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41 Best Potluck Ideas to Feed a Crowd

Wondering what to bring to a potluck? These Potluck Recipes are easy to make, taste awesome and will please the crowd.

Gathering with food has been how humans have celebrated life and community for centuries. The potluck meal is the modern equivalent of a feast.

It’s where you can enjoy the company of those you love most; your neighbors, family, and friends. The key to its success? A spread of delicious food.

That’s where this list comes in. Today, we’re exploring forty-one tried and tested recipes to make your following potluck celebration special.

potluck ideas

What Are the Best Foods to Bring to a Potluck?

Potluck meals need to be plentiful, delicious, and easy to transport.

Most importantly, the best potluck recipes need to be crowd-pleasers. With many people in attendance, bringing great potluck ideas that everyone can enjoy together is essential.

That’s why dishes like casseroles, cakes, and salads are so popular at these events. Skewers, ready-to-grill items, and vegetable sides are a fantastic way to round out the selection.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s find your next potluck meal!

Best Potluck Dinner Ideas

We’re kicking the list off with the cream of the crop. Each recipe here is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. Even better, they’re simple for you to make and transport, so there’s a minimal hassle on your part.

1. Smashed Brussel Sprouts

Smashed Brussel Sprouts


Brussel sprouts have historically been the outcasts of the vegetable world. This recipe will be the thing that changes that for the residents of your next summer potlucks.

Healthy, crisp, and bursting with flavor, this is the perfect side to accompany the larger dinner dishes. I promise you won’t regret trying this one (it’s one of my favorite recipes).

2. Ham and Potato Casserole

Ham and Potato Casserole


The combination of ham and cheesy potatoes sits in the pantheon of comfort food. It’s warming, and the delicious combination is made even better when you add a cheesy sauce.

This casserole recipe is super quick and easy to whip up with just a few grocery store ingredients like cheddar cheese, ham, and potatoes. Plus, all the ingredients are cost-effective and require barely any extra preparation. Enjoy the lack of dishes and comforting cheesiness!

3. BBQ Beer Meatballs

BBQ Beer Meatballs


These BBQ beer meatballs will make you extremely popular at your next potluck party. They look and taste like you spent hours slaving away in the kitchen, but they’re so simple to create for holiday potlucks.

Each little meatball is glazed in an irresistible sticky sweet dressing. Served on skewers or individually, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more delightful, easy appetizer for your potluck dinner.

4. BBQ Cauliflower Wings

BBQ Cauliflower Wings


Are you looking to cater to the vegetarians in attendance? These easy potluck ideas for BBQ cauliflower wings are just as good as the real thing. Fried, crispy battered cauliflower is slathered in a smoky-sweet sauce and served hot.

Trust me; even the meat eaters won’t be able to walk past this plate of delicious finger foods. It’s also a fantastic easy potluck recipe to reach for if you want to avoid rising meat prices.

Tweak the spices to suit your signature style, and enjoy!

5. Chicken Rice

Chicken Rice


Next, we have a Taiwanese comfort food dish perfect for serving a crowd at summer picnics or a work potluck. Not only is it delicious, but it’s also super easy to make in large quantities, so you definitely won’t run out of this potluck favorites.

If you walk away with any leftovers, this rice is excellent for heating up the next day. Just ensure you heat the dish throughout to ensure the rice is good to eat.

6. Potato Romanoff

Potato Romanoff


One of the best things about a potluck is getting the chance to exchange recipes for favorite potluck ideas. Trust me, if you bring this slow cooker perfect appetizer along, everyone in attendance will be clamoring for the recipe.

The warm, crispy Potatoes Romanoff is an unbeatable winter warmer. In addition, this ultra-simple recipe uses frozen hashbrowns, sour cream,  fresh herbs, and a crock pot, so you barely need to do anything to create it!

