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31 Decadent Coffee and Desserts That’ll Perk You Up

Coffee and dessert seem like something other than what you would naturally choose to eat simultaneously. But in fact, they go well together in these coffee and desserts!

Coffee is used to add flavor to many popular Italian desserts. How about affogato and tiramisu?

coffee desserts

What Desserts Go Well With Coffee?

If you like coffee, you can have any dessert with coffee. Have dessert and a cup of coffee.

But adding coffee flavor to a dessert gives you the best of both worlds. Chocolate and coffee go well together, which is why so many desserts taste like coffee.

It would be best to buy some quality espresso powder to make a dessert that tastes like coffee. It makes desserts, especially chocolate ones, taste even more decadent.

Popular Coffee Desserts

You’ll find a choice of popular coffee desserts below that will make you feel like you are in your favorite coffee shop, from macarons to cakes, from cookies to ice cream.

There is a simple dessert recipe to suit everyone’s taste buds on this list of favorite desserts!

1. Espresso Macarons

espresso macarons


If you like macarons and coffee, these are perfect for you. You get the best of both worlds!

Your shell for your coffee-flavored macaron is crisp on the outside. You’ll find a soft center filled with espresso buttercream when you bite into it.

Espresso powder is your vital ingredient. It has a lot more flavor and is ground much more finely than instant espresso, which makes it perfect for macarons.

2. Coffee Popsicles

coffee popsicles


Enjoy iced coffee in a frozen form with these creamy coffee popsicles!

You’ll use a cold cup of strong black coffee to create these popsicles so that coffee you’ve forgotten about is perfect. (Everyone does that, don’t they?).

Coconut milk will add a creamy texture and delicious flavor.

Maple syrup works well as a natural sweetener in this recipe. You can turn these into mocha popsicles by adding a tablespoon of cocoa powder to compliment that caffeine buzz!

3. Cinnamon Coffee Bundt Cake

cinnamon coffee bundt cake


This cinnamon coffee cake contains many healthy ingredients to enjoy guilt-free!

You can make this cake mix in one bowl. Hooray! Mix your wet ingredients, then add your dry ingredients.

You’ll use a little of this mixture to make a cocoa-cinnamon swirl. You’ll find this in the middle of your cake.

Drizzle your baked cake with a delicious chocolate coffee glaze and serve immediately!

Check out these adorable mini bundt cake recipes!

4. Coffee Ice Cream

coffee ice cream


This homemade ice cream is rich and creamy. It also offers a bold coffee flavor.

You’ll develop a smooth, creamy texture using heavy cream and half and half. Vanilla extract and salt elevate the coffee flavor of your ice cream.

Invest in quality instant coffee to make this summer dessert.

5. Coffee and Cream Mocha Hazelnut Sandwich Cookies

coffee and cream mocha hazlenut sandwich cookies


These indulgent coffee hazelnut sandwich cookies are the perfect treat to accompany your coffee. If you love coffee and chocolate, you won’t want to share these!

Mocha shortbread rounds make up the outside of your cookie. They are crispy yet creamy. They’re super chocolaty yet have a hint of coffee.

You’ll find a nutty, chocolate, sour cream filling inside your cookie rounds. It’s not too sweet, so it complements the cookies perfectly.

6. Chocolate Tart with Coffee Candied Almonds

chocolate tart with coffee candied almonds


This Italian-inspired dessert is ideal for dinner parties. It looks eye-catching and tastes incredible. However, it’s easy to make.

You’ll make an almond pastry crust which will be the vessel for your creamy filling. A rich chocolate ganache holds a hint of coffee flavor. Your primary coffee taste is in the coating of candied almonds.

This is one of the most beautiful fancy desserts to impress guests!

7. Espresso Bread Pudding with Bourbon Sauce

espresso bread pudding with bourbon sauce


This espresso bread pudding is a delicious twist on a classic. Adding a Bourbon vanilla sauce makes this the perfect cozy holiday dessert.

You’ll bake individual bread puddings in ramekins, so you don’t need to argue over who gets the best bit!

Cubes of stale bread are soaked in a spiced custard mixture. You’ll add candied pecans for a different texture and seasonal flavors.

Add bourbon to your creamy sauce for pouring on your baked bread pudding!

8. Vegan Coffee Walnut Cake

vegan coffee walnut cake


Nobody would ever guess from looking at it that this beautiful coffee walnut cake is vegan. Your fluffy cake is covered with a vegan Swiss coffee meringue buttercream that is light and airy.

One of the main things you use is ground walnuts. When paired with good coffee, this cake’s flavors come out. Use soft brown sugar in this cake as it gives it a delicious caramelized taste.

9. Chocolate Espresso Cupcakes

chocolate espresso cupcakes


If you like mocha, these fluffy chocolate espresso cupcakes are perfect. The cake has a strong taste of coffee that goes well with the smooth, whipped chocolate ganache frosting.

Add a chocolate-covered espresso bean to your cupcakes for an extra coffee kick and crunch!

10. Vegan Tiramisu

vegan tiramisu


This vegan version of the classic Italian tiramisu is delicious. Everything has to be made from scratch, but it’s worth it! It’s great for parties or getting together for the holidays.

Use good espresso coffee so that you can taste the flavor. Amaretto or dark rum gives it a taste that resembles traditional tiramisu.

If you are vegan, these other delicious dairy-free desserts will impress you!

