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31 Best Kielbasa Recipes You Won’t Have Enough Of

Tightly packed spiced pork meat? Yes, please! Here are the most delicious kielbasa recipes you could ever try!

Kielbasa is a type of Polish sausage and a staple in the cuisine of Poland. It can be fresh, smoked, and spicy, just like regular sausage. But with a pretty distinctive taste!

A Polish kielbasa enthusiast or a newbie trying their hand at cooking with this European delight? Whatever it is, this round-up of the best kielbasa recipes will bring exciting flavors to your kitchen!

kielbasa recipes

What is the Best Way to Cook Kielbasa?

Grill. Roast. Boil. Sauté. Whatever method of cooking you choose, delicious sausage on your table is guaranteed.

The best part? You don’t have to worry about whether it is fully cooked or not. Because guess what? Kielbasa can be eaten raw. Yup, just slice it up and make a sandwich.

But you might not want to. Because warm kielbasa tastes way better. So yes. Grill, roast, boil or sauté it for best results.

What is the Traditional Way to Eat Kielbasa?

Traditionally, kielbasa is eaten with mustard. Lots and lots of mustard. It is also served in a roll. Again, with mustard.

Horseradish goes well with it too. And it is also super delicious with sauerkraut.

But that’s not all. Kielbasa can be the protein star of many meals. Casseroles, stews, soups, pasta… you name it.

Kielbasa Crockpot Recipes

Do you own a crockpot? Then, let’s put it to good use with these tasty slow-cooked kielbasa recipes.

1. Kielbasa and Sauerkraut

kielbasa and sauerkraut


Sauerkraut and kielbasa join forces for a sweet, spicy, and incredibly delicious easy kielbasa recipe.

Loaded with apple cider and brown sugar. The taste is distinctive, slightly fruity, and nothing but satisfying.

If you don’t have any cider, you can also use beer.

2. Red Beans and Rice

red beans and rice


Red beans, rice, and kielbasa. Smokey and filling, loaded with Cajun spices in a large skillet.

Serve with some salad on the side for a well-balanced delicious dish.

Love for more flavor loaded recipes? Check out these best cajun and creole recipes.

3. Cabbage and Sausage

cabbage and sausage


Chopped cabbage, sliced kielbasa, bacon, and your favorite spices. Add some chicken stock and let it cook for hours in the slow cooker.

This smoked sausage meal is great for a busy weeknight meal the entire family will love.

Get more use out of your crockpot with these cheap crockpot meals.

4. Kielbasa Potato Casserole

kielbasa potato casserole


Casseroles from the crockpot are a lifesaver for busy cooks. Just prep it in 10 minutes, and let it slowly cook on its own.

Hash brown potatoes, kielbasa, cheddar, and sour cream. It is creamy, protein-packed, cheesy, and with a hint of spiciness that keeps you coming for more. 

5. Slow Cooker Kielbasa Cabbage and Potatoes

slow cooker kielbasa cabbage and potatoes


With kielbasa, cabbage, potatoes, garlic, and tomatoes. This slow-cooked dish has it all! Plus, it is Cajun seasoned.

But the secret to its silky texture and creamy taste? A generous amount of salted butter!

Serve with sour cream. Then top it off with a glass of red wine!

Kielbasa and Potato Recipes

Kielbasa and potatoes are a match made in heaven. And these easy kielbasa sausage recipes will prove exactly that.

6. Kielbasa Cabbage and Potatoes

kielbasa cabbage and potatoes


Another cabbage and potatoes recipe with kielbasa. Only this time, we are making it in an Instant Pot.

That means that it is super quick for an easy dinner. Seriously, it takes only 20 minutes to make it. So you don’t need any special preparation to whip this up.

7. Kielbasa with Southern Fried Potatoes and Sausage

kielbasa with southern fried potatoes and sausage


Steamed first and crispy only around the edges. These potatoes pair perfectly with spicy sausages. And yes, they are divine with kielbasa.

Perfect with ketchup, mustard, onions, and/or sauerkraut. Like it spicier? Then add a few dashes of hot sauce over. Or some chili flakes. Yummy either way.