7. Mac and Cheese

Mac and Cheese


Macaroni and cheese is one of the main dishes at the heart of a good soul food menu. Warm and creamy, with the taste of good cheese humming across the palette, this dish is the definition of ‘comforting.’ and it is a great addition to any potluck menu.

This is an elevated main course recipe that everyone at your next potluck can enjoy, no matter their age. A great way to add some crunch is with crispy-fried onions and bacon to spice up each bite.

8. Greek Orzo Salad

Greek Orzo Salad


Looking for a meal that’s both more-ish and healthy? This Greek orzo salad is the solution. Bursting with juicy and vibrant Greek flavors, this is a light and bright dish your guests will give rave reviews.

Serve these hearty salads as a side dish or incorporate some grilled protein to anchor it as one of the main potluck dishes. This crowd-pleasing recipe will be gone in a flash, so save some for yourself!

Best Potluck Lunch Ideas

Potluck lunches are a slightly different breed from potluck dinners. They make me think of sunny days, the smell of a grill, and the taste of cold, creamy potato salad, chicken salad, and backyard barbecues.

Good potluck lunch dishes are a little less involved than the dinner recipes, allowing you to bring multiple meals or easily prepare a last-minute dish with fresh flavors.

9. Mexican Bean Salad

Mexican Bean Salad


This recipe is one of mine, and I whip it out regularly for a quick and easy lunch. Not only is it delicious, but it’s also full of protein and vitamins.

Pull this together in mere minutes for a last-minute potluck. It’s vegan so everyone attending can enjoy the refreshing flavors; plus, it’s high in protein, thanks to the beans.

10. Instant Pot Hummus

Instant Pot Hummus


Knowing how to make your hummus is one of those impressive things you can brag about at neighborhood events. With this Instant Pot hummus, you’ll nail your hummus every time.

With a smooth, rich, and creamy texture, you can’t beat this as an accompaniment to your lunch. It’s so quick and easy to pull together that you’ll almost feel like you’re cheating.

11. Taco Salad

Taco Salad


When you want a quick meal that’s as vibrant as it is tasty, this is the recipe to reach for. This delicious taco salad is always a big hit.

It features delicious vegetables, lots of protein, and a delicious secret weapon: French dressing. Blend two cultures in this unbeatable dish, and prepare to be handing out the recipe.

It’s just that good.

12. Pasta Salad

Pasta Salad


This next pasta is a crowd favorite, embracing Mediterranean flavors with minimal effort. Each bite sings with the taste of olives, cherry tomatoes, and a delicious mustard vinaigrette.

I love this dish for its versatility. Create it with whichever vegetables you have on hand. No need to rush to the supermarket!

13. Instant Pot Chilli

Instant Pot Chilli


Historically, making a delicious chili meant standing over the stove with your wooden spoon and stirring for hours. Well, thanks to the Instant Pot, that reality is a thing of the past.

Now, you can dump all your ingredients into your Instant Pot, set it, and forget it. Forty-five minutes later, you’ll return to a heartwarming chili ready to blow the other potluck attendees away.

14. Cabbage Ramen Noodle Salad

Cabbage Ramen Noodle Salad


This next recipe is a true leftover-buster. You can make a mind-blowing summer salad using all the vegetables left in your drawer at the end of the week and some packet ramen.

The secret to this dish’s success lies in the dressing. Avocado oil, soy sauce, rice vinegar, orange juice, maple syrup, and garlic powder blend into an unbeatable Asian-inspired combination.

15. California Roll

California Roll


Blow the other people at the potluck away with this homemade sushi recipe! To the uninitiated, making sushi is a delicate and almost impossible process. But with this recipe, you’ll nail it in no time.

While the recipe calls for crab as protein, you can substitute any filling you like. From chicken to tofu, bring any selection of sushi you want to the table.

16. Asian Avocado Peanut Coleslaw

Asian Avocado Peanut Coleslaw


I believe the delicious side dishes truly make lunchtime potlucks. This Asian slaw is just one example of how an incredible side dish can elevate the whole event.

