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21 Easy Polish Sausage Recipes

Looking for an easy meal for lunch or dinner? These Tasty Polish Sausage Recipes are easy to make, delicious, and quick.

There are hundreds of Polish sausage recipes just waiting for you to try. This delicious, juicy, smoky sausage offers the perfect centerpiece of any meal.

You can put a twist on a traditional sausage dish or try making something completely new. No matter what, this well-spiced smoked sausage will impress you with its depth of flavor.

So, whether you’ve never had Polish sausage before or it’s an old favorite in your recipe book, there’s a recipe for you on this list.
polish sausage recipes

What is Polish Sausage?

Polish sausage – also called kielbasa – is a sausage born out of necessity. Back before we had refrigerators, people had to smoke their meat to make sure it lasted. That’s how we got this!

By smoking a sausage made from pork and beef, we get a delicious kielbasa with a great ‘snap’ to the skin. The smoky flavor and smooth texture can anchor a lot of dishes.

These sausages are typically larger than your average grocery store frankfurter. They’re also quick to prepare once smoked, which is what makes them such great additions to the pantry.

How to Cook Polish Sausage?

Speaking of which, how does one prepare a Polish sausage? That will usually depend on how you bought it, because there are a few types of sausage.

For example, kielbasa usually comes smoked and fully cooked from most grocery stores. Then, all you need to do is heat it all the way through at high temperatures.

You can do this by boiling it, frying it, grilling it, or even baking it in the oven.

If you’ve bought fresh, uncooked Polish sausage from your local butcher, it’s a different story. You can grill, fry, boil, or even oven bake it depending on your preference.

It will still be pink in the middle once done, but you’ll know it’s fully cooked when it’s firm to the touch.

The best way to cook it is to boil it for about ten minutes before pan-frying it to brown the skin. This gives that wonderful ‘snap’ to the skin for which Polish sausage is so well known.

Otherwise, follow package directions.

Our Favorite Polish Sausage Recipes

Like I said, there are hundreds of dishes out there with kielbasa as the hero. Some stick to their Polish roots. Others are traditional dishes with a spin. All of them are delicious.

All of them are delicious, so go ahead and find an easy kielbasa recipe just for you!

1. Kielbasa and Cabbage Skillet

Kielbasa and Cabbage Skillet


This first dish is a one-pan wonder that I like to reserve for weeknights. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s utterly delicious. Plus, you won’t have to do a lot of dishes!

The salty fattiness of the kielbasa turns cabbage from something you have to deal with into something you have to get more of.

Combine that with the zinginess from the mustard and vinegar, and this makes for one delicious meal. 25 minutes start to finish, one pan, and you can get your kids to eat actual cabbage.

A quick way to make a filling meal – that’s a win for everyone. A complete meal the whole family will love!

2. Kielbasa Appetizer

Kielbasa Appetizer


Next up, we’ve got a tasty appetizer that’s perfect for picnics, party nights, and potlucks. It only takes a few ingredients, and you can whip it up in less than ten minutes!

These bite-sized chunks of heaven are coated in a blend of peach chutney, chili paste, and Worcestershire sauce. That’s a spicy, sweet, umami-filled sauce to accent this tasty pork sausage.

The recipe uses cooked kielbasa. So, if you’ve bought it raw, make sure to give it longer than five minutes as the recipe indicates.

3. Sausage Sauerkraut Soup

Sausage Sauerkraut Soup


If you’ve never had a sausage soup before, then you’re in for a treat. This Hungarian-inspired sausage sauerkraut soup is a traditional meal that relies on the perfect harmony of kielbasa and cabbage.

From stove to tabletop, this soup takes an hour total. It’s a great one to set and forget. You layer all your flavors at the beginning by frying your garlic, onions, and the Polish sausage together.

Then, all that’s left is to put the rest of the ingredients in, cover, and simmer away for half an hour. Trust me; you won’t regret this one.

