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31 Simple Sous Vide Recipes You’ll Want To Try

Sous vide – meaning “under vacuum” in French – is an underrated cooking technique. These simple sous vide recipes are sure to impress!

The sous vide cooking method involves cooking ingredients in a watertight vacuum bag fully submerged in water.

You’ll cook at a lower consistent temperature for an extended period. It produces perfectly cooked food every time!

A Sous Vide immersion cooker or sous vide machine is a worthwhile investment for a new and foolproof way of cooking!

Aside from this, you only need a deep cooking pot and food-safe bags that can be sealed tightly in a water bath for cooking.

Some Instant Pots and Ninja Foodi cookers even have sous vide cooker function built in, a great way to make an easy recipe!

sous vide recipes

What Are the Best Things to Cook Sous Vide?

The sous vide method is an effortless, foolproof way to cook your favorite meaty proteins, even for a home cook. Think chicken, pork, beef, and turkey.

You don’t have to stop there, however. You can even cook vegetables, fruits, and sweet desserts!

Best Sous Vide Recipes

These are the best sous vide recipes! You’ll find a variety of proteins, various cuisines, and sweet and savory favorite sous vide recipes.

1. Instant Pot Turkey Breast

Instant pot turkey breast


Use the sous vide function on your Instant Pot to make the perfect moist turkey breast. The ideal recipe for your Thanksgiving feast to free up space in the oven!

Season your turkey breast before cooking it in an airtight bag. Use your favorite spices, salt, and pepper. Garlic powder and paprika would work well.

Mix softened butter with your dry spices before adding it to your turkey. This imparts extra flavor and tenderizes the meat in the sous vide bags.

Broil your turkey when it’s finished cooking for a lovely golden color! This will make for a delicious Saturday dinner.

2. Sous Vide Chicken Breasts

sous vide chicken breast


Sous vide chicken breast recipes are incredibly versatile. Serve this simple recipe with creamy mashed potatoes and your favorite steamed veggies.

Generously season your chicken with salt and pepper in the vacuum-sealed bag. Fresh rosemary and slices of orange and lemon add a bright, herby flavor.

Give your chicken breast a quick sear before serving for a deliciously golden, crispy coating.

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3. Sous Vide Shredded Chicken

shredded chicken


The sous vide technique produces the most juicy, tender shredded chicken. Cooked in BBQ sauce, it’s a great option for your favorite Mexican recipes!

Season your chicken with paprika in the plastic bag, onion powder, garlic powder, salt, and dried oregano.

Add it to your sous vide bag with half a cup of BBQ sauce and thinly sliced sweet yellow onion.

If you like your BBQ shredded chicken spicy, add some sliced jalapeno, too, for plenty of flavor!

4. Sous Vide Pork Chops

pork chops


Cooking your pork chops, the sous vide way keeps them moist, juicy, and tender. Add a Vietnamese marinade for umami, sweet, and salty flavors.

Make your flavorsome marinade with brown sugar, chili flakes, cilantro, and ginger. Soy and fish sauce provides authentic Asian flavors.

Keep a little of the marinade aside as a glaze before finishing your pork chops on the grill. Add lime juice and garlic to this for extra flavor!

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5. Sous Vide Steak



This recipe for sous vide steak produces the most perfectly cooked piece of juicy meat every time!

Season your perfectly cooked steak with a generous amount of salt and black pepper before adding it to your sous vide bag.

Add butter, fresh rosemary, and thyme for a delicious buttery, herby taste. Sear your steaks briefly in a cast iron pot after cooking. This leaves a crispy, golden crust!

6. Sous Vide Cod



Cooking your fish sous vide delivers a delicious melt-in-the-mouth texture every single time. Make a creamy bechamel sauce to serve with it!

Season your cod with olive oil, salt, and black pepper before adding it to the sous vide bag.

To make your bechamel, slowly whisk milk into an easy-to-make roux. Add salt, pepper, chopped green onions, and fresh parsley for flavor.

Toast panko breadcrumbs with butter and garlic powder. Sprinkle them over your cod and bechamel before serving!