Bursting with color and flavor, this vibrant slaw is super easy to pull together in advance. Allow the slaw to sit for an hour before serving to mingle the flavors, or serve immediately for ultimate crunch.

17. Broccoli Salad

Broccoli Salad


This inventive broccoli salad rejects the idea that you always need leaves to make a good salad. Instead, we celebrate one of nature’s hardiest vegetables with various contrasting tastes.

Pull back on the fatty mayo and replace it with plain yogurt for a light tang. This is an unbeatable salad with sweet dried cranberries and crunchy, earthy sunflower seeds.

Potluck Brunch Ideas

A genius invented brunch, and what better way to celebrate that genius than by indulging in a massive variety of the best brunch dishes?

The best part about a potluck brunch is that you can bring breakfast or lunch meals, so the world is your oyster! Enjoy the interplay of sweet and savory with each of these tasty recipes.

18. Loaded Devilled Eggs

Loaded Devilled Eggs


Deviled eggs are already luxurious and rich. So, when you load them up as this recipe has, you’ve got a treat on your hands. Make the next potluck brunch unforgettable with loaded deviled eggs.

I love serving eggs like this because they’re already portioned out. Your guests can simply grab and go, enjoying unique flavors while catching up with an old friend.

19. Mini Quiche

Mini Quiche


In a similar vein, these mini quiches are fantastic for potlucks. They combine the best elements of breakfast and lunch into easy-to-eat finger food.

Flavor your mini quiches with anything your heart desires. From fresh vegetables to crispy bacon, you can use various easy ingredients to make this recipe your own.

20. Hot Dog Pull Apart

Hot Dog Pull Apart


If your potluck brunch is on a game day, you must try this hot dog pull-apart bread. Served with a delicious cheesy dip in the center, it’s as good to eat as it is fun to look at.

While the visual result is super impressive, this recipe doesn’t cost much money or effort. Use it as the centerpiece of your game day table and watch it disappear in mere minutes.

21. Churro Candied Almonds

Churro Candied Almonds


Lay these out at your next gathering, or send them home with the guests in little gift bags. Either way, everyone will be blown away by these candied almonds’ dark, nutty sweetness.

Dress each almond to impress with a simple combination of sugar, vanilla, and cinnamon! Despite their rich flavor, these require almost nothing from you in the way of time or effort.

22. Coffee Banana Cake

Coffee Banana Cake


The only thing that could make the banana cake even better is adding a bit of caffeine. This coffee banana cake is the ultimate brunch treat. It’s moist, flavorful, and above all, accessible.

It combines all the best things about banana bread and coffee cake. Trust me when I say everyone will be begging for your recipe after they take a bite of this tasty offering. 

23. Dough Balls

Dough Balls


Keep it simple, warm, and comforting with these delicious dough balls. You can dress these up with garlic butter or serve them with chocolate sauce, so they’re the ultimate versatile brunch food.

While best served straight out of the oven, these dough balls are also super easy to prepare in advance.

24. Vietnamese Shrimp Toast

Vietnamese Shrimp Toast


Take a trip to Southeast Asia with this next brunch meal: Vietnamese shrimp toast. Bursting with all the aromatic flavors Vietnam is known for, this is a light and refreshing treat for your next potluck.

While they taste restaurant-quality, they certainly don’t require that much effort. You can easily prepare the shrimp in advance and simply dress the toast before serving.

25. Whipped Cream Fruit Salad

Whipped Cream Fruit Salad


Opt for a sweet option at your next brunch potluck! This simple whipped cream salad is perfect for celebrating seasonal fruit in the warmer months.

Assemble pots for each guest beforehand to make it a little bit extra special. Keep all the elements in the fridge for as long as possible to keep them cold, crisp, and delicious.

26. Bruschetta Pasta Salad

Bruschetta Pasta Salad


Bruschetta is a traditional Italian dish typically made of a vegetable mix on crunchy bread. This pasta salad version is much easier to make and great for large crowds.