It’s a great recipe for busy weeknights because you can easily store it and heat it up. Feel free to serve with this sweet potato apple bake.

4. Kielbasa Vegetable Foil Packets

Kielbasa Vegetable Foil Packets


A foil packet dish is a treat on any recipe list because you know it’s going to take virtually no time at all. Plus, there’s almost no clean-up to contend with.

This is actually a great dish to take on a camping trip, because you can cook it almost anywhere. Grill it in the foil, toss the foil pack in the fire, or even use a large baking dish instead of the foil to roast it.

5. Sheet Pan Dinner with Kielbasa

Sheet Pan Dinner with Kielbasa


A sheet pan dinner is possibly one of the easiest to make. All you have to do is chop up some vegetables and the sausage, coat them in oil, and roast away.

In the oven, all the flavors blend together beautifully. This leaves you with a pan of delicious roast vegetables that have been infused with the Polish sausage’s deep, smoky flavor.

When roasted, kielbasa sings. The skin goes taut and brown, and it brings out the smokiness. Give this one a try!

This is definitely one our favorite kielbasa sausage recipes that’s easy and simple to make.

This is definitely one our favorite kielbasa sausage recipes that’s easy and simple to make. Serve it with sweet potatoes or green beans for a satisfying family meal.

 For more inspiration, try these griddle recipes.

6. Pierogies with Red Cabbage and Kielbasa

Pierogies with Red Cabbage and Kielbasa


Next on the docket is one of the best polish sausage recipes. Pierogies – essentially, Polish dumplings – are the ultimate comfort food. They’re small and filled with potato and cheese. What’s not to love?

You can buy these frozen, or you can make them from scratch. If you use frozen dumplings, this is a quick, tasty, healthy, and filling meal.

I recommend going frozen the first time you make this, as the pierogies can take a long time to make if you’re not familiar with them.

If you’re looking for delicious dinners, this is a great choice. It will introduce a different taste to your regular menu!

7. Kielbasa, Pierogi and Brussels Sprouts Sheet Pan Dinner

Kielbasa, Pierogi and Brussels Sprouts Sheet Pan Dinner


Did you know you could bake pierogies in the oven? Turns out you can, and it’s a lifesaver. You can put them on a sheet pan with a delicious kielbasa and some vegetables, and you’ve got dinner!

For this one-pan wonder, all you need to do is chop a few Brussel sprouts in half, toss them in salt and oil, and bake.

The smoky sausage pairs with the comforting pierogies and the charred sprouts for the ultimate taste fest.

This is the good stuff that will end up being your family favorite.

8. Creamy Potato, White Cheddar, and Kielbasa Soup

Creamy Potato, White Cheddar, and Kielbasa Soup


Take a simple potato cheddar soup to a whole new level with some delicious Polish sausage. The smokiness offsets the cheddar so well. It’s to die for.

This soup is the perfect winter warmer, but you can really make it at any time of year. Garnish with a dollop of sour cream and a sprinkle of thyme to brighten the whole dish.

The best part? This is a healthy, homey meal that doesn’t take more than an hour to make. Only ten minutes of preparation needed!

9. Vintage Cheddar and Gruyere Mac and Cheese with Polish Sausage

Vintage Cheddar and Gruyere Mac and Cheese with Polish Sausage


Speaking of classics with a twist, this macaroni and cheese has all the comfort of the original dish, with the taste of some quality ingredients.

Vintage cheddar and gruyere are a step up from the standard cheddar you’d find in most mac and cheese dishes. Add in the meaty treat that is Polish sausage and you’ve got yourself heaven in a dish.

If you’re feeling fancy, I highly recommend sprinkling the top of the bake with breadcrumbs. The crunchy texture elevates the dish even further.

10. Cheesy Kielbasa Pasta Skillet

Cheesy Kielbasa Pasta Skillet


If you want a simpler version of the fancy macaroni and cheese from above, this is your winner. A one-skillet dish with ‘comfort’ and ‘taste’ as the orders of the day.

