutely amazing in the best way.

Serve with crusty bread, and this appetizer can easily turn into a full main dish meal.

If you enjoyed the curry flavor of this recipe, these Indian recipes are for you!

3. Southern Fried Chicken Livers

fried chicken liver


Fried chicken livers, the Southern way. They are crunchy, salty, and drenched in oil. This easy chicken liver recipe is the perfect way to get a fried-food lover to eat some livers.

Of course, these can be made healthier in the Air Fryer. Or even bake. But the taste of this tasty dish just won’t be as pleasing.

If you’re looking for an occasional greasy and guilty snack, then let this be a popular choice.

4. Chicken Liver Pate with Capers

chicken liver pate with capers


If you want a bit more texture, then this delicious recipe is something to try. A delicious pate with chunks of pasture-raised chicken livers for a well-rounded bite.

This recipe for chicken liver lovers includes capers, lemons, and parsley. And it features a lovely Mediterranean flavor you’ll enjoy.

All you need is a decent baguette and 20 minutes of your time. Just the perfect addition to your wine parties.

This tasty pate is one of the best potluck ideas for dinner parties!

5. Instant Pot Chicken Livers

instant pot chicken liver


These lovely liver bites may not look so appealing, but they are seriously good.

Loaded with chicken stock flavors and seasoned with peppercorns. And that’s it.

Just four simple ingredients for a powerful protein punch that you will deeply enjoy.

And since it is made in just 22 minutes from start to finish, it is also great as something you throw together at the last minute.

6. Adobong Chicken Liver

adobo chicken liver


Smothered in an adobo sauce marinade, these meaty pieces are one of the best ways to sneak some chicken livers into your diet.

This recipe is loaded with garlicky flavors, peppercorns, and some bay leaf notes that run through each bite.

These are best served with steamed white rice. But any starchy side dish will work well.

7. Chicken Liver Muffins

chicken liver muffins


Are you trying to sneak some more protein and iron into your kiddie’s diet? Then you definitely need to be making these liver muffins if you have leftover chicken livers.

A great finger food, perfect for little toddlers’ hands. These muffins are delicious, soft, and super tender. And they don’t require any fancy ingredients.

Plus, they also make a nice addition to a festive table.

If these muffins impressed you, you’ll enjoy these easy canned chicken recipes as well!

8. Chicken Liver Pasta with Porcini Mushrooms

chicken liver pasta


Chicken liver pieces and porcini mushrooms. This pasta with the creamy mushroom sauce just screams richness.

It uses dried and fresh porcinis. So you can only imagine how flavor-packed this recipe is.

It also combines cherry tomatoes, carrots, celery, and a handful of parsley to compliment the strong flavor.

You cannot help but cook this goodness in white wine. For sipping, though, I’d suggest a nice bottle of red.

9. Chicken Liver Stew with Peas and Mushrooms

chicken liver stew


This is one of the best chicken recipes because it is not only cheap. It is also tasty, hearty, and incredibly nutritious, and packed with vitamin B.

Also, it is a mixture of button mushrooms, peas, red wine, and liver pieces.

It goes perfectly well with both mashed potatoes and white rice. But you’ll enjoy it the most with some crusty bread. Because how can you not soak up the delicious sauce?

This is one of the best cheap dinner ideas to feed your whole family!

10. Peri Peri Chicken Livers

peri peri chicken liver


Cooking livers on a budget has never been so nutritious and delicious!

Silky and soft chicken livers that are seasoned to spicy perfection. The sauteed chicken livers are cooked with garlic and onions in a tomato white-wine deliciousness.

You can serve this liver and onions recipe with whatever side dish you prefer. You only need to be mindful not to overcook them. That way, they will use the softness.

11. Chicken Liver Curry

chicken liver curry


Sauteed over medium heat with onions and tomatoes, and then drowned in a creamy and Indian-flavored sauce. How can you not like your chicken livers that way?

This curried dish is warm, hearty, has a bold taste, and pairs well with bread and rice.

Plus, it is made in about half an hour, and it can serve four large portions.

The heavy cream is a must here for silky creaminess. However, coconut milk can also be a decent substitute.