Plus, the light and fresh taste make this an ideal brunch meal. Enjoy classic Italian flavors without spending hours in the kitchen cooking your heart out!

27. Goat Cheese Croquettes

Goat Cheese Croquettes


Finally, these goat cheese croquettes are super simple yet super impressive. Blow your guests away with these delightfully crunchy, cheesy balls of savory goodness.

Serve with a generous drizzle of honey or a side of ranch. Trust me; these will be gone in no time.

Potluck Breakfast Ideas

While your classic diner breakfast may not work for a potluck meal, plenty of breakfast recipes out there are potluck-friendly.

These five are nice and straightforward, so you can focus on enjoying the delicious food instead of just preparing it!

28. Apple Nachos

Apple Nachos


This breakfast idea hails from Tik Tok, and it’s a super fun way to put a spin on a classic fruit salad! Every texture is at play on this plate, creating a sensory and delicious start to your day.

Customize the toppings you want to appear on this potluck-ready meal. Assembled in five minutes or less, this is perfect for allowing you to have a sleep-in still and get there on time. 

29. Flapjack



These British-style flapjacks are golden and delicious oat bars that require only four ingredients to make. They’re great for preparing the day before!

This recipe is a one-pot wonder that’s great for kids and adults to enjoy. Make a double batch and use the extras as breakfasts for the week ahead.

30. Date Energy Balls

Date Energy Balls


These date energy balls are a go-to recipe for me. They’re packed with lots of energy, delicious, and cater to almost every dietary restriction.

Whether you’re gearing up for a breakfast potluck or just looking for a new snack to keep in the pantry, these date energy balls are ideal!

31. Raspberry Bars

Raspberry Bars


These baked raspberry bars will be perfect if you love peach cobbler or apple crumble. They’re buttery and crumbly, with a sweet raspberry core to die for.

Not to mention, they’re also gluten, dairy, soy, and egg free. Everyone at the party will be able to enjoy these seasonal beauties.

32. Greek Yoghurt Fruit Salad

Greek Yoghurt Fruit Salad


Our final breakfast idea is a tried-and-true classic: the fruit salad. This Greek yogurt variation provides a healthy dose of probiotics to start your day off right.

This recipe is a great chance to celebrate seasonal fruit in your region. From berries to stone fruits, there’s no better way to enjoy fruit for breakfast.

Best Potluck Dessert Ideas

Finally, we have everyone’s favorite meal of the day: dessert. No matter how full you are, there’s always room for a little something sweet.

These recipes champion taste and portability above all things. Each delicious dish is easy to prepare in advance and take with you. Plus, they all look as good as they taste.

33. Cheesecake Creme Brulee Bites

Cheesecake Creme Brulee Bites


That’s right! Two of the best desserts in the world combine into a bite-sized treat with this unbeatable recipe. Enjoy a sticky, sugary top with a creamy, rich center.

These bites are very classy, so they’re perfect for reaching for if you’re attending a fancy potluck dinner.

34. Cashew Energy Balls

Cashew Energy Balls


The following recipe is another one of mine. While I don’t mean to toot my own horn, if you’re searching for a simple, healthy dessert with a lot of flavors, you can’t go past this recipe.

These cashew energy balls only require five ingredients and about ten minutes of your time. They’re deliciously sweet, vegan, and packed with good nutrients to cap off the indulgent potluck meal.

35. Pistachio Pudding

Pistachio Pudding


Serve a dish dressed to impress with this colorful and delicious pistachio pudding. The defined layers and crunchy base on this pudding dish make it as good to look at as it tastes.

While it may look like a lot of effort, this dish you can prepare the day before and leave in the fridge. Simply portion out the pudding the day of the potluck, and you’re ready to serve.

36. New York Cheesecake

New York Cheesecake


A good New York cheesecake is soft, fluffy, creamy, and full of flavor. You want the right balance of tartness without overloading the dish, and your base must be buttery and crumbly.