Trick the kids into eating some extra vegetables by sneaking them into this cheesy, pasta-filled, smoky dish. You can have this on your table in thirty minutes or less, so it’s the perfect weeknight solution.

11. Smoked Sausage with Penne Pasta

Smoked Sausage with Penne Pasta


This healthy and colorful meal option is fantastic for a simple family dinner. Get the kids on board with making this pasta dish and watch their faces light up when they take their first bite.

You can whip this dish up with any vegetables you have in your crisper. I recommend using peppers and onion as the recipe suggests. The sweetness plays off the kielbasa to form a delightful taste.

12. Pittsburgh Pierogi Nachos

Pittsburgh Pierogi Nachos


Like most people, you probably haven’t encountered the idea of dumplings used as nachos. Well, now you have, and it’s about to change your life. These Pierogi Nachos are incredibly tasty.

Sprinkle pierogis with charred pieces of Polish sausage, jalapenos, sour cream, and queso. Serve on game day, or for a mid-week treat, and watch the pan empty in five minutes or less.

The mellow flavor of the dumplings is sparked by all the delicious items on top. Each bite tastes like something new entirely!

13. Instant Pot Jambalaya

Instant Pot Jambalaya


Any meal that uses an Instant Pot is instantly a win to me (see what I did there?). Incorporating chicken and kielbasa, this meaty jambalaya is packed with delicious ingredients that sing with spice.

You can set and forget this meal, frying up your meat for extra flavor then mixing with the vegetables and rice. Flick the switch, and come back thirty minutes later to a tasty dinner.

The way the cajun spice lights up the kielbasa, this will become your brand new favorite dish.

14. Kielbasa Skillet with Apples and Onions

Kielbasa Skillet with Apples and Onions


This next dish puts a spin on some tried-and-true classic flavors. Rosemary, potato, apple, and delicious smoked sausage, all done in twenty minutes! What else could you ask for?

The sweet and salty is perfect for a fall meal. The caramel notes coming off the apple blend with the smoky sausage and fragrant herbs, giving you the perfect date night meal.

Not to mention, this is a one-skillet wonder that won’t have you scrubbing dish after dish! What a lovely way to turn Polish kielbasa into a meal with a distinct flavor.

15. Cabbage Sausage Soup

Cabbage Sausage Soup


Traditionally, kielbasa and cabbage are a great combination. This soup is a comforting addition to the weekly meal roster, thanks to how delicious and easy-to-make it is.

Using cabbage and stock as the soup base, you spice and season the soup with cloves, cumin, nutmeg, and bay leaves. Finally, the sausage adds a final meaty touch that anchors the whole dish.

Whether you’re sick and need a comforting meal or you just want an easy winter warmer, this is the dish for you.

16. Grilled Polish Sausage and Sauerkraut

Grilled Polish Sausage and Sauerkraut


The best cookout meal is one that’s quick and easy to put together and undeniably tasty. By those virtues, this is the ultimate meal for your next potluck.

Simmered in cabbage and apple juice, the kielbasa becomes incredibly juicy and fragrant. Get a good char on them on the grill, add some spices, and try get to them before everyone else does.

17. Penne in Pesto Sauce with Sausage

Penne in Pesto Sauce with Sausage


Pesto and Polish sausage may not be the most common combination, but after this recipe, that needs to change. The bright flavor of the pesto highlights the smoky, charred taste of the sausage.

If it were just pasta on its own, the meal would be too light. But topped with sausage, this makes a quick and easy lunch or dinner that works for any day of the week.

Double the batch to have lunch ready for the next day. Once the pesto pasta sits in the fridge overnight, the flavor will soak through and become even stronger.