Run out of heavy cream? These heavy cream substitutes are here to save the day!

12. Chicken Liver Dumplings

chicken liver dumplings


A liver dumpling soup is a traditional Czech delight. And even though I agree that it doesn’t look fancy at all, it is very delicious.

This recipe features a clear beef broth enriched with garlic-flavored liver balls.

The dumplings also incorporate fresh marjoram. But you can use other herbs if you prefer.

Serve this soup warm with some bread on the side!

13. Soup Maker Chicken Liver Pate


Chicken livers. Butter. Cream. Tomato Puree. Garlic. Those are the main ingredients in this recipe. And they taste amazing when combined.

And that’s not even the best thing about this recipe. Made in the soup maker, this is the most hands-free way to make this recipe.

Just dump everything in the soup maker, and let it do its job. All you need to do is serve with crusty bread.

14. Chicken Liver Stew

chicken liver stew


Tender livers seasoned with thyme garlic, paprika, and marjoram. Browned with some onions. Then smothered in chicken broth. Saucy, soft, and the perfect pair for your favorite bread.

This dish makes one nutritious lunch or dinner. And it is made in only 40 minutes.

It is served with chopped herbs only. These protein-packed liver pieces are the definition of a simple but hearty meal.

15. Chicken Liver Parfait

chicken liver parfait


Looking for a delicious appetizer to serve at your elegant party? Well, this liver pate here is the definite winner! And the best part? You can even make it days in advance.

Buttery, creamy, and with a generous amount of capers. But the thing that wraps everything beautifully? Brandy! Now how fancy is that?

Served on toasted bread, this makes one heck of a starter, too.

16. Chicken Livers with Onions

chicken livers with onion


Once you try this lovely liver mixture with crackers, it will become your favorite appetizer.

The key here is to bake the livers with the onions for 70 minutes. Halfway through, a stick of butter is added to the meat.

For a smooth pate, mash the mixture with a masher or a hand blender. Add your favorite spices. Top with some chopped herbs. And make sure to serve it warm for the ultimate pleasure.

17. Air Fryer Chicken Livers

air fryer chicken liver


If your diet requires some more protein and you wish to introduce other nutrients, these liver pieces will be a once-a-week treat.

They are made in the Air Fryer, so they’re both healthy, quick, and fuss-free.

Tender and browned, these taste amazing with pretty much any side dish.

The recipe only uses garlic powder and salt, but season them however you see fit.

18. Chicken Livers with Caramelized Onions and Apples

chicken liver with caremlized onion


Honey-glazed.  Sweet. And loaded with apples and caramelized onions. If that doesn’t convince you to give chicken livers a try, nothing ever will.

This classic Polish treat is crispy, rosemary-flavored, and an absolute delight.

The secret to the best flavor? Marinating the livers. Let the meat soak for at least 20 minutes with garlic and rosemary.

19. Keto Chicken Liver Pate

keto chicken liver pate


If you like your pates thicker and not runny at all, this recipe is for you.

Flavored with the classics – shallot, garlic, and parsley. And incredibly smooth. Seriously, with half a cup of butter, this protein-rich spread will be a regular appetizer.

It does take four hours to chill in the fridge. But good things come to those who way. Isn’t that the saying?

20. Grilled Chicken Liver with Garlic and Lemon Juice

grilled chicken liver with garlic and lemon juice


Haven’t tried grilling chicken liver before? This recipe is the perfect way to start.

Mixed with butter, garlic, onions, and lemon juice, the livers are first marinated for 10 minutes.

Once they soak up all of the flavors, they are grilled for 10 minutes per side.

And that’s it. You can then serve them with a side dish of your choice. Simple, super easy, and nutritious!

21. French Chicken Liver Pate

french chicken liver pate


Buttered livers with shallots, garlic, and thyme for a rich flavor. This creamy and silky French pate is dying for some crackers or crispy bread.

The pate is super easy to make. But it tastes like you’ve put a lot of work into it. And thanks to a secret ingredient, this liver creaminess tastes even more velvety.

Whip this up today and see why the French are obsessed with this pate!