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31 Easy Ground Lamb Recipes Anyone Can Cook

Getting tired of trying the same easy recipes? How about jazzing things up with lamb and making a weeknight dinner you won’t forget? The most delicious ground lamb recipes await here!

Maybe you’re just tired of eating chicken breasts or ground turkey. Or perhaps you need fresh ideas on what to do with that frozen spring lamb.

Cooking with ground lamb is forgiving, fun, and downright tasty. Here are what I believe to be the best ground lamb dishes.

What to Make with Ground Lamb?

Anything you would usually make with ground beef or other red meat will taste good with lamb.

From stews and chilis to patties, sandwiches, and even nachos, there’s practically nothing that you cannot make with ground lamb.

How to Season Ground Lamb?

The best thing about lamb is its robust flavor. With that in mind, the perfect seasonings for your lamb would be anything that is aromatic and has a kick when you take a whiff.

Think oregano sage and mint for herbs. And cumin, garlic, cinnamon, and chili powder for spices.

Middle Eastern Ground Lamb Recipes

The flavors of the Middle East combined with ground lamb for a truly authentic cooking experience.

1. Middle Eastern Lamb Meatballs

Middle Eastern Lamb Meatballs


With a saffron tomato sauce made from scratch, these meatballs are a creamy flavor explosion.

Rich in herbs and your beloved Middle Eastern spices, you cannot find a more fragrant lamb meatball recipe than this.

2. Lettuce Wraps

Lettuce Wraps


If you’re into healthy foods that actually taste good, then these lettuce wraps with lamb meat are a definite must-try! It’s a healthy ground lamb recipe made with simple ingredients.

Flavorful, crunchy, and with the right touch of cumin and cinnamon.

3. Moroccan Lamb Kofta Eggs Benedict

Moroccan Lamb Kofta Eggs Benedict


Imagine a toasted English muffin half topped with the most delicious lamb patty. Now imagine a poached egg on top of that muffin and a finger-licking Hollandaise sauce spread all over.

Drizzle with lemon juice and pair with a tomato and red onion salad for a filling and palate-cleansing lunch.

Greek Lamb Recipes

Looking to bring the Greek spirit to your kitchen? Then these traditional ground lamb recipes will help you prepare some Greek-restaurant-style dishes.

4. Greek Zucchini Casserole

Greek Zucchini Casserole


This lamb and zucchini casserole with quinoa is just what you have been looking for!

Ground lamb in a tomato sauce, paired with zucchini and quinoa, and topped with bubbly bechamel sauce. If that doesn’t bring water to your mouth, I don’t know what will!

5. Meatball Appetizer

Meatball Appetizer


Moist, jam-packed with flavors, and super juicy, these traditional lamb meatballs are the perfect appetizer!

For the ultimate Greek indulgence, these yummy balls are packed with feta cheese and topped with creamy tzatziki sauce.

6. Meatloaf with Feta

Meatloaf with Feta


Ground lamb, feta cheese, olives, and sun-dried tomatoes.

Lamb meatloaf packed with the most incredible Mediterranean flavors that will have all your guests raving! Pair it with a quinoa salad for a full and hearty meal!

7. Greek Lamb Tacos with Cucumber

Greek Lamb Tacos with Cucumber


Next time when you’re looking to up your taco dinners, check out this healthy Mediterranean twist on your usual tacos.

The cucumber Pico de Galo adds a fresh note to the well-seasoned meat. Top with feta cheese and Greek yogurt for some salty creaminess to wrap up the taste!

8. Moussaka



If moussaka is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Greek cuisine, then you will love this lamb version. It’s definitely a middle eastern staple.

Flavorful tomato lamb sauce in between layers of potatoes and eggplants with creamy and cheese bechamel sauce.

9. Flatbread Pizza with Lamb

Flatbread Pizza with Lamb


Although not technically a pizza, this lamb-topped flatbread is so much better. Why? Because it is both delicious and nutritious.

Colorful and with the right mix of creaminess and crunchiness, every single bite of this lamb flatbread satisfies.

10. Greek Sandwich

Greek Sandwich


Ah, gyros! Nothing screams Greek cuisine more than this classic flatbread and meat sandwich. But do you know how easy it is to make one at home?

The meat is baked and thinly sliced, since most people do not own a rotisserie. If you are one of the lucky few, use it with this recipe to seriously up your gyro game.

11. Greek Layer Dip

Greek Layer Dip


Looking for a fun, practical, and mess-free appetizer or brunch dish? Then say no more because this crowd-pleasing Greek layer dip is a life-saver!

In just four layers, the fresh Mediterranean flavors are right in your kitchen! Lamb meat, minty yogurt, and crisp cucumbers and tomatoes.

Indian Ground Lamb Recipes

Tired of eating your favorite Indian chicken recipes? How about making these spiced ground lamb recipes and have your lamb in a new delicious way.

12. Minced Meat Curry

Minced Meat Curry


Once you try this curried ground meat, you will see why it is an Indian/Pakistani regular!

This meat is traditionally consumed with nothing but naan bread. But for a more filling dish, serve it with salad and basmati rice on the side.

13. Lamb Curry

Lamb Curry


You cannot host regular Indian dinners and not learn how to make their classic recipes. You just can’t!

The key to making a finger-licking curry is for the meat to be butter-soft. No one enjoys a chewy lamb– cook it slowly for best results.

14. Karahi Gosht

Karahi Gosht


Traditionally prepared in a karahi – an Indian cast-iron wok-like pan – and slow-cooked to perfection. This bone-in lamb curry will have you licking your fingers in an instant!