18. Kielbasa and Cabbage Skillet Meal Prep

Kielbasa and Cabbage Skillet Meal Prep


Thirty minutes from start-to-finish, this single large skillet dish builds the taste of simple ingredients. The sweet bell peppers and mellow, slightly-bitter cabbage make the smoky sausage sing.

This is a great option for a meal prep recipe because it’s high in protein, nutrition-packed, and you can make a lot at once. You can even stretch it further by serving it with some brown rice or quinoa.

This won’t take up your whole Sunday to make. Put an episode of your favorite show on, get chopping, and you’ll be done by the time the credits roll.

Once the meal is ready, store it in an airtight container and enjoy with sprinkles of green onions.

19. Sausage and Potato Stew with Kale

Sausage and Potato Stew with Kale


Stews are notoriously easy to prepare, but this one might just take the cake. All you need is one pot and a few ingredients.

The starch from the potatoes blends with the broth to create a thick stock. Then, the chunky ingredients make this a joy to dig into.

Talk about a winter warmer! Again, you can use this as a healthy meal prep recipe, where the flavor only deepens over time.

With kale as an ingredient, this is guaranteed to boost the health of your meals for the day. Plus, it’s wildly good when paired with the hero kielbasa.

You can also make this polish sausage recipe in a slow cooker. This is just one of many different ways you can cook this lovely stew.

20. Easy Fried Kielbasa and Cabbage

Easy Fried Kielbasa and Cabbage


One of the best things about Polish sausage is how juicy it is. When you want to highlight that, look no further than this easy-fried cabbage dish.

Cabbage dressed as a salad forms the base of this dish. A few finely chopped bell peppers go a long way to adding some sweetness and color. Then, top with your perfectly fried kielbasa.

Whether you’re whipping something up for date night or just need a quick solution for a Wednesday meal, this is where to look. Tasty, juicy, and healthy, you can’t ask for anything more!

21. One-Pot Cheesy Kielbasa, Broccoli, and Rice

One-Pot Cheesy Kielbasa, Broccoli, and Rice


Looking for a healthy alternative to macaroni and cheese? Trust me, you’ve found it.

Replace pasta with rice, add sausage, and top with cheese for the tastiest thing you’ve had in a while. The broccoli speckled throughout this dish adds a wonderful crunch.

With mustard deepening the sauce’s flavor and Polish sausage adding a smoky note, this is an immediate favorite. If you don’t love the idea of using rice, the pasta will just as easily work for this dish.

Use one with hollows that will catch the sauce and cheese for the ultimate scrumptious bite. This is one of best kielbasa recipes

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21 Easy Polish Sausage Recipes

Thinking of what to make for dinner? These Polish sausage recipes are quick to make, easy and so tasty.
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  • 1. Kielbasa and Cabbage Skillet
  • 2. Kielbasa Appetizer
  • 3. Sausage Sauerkraut Soup
  • 4. Kielbasa Vegetable Foil Packets
  • 5. Sheet Pan Dinner with Kielbasa
  • 6. Pierogies with Red Cabbage and Kielbasa
  • 7. Kielbasa Pierogi and Brussels Sprouts Sheet Pan Dinner
  • 8. Creamy Potato White Cheddar, and Kielbasa Soup
  • 9. Vintage Cheddar and Gruyere Mac and Cheese with Polish Sausage
  • 10. Cheesy Kielbasa Pasta Skillet
  • 11. Smoked Sausage with Penne Pasta
  • 12. Pittsburgh Pierogi Nachos
  • 13. Instant Pot Jambalaya
  • 14. Kielbasa Skillet with Apples and Onions
  • 15. Cabbage Sausage Soup
  • 16. Grilled Polish Sausage and Sauerkraut
  • 17. Penne in Pesto Sauce with Sausage
  • 18. Kielbasa and Cabbage Skillet Meal Prep
  • 19. Sausage and Potato Stew with Kale
  • 20. Easy Fried Kielbasa and Cabbage
  • 21. One-Pot Cheesy Kielbasa Broccoli, and Rice


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