8. Kielbasa Cabbage Potato Soup

kielbasa cabbage potato soup


Kielbasa with chopped potatoes, carrots, cabbage, onion, and celery. Plus, some Italian herbs and spices to boost the flavor.

Rustic and smoky, this will warm you up instantly!

My advice is to serve it with crusty bread.

This would make a lovely healthy fall soup recipe.

9. Sausage Kale Potato Soup

sausage kale potato soup


Your family doesn’t like kale soups? Dump some chopped kielbasa into the bowl, then!

With kielbasa, preferably the smoky kind, nothing can taste bland!

Besides kale and sausage, this soup pairs carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, and onions. Plenty of seasonings and a touch of garlic, too.

10. Kielbasa Pepper Onion and Potato Hash

kielbasa pepper onion potato hash


Colorful, nutritious, protein-packed, and delicious. And, it is made in just 15 minutes.

With lean turkey kielbasa, green peppers, onion, and potatoes, and olive oil. But don’t let that limit you. This recipe with turkey sausage can also be great with veggies like mushrooms, yellow onion and tomatoes, too.

11. Sausage and Potato Casserole

sausage and potato casserole


With cream of mushroom soup as a base for this meal, you can bet these diced potatoes and kielbasa will be nothing but creamy.

And they are also super soft due to the slow cooking.

Once you top generously with cheese, the whole game changes.

12. Kielbasa Potato Foil Packets

kielbasa foil packets


Foil-packed roasting is something that always excites me.

And trust me, these chopped potatoes and kielbasa make one satisfying treat.

You have to love a recipe that pairs well with anything and can be enjoyed at any time.

These foil packets would made the best Sunday dinner ideas.

13. Sausage Potato Stew Kale

sausage potato stew


Potato, kale, and kielbasa, with onions and bacon. Stewed to perfection, and drowned in chicken stock.

This soup, stew, or bowl of wholesomeness is super delicious and nourishing.

It has a distinctive deep flavor, which comes from the caramelization of the kielbasa.

14. White Borscht

white borscht


You may know Borscht as the Russian red soup made with beats. But this white Polish version features potatoes, eggs, horseradish, and kielbasa.

Although this is a classic Easter delight, it can be made year-round for a creamy delightfulness and a satisfying lunch.

15. Shepherd’s Pie with Kielbasa

shepherds pie with kielbasa


Sliced kielbasa, topped with Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and Muenster cheese. With a generous amount of mashed potatoes spread on top.

It is creamy, cheesy, tangy, and super meaty. How can you not love this recipe?

16. Ukrainian Kobasa Kapusta

Ukranian kobasa kapusta


Sautéd onions, kielbasa, and sauerkraut, with nothing but salt, pepper, and fennel seeds.

Simple ingredients for an incredible taste! You can have it as a main dish or a side.

And it is ready in just 25 minutes, so it surely qualifies as a weeknight delight.

Kielbasa Recipes with Rice

Kielbasa and rice complement each other beautifully. Check out these recipes and see what a great match they are.

17. Kielbasa with Rice and Mustard Greens

Kielbasa with rice and mustard greens


Rice and kielbasa with lots of mustard greens. Pungent, flavorful, and a bit spicy.

Protein, grains, and loads of greens. This meal is super balanced and delicious.

Made in the Instant Pot, this recipe couldn’t be more convenient.

18. Mexican Rice Sausage Skillet

mexican rice sausage skillet


Mexican flavors with rice and spicy sausages make one heck of a dinner meal.

Kielbasa is smoked and spicy enough to be a good fit for Mexican cuisine.

This recipe makes one colorful skillet that is perfect with some sour cream on the side.

19. Cheesy Kielbasa Broccoli and Rice

cheesy kielbasa broccoli and rice


A rice casserole for a one-pot quick meal. It combines broccoli, kielbasa, and melted cheese. And yes. It is just as nutritious, protein-packed, and comforting as it sounds.

Make sure not to skip the lemon and mustard, as they add some powerful flavor notes.