You can accomplish all of this using your Instant Pot! Thanks to this fantastic recipe, produce a New York cheesecake that will impress even the pickiest taster with barely any effort.

37. Homemade Snickers Bar

Homemade Snickers Bar


The only thing better than a store-bought Snickers bar is one you made at home. Oozing with irresistible caramel and marshmallow nougat, this is an indulgence to the max.

You might want to double the batch for this recipe because I guarantee you’ll have partygoers flocking to your plate the second you set these down.

38. Peanut Butter Pretzel Bites

Peanut Butter Pretzel Bites


Need a last-minute no-bake dish? These incredible pretzel bites use five ingredients and come together in fifteen minutes or less!

Pretzels, chocolate, and peanut butter are unbeatable combination. Their taste, convenience, and cost-effectiveness make these peanut butter bites one of the best recipes on this list. 

39. Cherry Pie Bars

Cherry Pie Bars


Put a modern twist on a traditional classic with these deliciously sweet and sticky cherry pie bars. These look like they stepped straight off the page of a 1970s 4th of July recipe book.

This is a great recipe to make in advance. The cherry filling and dough need time to set in the fridge, so you can make it the night before and just grab it from the refrigerator in the morning.

40. Mango Sticky Rice

Mango Sticky Rice


Are you looking for something a little bit fancy? These Thai-inspired mango sticky rice bites look like little gems of pure flavor. The gorgeous orange mango stands out against the white of the fragrant rice.

In addition, the sweet and sticky texture makes this dish genuinely unbeatable. You can’t let mango season pass you by without making this recipe at least once.

41. No Bake Caramel Slice

No Bake Caramel Slice


Our final recipe is a super easy, luxurious, and rich caramel slice that requires no baking! You couldn’t ask for more from this dessert with a buttery crumble, smooth caramel, and chocolate top.

With this crowd-pleasing dessert in your arsenal, you’ll be the guaranteed favorite at your next neighborhood potluck.

Have any of these desserts caught your eye? Which one will grace your kitchen counter this potluck season? Let me know in the comments below!

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41 Best Potluck Ideas to Feed a Crowd

Yield: 4-6
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes

Not sure what to bring to gatherings? Get enough delicious Potluck Recipes for your next meal inspiration!


  • 1. Smashed Brussel Sprouts
  • 2. Ham and Potato Casserole
  • 3. BBQ Beer Meatballs
  • 4. BBQ Cauliflower Wings
  • 5. Chicken Rice
  • 6. Potato Romanoff
  • 7. Mac and Cheese
  • 8. Greek Orzo Salad
  • 9. Mexican Bean Salad
  • 10. Instant Pot Hummus
  • 11. Taco Salad
  • 12. Pasta Salad
  • 13. Instant Pot Chilli
  • 14. Cabbage Ramen Noodle Salad
  • 15. California Roll
  • 16. Asian Avocado Peanut Coleslaw
  • 17. Broccoli Salad
  • 18. Loaded Devilled Eggs
  • 19. Mini Quiche
  • 20. Hot Dog Pull Apart
  • 21. Churro Candied Almonds
  • 22. Coffee Banana Cake
  • 23. Dough Balls
  • 24. Vietnamese Shrimp Toast
  • 25. Whipped Cream Fruit Salad
  • 26. Bruschetta Pasta Salad
  • 27. Goat Cheese Croquettes
  • 28. Apple Nachos
  • 29. Flapjack
  • 30. Date Energy Balls
  • 31. Raspberry Bars
  • 32. Greek Yoghurt Fruit Salad
  • 33. Cheesecake Creme Brulee Bites
  • 34. Cashew Energy Balls
  • 35. Pistachio Pudding
  • 36. New York Cheesecake
  • 37. Homemade Snickers Bar
  • 38. Peanut Butter Pretzel Bites
  • 39. Cherry Pie Bars
  • 40. Mango Sticky Rice
  • 41. No Bake Caramel Slice


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