21 Best Pheasant Breast Recipes

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Do you have some pheasant breast at home? Give this delicious meat a try with easy and quick pheasant breast recipes.

Whether you’re a pheasant novice or a downright veteran, cooking with this delicious game bird is a real treat.

It’s great for the holidays or if you live in a region where this kind of meat is common. I’ve got twenty-one pheasant breast recipes that are simple, delicious, and perfect for everyone.

pheasant breast recipes

How Do You Keep Pheasant Breasts Moist?

You could brine it in a heavy salt mixture, soak it in your favorite marinade. Or, keep plenty of broth on hand to cook it in.

What Is the Best Way to Cook Pheasant Breasts?

Since pheasant is a game bird, it can become chewy or tough if not cooked well. The key is to cook it slowly and with plenty of moisture, keeping the breast tender and juicy.

Try cooking it in a slow cooker, using plenty of butter as you pan fry, or roasting it in a bag to keep all the juices inside.

Best Pheasant Breast Recipes

Ready to find out which pheasant breast recipes will be spicing up your holiday season or weekly meal rotation? Discover the best pheasant recipes below.

1. Sous Vide Pheasant with Cranberry Sauce

sous vide Pheasant

Source: peaktoplate.com

Sous vide meat is the definition of being cooked “low and slow.” A piece of meat is submerged in warm water and cooked nice and slow to keep the meat tender, juicy, and sweet.

If you’re making these juicy pheasant breasts for your holiday dinner and after the crispy skin, never fear!

2. Spicy Indian Butter Pheasant

indian butter pheasant

Source: peaktoplate.com

If you love butter chicken, you’ll love this delightful twist on the classic Indian dish.

Marinating your pheasant in a yogurt mixture will keep the pheasant breast masala nice and moist while preparing your curry gravy. This is a dish the whole family will love from the very first bite.

3. Pheasant Breast with Wild Mushroom Sauce

Pheasant breast in mushroom sauce

Source: greatbritishrecipes.com

Embrace the gamey flavor of pheasant with an homage to the forest. These delicious pheasant breasts are cooked in a wild mushroom delicious sauce, lending them a rich and earthy flavor.

This is a fantastic dish with rich sauces for your next dinner party.

4. Smoked Pheasant

smoked Pheasant

Source: binkysculinarycarnival.com

If we’re discussing ways to celebrate pheasant, we can’t go past smoking it. This method includes brining the meat to imbue it with a ton of flavor, then rubbing it with a delicious spice mix.

Once smoked, the result is a perfectly-cooked pheasant breast bursting with juicy flavor.

5. Pheasant Breast with Savoy Cabbage

Pheasant breast with cabbage

Source: farmison.com

Pheasant is a traditional English ingredient, so you’ll find a lot of delicious and comforting pub-style recipes for this bird out there. This one is perfect for a chilly winter night inside.

The creamy-yet-crunchy Savoy cabbage is the perfect balance for the delicious pheasant.

6. Braised in Cider

Pheasant breast braised in cider

Source: bbc.co.uk

Look no further than this easy recipe for a delicious and tender pheasant breast your guests will be raving about.

Since pheasant is pretty lean meat, this is a great way to cook it that won’t dry it out.

7. Pheasant Sprouts

Celebrate all the aspects of autumn with this deliciously woodsy dish with game meat. This is a unique dinner party dish featuring a pan-fried pheasant breast recipe drizzled in a deep, dark gravy.

Your guests will love the splash of color offered by the blackberry and the creamy parsnip mash.

8. Pheasant in Mustard Sauce

This mustard sauce is a perfect choice if you’re searching for an earthy, woodsy recipe to bring your skinless pheasant breast to life.

Not only is it effortless, but the result is also a mouth-watering dinner with creamy sauce anyone can enjoy.

9. Honey Baked Pheasant Breasts

When cooking for a family, there’s nothing worse than spending hours and hours slaving away in the kitchen. Take five minutes out of your evening to prepare this oven-baked delight.

While crisping away, you can whip up some simple side dishes to accompany the crunchy, sweet, moist pheasant about to emerge from your oven.

10. Breast of Pheasant with Sour Cream Sauce

Pheasant breast with sour cream

Source: cooking.nytimes.com

This stunning recipe uses a generous amount of heavy cream and sour cream to produce a moist, flavorful dish packed with aromatics.