7. Sous Vide Pork Tenderloin

pork tenderloin


This pork tenderloin is tender, juicy, and flavorful. Cooking it with herbs adds a subtle fresh flavor to your meat.

Season your pork with salt and pepper before adding it to your sous vide bag. Add your favorite fresh herbs, too. Parsley, basil, or cilantro work well.

After cooking, sear your tenderloin for a golden crust. Add minced garlic and sliced onions to your skillet. These perfectly complement the taste of your pork.

This is one of the best fun dinner ideas for a special occasion!

8. Flat Iron Steak Sous Vide

flat iron steak


Sous vide is one of the best methods for cooking flat iron steak. It consistently produces tender, juicy meat.

Marinate your steak in a tasty Italian dressing before cooking. This tenderizes your meat and imparts a deep herby flavor.

Remove your steak from the marinade and season it before cooking. Before serving, sear your steak for a crispy, golden crust.

9. 5-Ingredient Butternut Squash and Apple Soup

butternut squash and apple soup


Cook veggies for your soup with the sous vide method. It produces the perfect tenderness for blending to a smooth, creamy consistency.

Add sliced butternut squash, a tangy apple, and sweet yellow onion to your sous vide bag. Cook until tender, and then blend with sea salt and heavy cream.

Serve immediately, garnished with crunchy diced apple for complementing texture.

10. Sous Vide Guinness Beef Stew

guinness beef stew


This tasty stew has a deep, rich, comforting flavor with fall-apart cubes of beef. The star of the recipe is Guinness Beer for its unique taste. It takes a whole day to cook, but it’s worth it!

Season your beef with salt and pepper before searing to lock in the juices. Set aside and sauté carrots, garlic, onions, and tomato paste. Add a bay leaf for a delicate flavor.

Deglaze your pot with a splash of Guinness to soak up the browned pieces of goodness! Add everything into the sous vide bag and cook for 24 hours.

Thicken the delicious-tasting sauce and serve with Irish soda bread.

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11. Instant Pot Egg Bites

egg bites


Cook these tasty egg bites quickly in your Instant Pot for a sous vide-style texture! You only need a handful of simple ingredients.

Combine whole eggs, Gruyere, and heavy cream until thoroughly mixed. Season your mixture with salt and black pepper.

Place slices of cooked bacon in the bottom of a silicone mold. Pour in your creamy egg mixture, set your pot to high pressure, and cook until they’re soft!

12. Sous Vide Lamb Chops with Mint Chimichurri

lamb chops


These lamb chops are deliciously tender and juicy. Serve them with flavorful homemade mint chimichurri.

Season your lamb with olive oil, salt, and pepper before putting them in your bag. Add lemon juice and crushed garlic for an extra tasty flavor.

Make your chimichurri with fresh mint, parsley, garlic cloves, shallot, and vinegar. Season it with salt and red pepper flakes. Blend your ingredients and mix with olive oil.

Sear your tender lamb chops to gain a golden crust before serving. Drizzle a generous amount of mint chimichurri on top!

13. Sous Vide Potatoes



Sous vide potatoes cooked in butter are creamy, fluffy, and packed with flavor. They’re the perfect side dish to serve with a fresh salad.

Make an easy and quick garlic-infused butter to add to your potatoes. Put fresh dill in the bag for a delicate herb taste.

If you want crispy potatoes, sear them briefly in a hot skillet when cooked!

14. Sous Vide Pork Shoulder

pork shoulder


Cook your pork shoulder sous vide for 24 hours for the best tender pulled pork. Gently smoke it for a few hours afterward for pulled pork like no other!

Use your favorite dry rub to impart the most delicious flavor. When your pork is cooked, pat it dry and add another layer of dry rub before smoking it.

15. Sous Vide Pot Roast

pot roast


Serve your tender sous vide pot roast with roasted seasonal veggies for the perfect comforting meal.

Sear your chuck roast to seal the juices before placing them in your bag. Add garlic, butter, sugar, and salt. Plenty of fresh thyme imparts a wonderful herby taste.