20. Kielbasa Pepper Cauliflower Rice Skillet

kielbasa pepper cauliflower rice skillet


Kielbasa and rice work well together. But that doesn’t mean you have to add grains to your meals.

Yes, I’m talking about mock-rice options, allowed on the Keto diet.

This recipe uses cauliflower rice with kielbasa, Cajun, and some veggies. And it is super tasty and quick, too.

Easy Kielbasa Recipes

Looking for something simple and fuss-free to make for dinner? How about these kielbasa recipes?

21. Kielbasa and Pepper Pasta

kielbasa and pepper pasta


Spaghetti with tomatoes, peppers, italian seasoning and lots of garlic. That makes one flavorful and rounded dinner.

The butter is a must as it gives it silkiness that pairs perfectly with the Parmesan cheese.

Of course, you can also use another type of pasta if you don’t have spaghetti.

22. Kielbasa and Peppers

kielbasa and peppers


Peppers and kielbasa are also a decent match. Both ingredients have a distinctive taste and a pungent and spicy taste. Plus, they complement each other well.

So you don’t really need much when you have these two in your pot.

23. Kielbasa Corn Muffins

kielbasa corn muffins


I really love making these for dinner. Even though I know they are technically more of a breakfast meal.

With just five ingredients and 20 minutes, these corn muffins with sausage are the definition of an easy meal.

Add some ketchup on top, and your kids will go crazy.

24. Cheesy Broccoli Sausage Pasta Skillet

cheesy broccoli sausage pasta


Sautéd kielbasa and broccoli. Egg noodles. Heaps of cheddar cheese. And a creamy sauce to combine everything deliciously.

You can also add some Cajun seasoning to up the flavor a bit in this kielbasa skillet.

This cheesy kielbasa pasta is a one-pot comfort that you will make on the regular.

25. Cajun Chicken and Sausage Pasta

cajun chicken and sausage pasta


Cajun seasoning, smoky kielbasa, lean chicken, and pasta. Top it with Parmesan cheese, and you’re all set.

The main ingredients are drowned in a creamy buttery sauce. Plus, there are red and green bell peppers that add a pop of color.

If you don’t have any chicken, just omit it.

26. Air Fryer Kielbasa

air fryer kielbasa


If you have some leftover potatoes or sauerkraut in your fridge, all you need is some browned kielbasa slices for a comforting meal.

Think it couldn’t get any simpler? Well, think again. Because cooking your sausage in the Air Fryer is easier and much more convenient.

27. Kielbasa Cabbage Stir Fry

kielbasa cabbage stir fry


Stir fries with cabbage? Tasty, I know! And if you add some smoky kielbasa to the mix, even better.

This five-ingredient recipe couldn’t be any simpler as well. A quick, one-pot meal for a comforting dinner that will please everyone.

Served in small portions, it can also make a delicious side dish.

28. Sheet Pan Kielbasa

sheet pan kielbasa


A sheet pan dinner is my go-to meal after a long day. And I’m sure you will appreciate this recipe, too.

Because with five minutes of prep time and some chopped ingredients, a tasty sheet pan meal will be served in no time.

This recipe combines broccoli, kielbasa, and potatoes.

29. Pineapple Shrimp and Kielbasa Kabobs

pineapple shrimp and kielbasa kabobs


These kabobs with pineapple, shrimp, and kielbasa are a must-try.

Sweet, fruity, tangy, peppery, and meaty. And incredibly delicious at the same time.

The marinated shrimp make these skewers even tastier. So make sure not to skip this step.

30. Penne Pesto Sauce Sausage

penne pesto sauce sausage


In this pasta recipe, kielbasa and pesto make perfect sense!

And if you use store-bought sauce, all you need is some sliced kielbasa, pasta, and a touch of Parmesan cheese on top.

It’s as easy and delicious as that!

31. Creamy Gnocchi Soup

creamy gnocchi soup


Gnocchi, kielbasa, spinach, chopped veggies, and lots of garlic. Then covered in stock, and cooked in the Instant Pot for a quick and easy pot.

Not yet an owner of this appliance? Don’t worry, because this recipe features the stovetop method, too.

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