While this is a refined dish, that does not mean it takes forever to cook. Spend no more than an hour bringing this dish to life.

11. Pheasant Breast with Pancetta and Sage

Pheasant breast with pancetta and sage

Source: gressinghamduck.co.uk

This next recipe uses minimal ingredients but packs a whole lot of flavor onto a single plate. Requiring only twenty minutes to cook, this is the ultimate weeknight meal.

The salty pancetta and fresh broccoli are perfect companions for the gamey pheasant, bringing it back from the edge into a delicate dish.

12. Pheasant Breast Wrapped in Bacon

Pheasant breast wrapped in bacon

Source: foodiesite.com

Few ingredients on earth nail it every time, but luckily, there is always bacon. These bacon-wrapped pheasant breasts are a triumph of flavor.

The wrapped bacon keeps the juices inside, so this is a crispy, moist, delicious dinner party meal.

13. Pan Fried Pheasant Breasts

pan fried Pheasant breast

Source: effortlessfoodie.com

When pan-frying pheasant breasts, the key to success is being generous with your liquid. In this case, a creamy white wine sauce offers salvation.

The crispy breasts soak up the earthy mushroom flavor, while mashed potatoes and spring greens round out the dish.

14. Pheasant Breast with White Wine Mushroom

This time, the pheasant is absolutely coated in this mushroom wine sauce. Instead of crispy skin, enjoy the succulent softness of a slow-cooked pheasant recipe.

No pan-frying here! This flavorful meal is the ideal choice for keeping your pheasant moist and delicious. Find more best pressure cooker recipes here!

15. Chicken Fried Pheasant

chicken fried Pheasant

Source: allrecipes.com

This perfect recipe for chicken-fried pheasant is bursting with savory flavor for a tasty family Friday dinner you can whip up in a short time.

Perfect for a weeknight meal the whole family can enjoy! Trust me; you won’t have to worry about leftovers for this one.

16. Pheasant with Orange and Ginger Sauce

Next on the docket is dinner worthy of even the most refined dinner guest. Pheasant is a more decadent alternative to chicken breast, which means it can stand against the sauce’s robust flavor.

Lashings of orange, fresh herbs and ginger sauce adorn the plate, giving the whole dish a warming, refreshing twist.

17. Pheasant Breast Supreme

This dish is named “Pheasant Breast Supreme” and truly lives up to that reputation. This pheasant is impossible to leave unfinished with a crunchy exterior and a moist interior.

Combine that with the delightfully aromatic sauce reduced from twelve cups of chicken broth with flavors of lemon juice, garlic cloves.

18. Bacon Stuffed Pheasant Breast

Rather than wrapping the bacon around the pheasant, why not try stuffing it inside the breast? The result is a moist, flavor-packed pheasant dish brimming with rich bacon notes.

This recipe requires a crockpot, so you can prepare it ahead of time and let it go for hours as you get on with other things. Check out some delicious stuffing recipes here.

19. Grilled Pheasant with BBQ Sauce

Pheasant breast in bbq sauce

Source: thespruceeats.com

There’s a reason that “pheasant” rhymes with “pleasant,” and this dish is here to prove it. Devour this delicious barbecued pheasant with wilted greens on a bed of cous cous.

If those aren’t your desired sides, switch them out for your family favorites. The beauty of this recipe is how versatile it is; the pheasant goes with everything!

20. Pheasant Breast with Pomegranate Glaze

Pheasant breast with pomegranate glaze

Source: foodnetwork.com

Take a step in a unique direction with this incredibly delicious recipe. Doused in a refreshingly sweet pomegranate glaze, these pheasant breasts are restaurant-worthy.

Despite their deep flavor, they only require half an hour of your time to create!

21. Pheasant Bacon Fettuccine Alfredo

Cook it in a delicious alfredo sauce, serve it atop pasta, and finish with a generous sprinkling of bacon. The sauce keeps it moist, while the crispy bacon offers delightful parcels of saltiness.

With so many to choose from, I’d love to know: Which of these recipes has ignited your appetite? Do you have a family pheasant dish passed down the generations?

Let me know in the comments!

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