Add slices of apple for a sweet taste to your meal. Use garlic and thyme to add a delicious flavor.

This roast is one of the absolute best meat recipes for dinner!

16. Sous Vide Yogurt

sous vide yogurt


This easy plain yogurt can be used as a healthy base for crunchy granola, sweet fruit, and a drizzle of honey.

Use whole milk if you prefer a thicker yogurt. Skimmed milk produces a thinner texture. It’s best if you use milk that is raw or pasteurized.

Before incubating, add yogurt with live cultures to your warmed (then cooled) milk. Chill in the fridge overnight, then serve with your favorite toppings.

17. Sous Vide Teriyaki Chicken

teriyaki chicken


Sous vide chicken thighs are perfectly tender and juicy. Cook them in a sweet, tangy, sticky, homemade teriyaki sauce to infuse the delicious flavor.

Marinade your chicken overnight before cooking. Combine chicken stock, brown sugar, soy sauce, and sesame oil. Add minced garlic, ginger paste, and onion powder for extra flavor.

Pour everything into your sous vide bag and cook until your chicken is lovely and moist. Set the thighs aside and thicken your sauce.

Serve your chicken over tender steamed rice, drizzle with the sauce, and garnish with chopped green onions.

18. Beef Tenderloin Sous Vide with Pepper Cream

beef tenderloin


This moist beef tenderloin is cooked to perfection sous vide and served with flavorsome pepper cream.

Season your beef with salt and pepper adding it to your bag. When cooked, sear it in a hot skillet with butter, garlic cloves, and fresh thyme.

Make your pepper cream with milk, cornstarch, egg, and butter. Add red roasted pepper and tomato powder for a pepper taste.

Serve your beef with pepper cream and delicious spicy side dishes.

19. Sous Vide Corned Beef

corned beef


Sous vide corned beef has the most tender, juicy texture. It has a mildly spicy coating that imparts flavor to it when cooking.

Mix allspice berries, mustard seeds, red pepper flakes, coriander seeds, and black peppercorns to make a seasoning. Pat this all over your beef with the packet that came with your brined brisket.

When it’s cooked, sear your brisket until it forms a delicious browned crust. Serve with your favorite veggie sides.

20. Sous Vide Prime Rib

prime rib


Cook your prime beef rib to perfection using sous vide. You’ll have a tender, smoky rib of beef that is delicious enough to eat on its own!

Coat your prime rib with your favorite flavorful dry rub seasoning. Cover and store it in the fridge for up to 24 hours, leaving ample time to brine.

Before cooking, add pats of butter and some fresh herbs to your sous vide bag. These add even more delicious flavor and keep it moist and juicy.

Once cooked, sear briefly on all sides to form a crunchy crust!

21. Sous Vide Short Ribs

short ribs


The sous vide method is perfect for getting the best fork-tender texture with juicy short ribs.

Before putting them in your bag, season your ribs with salt and black pepper. Add sliced onions for a sweet flavor and garlic for a bold flavor. Thyme sprigs deliver a fresh, herby taste.

Once your tender short ribs are cooked, sear them in a hot skillet to form a tasty crust!

22. Sous Vide Chicken Thigh

chicken thigh


Chicken thighs are excellent for maintaining a moist texture when cooking. However, they’re even better when cooked sous vide!

Briefly sear your skin-on chicken thighs before adding them to your sous vide bag. Put butter and fresh herbs in the bag to add flavor. Sprigs of thyme are ideal.

Once cooked, sear your juicy chicken thighs in a hot skillet to crisp up the skin! Use the juices from the bag to create a tasty pan sauce with butter and more fresh thyme.

23. Sous Vide Pork Chops with Herbs

pork chops with herbs


Pork chops are marinated in fresh herbs and lemon for the most delicious flavor.

Combine fresh lemon juice and olive oil with chopped herbs for your marinade. Rosemary, thyme, oregano, and sage are perfect to go with pork.

Spread your marinade over both sides of your pork chops before adding them to the bag. Pour in the rest of the herby lemon mixture so you get as much flavor as possible.