The meat is cooked in a tomato and onion gravy that is perfectly seasoned.

15. Lamb Keema

Lamb Keema


If you don’t know what lamb Keema is yet, you are so missing out. This ground lamb staple is so good and easy to make, that it will soon become the base for many of your culinary experiments.

Pretty ordinary ingredients but definitely an extraordinary taste! The peas in the mix give this dish a sweet note that combines perfectly with the meat.

Best Ground Lamb Recipes

If you’re looking for some foolproof ground lamb recipes, then let the crème de la crème help you out.

16. Grilled Kofta

Grilled Kofta


Juicy lamb koftas packed with tons of flavor and served with minty yogurt dressing on the side. Could it be any tastier or fresher?

Best-tasting if cooked over charcoal, but equally delicious on your griddle, oven grill, and even on your stove.

17. Bolognese



Ever made Bolognese with ground lamb? If not, then I suggest you better hurry to the store, because this recipe will change your life! Or at least your pasta dinner!

Much richer than its classic, beef sibling, the bold taste of this lamb Bolognese satisfies after the first bite.

18. Air Fryer Lamb Burgers

Air Fryer Lamb Burgers


If you own an Air Fryer, then these lamb burgers will be a great addition to your healthy-frying recipe folder.

Seasoned with well-known Moroccan flavors and served with a fresh yogurt dip, these juicy Mediterranean burgers don’t fail to satisfy!

19. Shepherd’s Pie

Shepherd’s Pie


Shepherd’s pie is one of those warm, comforting, reminds-us-of-home meals. And if you are a fan of this classic, then you will absolutely love this recipe!

And while its beef version can be delicious too, for an authentic version, lamb is what you should include in your Shepherd’s pie.

20. Kebab



Thread onto skewers and grilled to perfection, these lamb kebabs are the ultimate crowd-pleaser!

They are not only succulent and super flavorful but also fun to eat. Who doesn’t love meat on a stick, right?

Need inspiration for a different meat? Why not check these leftover brisket recipes?

21. Italian Meatballs with Broccoli

Italian Meatballs with Broccoli


Then these Italian meatballs with broccoli on the side will give you a colorful and Instagram-worthy dish. Plus, they taste outrageously good!

Sauteed with cherry tomatoes and served alongside a nutritious broccoli rabe, this meatball dinner makes one full and healthy meal.

22. Lamb Mince Pie

Lamb Mince Pie


Looking for a meaty pie to serve at your next family get-together? Then this lamb pie is a perfect choice!

Plus, you don’t even need to get your rolling pin out. Just saute the meat with the veggies and top with a store-bought pastry sheet. Put it in the oven, and dinner’s on its way!

23. Minted Burgers

Minted Burgers


The richness of the meat combines with the freshness of the mint and the salty creaminess of the feta cheese, an explosion of flavors happens on your tongue.

Add some light tzatziki sauce on top of that, and you will be immediately transported to Santorini.

Find more macro-friendly recipes like this here.

24. Swedish Meatballs

Swedish Meatballs


Okay, technically these meatballs are three-meat balls. They are made with ground lamb, pork, and beef. But feel free to make them all lamb. The result will be richer and more aromatic meatballs.

A classic meatball recipe but in a healthier way. The balls are not fried but baked.

25. Turkish Lamb Wraps

Turkish Lamb Wraps


A thin and crispy flatbread topped with well-seasoned ground lamb cooked with veggies and herbs. Feel free to devour it as an appetizer, snack, lunch, or dinner. Seriously, it is that good!

Lahmacun is a traditional Turkish dish that can be eaten flat or rolled like a burrito for a practical, street-food type of meal.

26. Lasagna



This Greek version of the Italian classic doesn’t use lasagna noodles but rigatoni. So think of it as baked lamb bolognese rigatoni that is bubbly, cheesy, and oh-so-delicious.

The creamy yogurt sauce that is spread all over the pasta really builds up the taste, so don’t be tempted to omit that part.

27. Chocolate Lamb Chili

Chocolate Lamb Chili


Lamb chili with chocolate? Yup, you’ve read it correctly! This delicious lamb stew is made with chopped lamb, tomatoes, beans, aromatic spices, and yes – chocolate.

Spicy, smoky, dark, rich, bold, and with sweet notes that proudly flow throughout. If that sounds like your idea of comfort food, you’re in the right place.

28. Spring Lamb Nachos

Spring Lamb Nachos


Packed with spring veggies, deliciously sauteed ground lamb, and crumbled feta cheese, these lamb nachos are just the thing you need to healthify your game night.

Carrots, radishes, onions, and peas are used in this recipe, but feel free to up the vegetable content for an even bigger nutrient boost.

29. Homemade Gyros

Homemade Gyros


If you’re craving authentic gyro meat, then this recipe will put a smile on your face. Restaurant-style gyros right in your kitchen? Yes, it is possible!

Every bit as good as the street-food Greek staple, this homemade gyro meat will have you reminiscing about that one summer in Greece.

30. Lamb Koftas

Lamb Koftas


Minty, spicy, and loaded with your favorite Middle Eastern flavors. This ground meat will taste and look on your table, no matter how you serve it.

But if you ask for the best option, then shape it into koftas and thread it onto skewers. Then grill or fry, and serve with flatbread and preferred toppings.

31. Lebanese Meat Pies

Lebanese Meat Pies


Soft savory dough filled with seasoned ground lamb? How’s that for comfort food?

Flavored with all the right spices and drizzled with lemon juice, this Mediterranean staple is fresh, juicy, and nothing but yummy.