When cooked, briefly sear your pork to form a satisfying crunchy crust.

24. Sous Vide Lobster



Forget paying over the odds at a restaurant for a delicious lobster dish. Make it the perfect way at home by cooking it sous vide! It produces tender, sweet lobster meat.

Before adding it to your bag, prep your lobster and remove the meat from the tail. Add flavor with seafood seasoning and fresh herbs. Tarragon, thyme, or oregano are perfect.

Stuff the lobster shell with pats of butter before adding it to your bag with a slice of lemon. The sweet flavor complements the lobster perfectly.

25. Sous Vide Hainanese Chicken

Hainanese chicken


Juicy, tender pieces of plain chicken are cooked sous vide and served with a ginger scallion sauce. This is paired with a fish-fragrant spicy chili sauce.

Combine fresh ginger, scallions, olive oil, and salt to make your ginger-scallion sauce. Toasted sesame oil adds a nutty, toasted aroma.

Make your fish-fragrant sauce using ginger, garlic, and scallions. Add toasted sesame oil, chicken bouillon powder, and soy sauce.

Sambal Oelek and Chinkiang vinegar are essential ingredients for the fragrant taste!

26. Pork Tenderloin with Au Jus Sauce with Chocolate

pork tenderloin with chocolate


Tender pork tenderloin is seasoned and cooked sous vide. It’s served with a delicious beef sauce flavored lightly with dark chocolate!

Season your tenderloin with salt, pepper, and pepper spread. Add it to your sous vide bag with garlic cloves, fresh thyme, oregano, butter, and olive oil.

When it’s cooked, sear your pork briefly until it’s golden. Serve with your rich beef sauce and creamy pea puree.

27. Sous Vide Pork Chops with Garlic

pork chops with garlic


Flavors of fresh garlic and sundried tomatoes are used to cook these juicy pork chops sous vide.

Season your pork with olive oil, salt, and black pepper. Add it to your bag with your garlic, dried tomatoes, and fresh basil. Cut your garlic into thick slices to impart the best flavor!

Once your pork chops are cooked, sear them briefly. You want those dark grill lines on both sides!

28. Osso Buco Sous Vide

osso buco


Osso buco – or beef shank – tastes like a restaurant dish when you cook it sous vide at home! It’s cooked in a delicious sauce for maximum flavor.

Season your beef with salt and pepper before dredging it in flour. Sear it briefly to lock in the juices. Before adding other sauce ingredients, sauté carrot, celery, and onions.

Tomato paste, red wine, and chicken stock add a rich depth of flavor. Add rosemary, thyme, and garlic. Cool the sauce before adding it to a bag with your beef and cooking until fork-tender.

Serve your osso buco with fresh gremolata. Mix finely chopped parsley and lemon zest to make this!

29. Sous Vide Venison Tenderloin

venison tenderloin


Sous vide is the best way to get perfectly cooked venison. It creates a melt-in-your-mouth texture with the most delicious taste.

Coat your venison tenderloin all over with olive oil. Use your favorite blend of herbs and spices to season it generously.

Once it’s cooked, sear it quickly until it has a golden brown crust.

30. Sous Vide Pork Tenderloin

pork tenderloin


Herby pork tenderloin is cooked until it’s tender and juicy. It’s delicious when served with a sweet homemade blackberry BBQ sauce.

Season your tenderloin with salt and pepper. Add it to the sous vide bag with sprigs of fresh thyme. When it’s cooked, sear it briefly until it’s nicely browned!

31. Sous Vide Creme Brulee

creme brulee


“Bake” your crème brûlée the sous vide way for perfect consistency every time! It also lasts longer in the fridge, meaning you can have a delicious dessert for days!

To make your crème brûlée custard, whisk egg yolks and sugar into a thick paste. Add heavy cream and whisk until well combined.

Divide your custard between jars before partially sealing and adding them to your sous vide. Once they’re cooked, tighten the lids – they will seal as they cool.

Transfer to your fridge and enjoy when you fancy some creamy indulgence!