11. Coffee Creme Brulee

coffee creme brulee


A creme brûlée has different textures that make your mouth water. In this version, you must break through a crunchy topping made of caramelized sugar to get to the creamy coffee custard inside.

This dessert is simple to make and only needs a few things, like heavy cream and coffee. You can choose between coffee granules for instant coffee or espresso powder.

If you want the flavor to be more robust, add more coffee.

12. Double Chocolate Chip and Coffee Biscotti

double chocolate chip and coffee biscotti


Biscotti is a must-have holiday food. You can share these chocolate chip and coffee biscotti over a cup of coffee or give them as a gift in a pretty box.

You’ll use cocoa powder and instant coffee to give it a rich chocolate coffee taste. Chocolate chips and walnuts provide a crunch inside of your biscotti.

You’ll bake your dough in the shape of a long log, then cut it into pieces and bake them individually. This creates a biscotti with a firm, crunchy outside, and a soft inside.

13. Mocha Chocolate Truffles

mocha chocolate truffles


You won’t be able to eat just one of these melt-in-the-mouth mocha treats. A rich chocolate coating contains a creamy espresso-flavored truffle.

You’ll make a ganache with heavy cream, semi-sweet chocolate, butter, and espresso. This must be chilled for at least two hours before you can roll it into delicious espresso balls.

When you’ve rolled your balls, coat them in chocolate and add optional decoration! Sea salt and a chocolate drizzle are ideal.

14. Chocolate Espresso Cake with Silky Espresso Buttercream

chocolate espresso cake with silky espresso buttercream


This chocolate espresso cake packs a punch with its strong coffee flavor. This balances perfectly with the cocoa flavor of your chocolate cake.

Your cake is easy to make. Add your ingredients to a bowl and mix until the batter is smooth! You will add your dissolved espresso powder at this point.

Your silky espresso frosting is a version of Russian buttercream. To create this, you’ll use espresso powder, butter, and a can of condensed milk!

15. Coffee Glazed Donuts

coffee glazed donuts


These coffee-glazed donuts are the perfect treat alongside a mug of hot coffee. You can also make these in record time with minimal ingredients – mainly a can of biscuits!

A donut cutter is helpful here to cut holes in your biscuit dough. Before adding your silky coffee glaze, fry your donuts until golden and crispy. Serve your donuts immediately for the best texture!

16. Coffee Kisses

coffee kisses


Coffee kisses are created from soft, slightly crunchy cookies that sandwich a rich coffee buttercream. They are ideal for gifting to friends and family if you want to share!

Basic cookie dough and dissolved instant coffee create your cookie. Make your soft buttercream by using butter, coffee, and powdered sugar.

Once your cookies are cooled after baking, you can create delicious coffee kisses! You might also enjoy these lovely Whole30 chocolate cookies!

17. Frosted Mocha Brownies

frosted mocha brownies


If you think you can’t get more indulgent than a gooey chocolate brownie. How about adding coffee to the mix? These frosted brownies contain coffee in the frosting and the batter – double yum!

Intense, dark, freshly brewed coffee enhances the rich chocolate flavor in your brownies. You’ll omit leavening agents from your recipe, leaving you with the perfect chewy, fudgy texture.

If brownies are your favorite dessert, enjoy these decadent 5-ingredient brownies!

18. Coffee Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

coffee chocolate chip ice cream


The creamy texture of espresso ice cream pairs perfectly with the crunchy semi-sweet chocolate chips in this recipe.

You’ll use condensed milk and heavy whipped cream for your ice cream base. These ingredients are essential to produce your thick, creamy texture. Espresso and vanilla extract add your flavor.

19. Salty Vanilla Bean Espresso Chocolate Chip Cookies

salty vanilla bean espresso chocolate chip cookies


Combine espresso with chocolate chips, and you may have your new favorite cookie recipe. You’ll use a good amount of espresso powder to make your cookies taste irresistible.

Salt is a crucial ingredient for your cookies. You’ll use salted butter and add salt as a dry ingredient to your cookie dough.

A sprinkle of salt after cooking makes your cookies taste like they’re straight from the bakery!

20. Coffee and Walnut Loaf

coffee and walnut loaf


This tasty coffee and walnut loaf cake is made without eggs or dairy and is also vegan.

Applesauce is used instead of eggs in your cake and helps moisten the texture. You can give your espresso-flavored batter a satisfying crunch by adding whole walnuts.

Your tasty loaf cake has sweet espresso icing on top. If you want, you can add more crunchy walnuts!

21. Baileys Irish Cream Coffee Cheesecake Bites

coffee cheesecake bites


Enjoy an Irish coffee taste with these Baileys and coffee cheesecake bites. They offer the perfect combination of both flavors in one delicious bite.

A vanilla cream-filled cookie crust holds a creamy cheesecake filling. Make this taste like Irish coffee by using Baileys and coffee extract.

Finish your cheesecake bites with Baileys-flavored whipped cream!

No-Bake Coffee Desserts

The desserts below require no baking!

22. Espresso Ganache Cheesecake

espresso ganache cheesecake


Take an Oreo espresso crust and add a layer of rich chocolate ganache. Top this with a chocolate-espresso cream cheesecake mixture, and you have this delicious cheesecake!

The only bad thing about this dessert is that you must make it a day in advance. This ensures it’s set correctly and you have nice clean slices.

That’s if you decide you want to share it, of course… However, it is the ideal dessert for dinner parties!

23. Coffee Cheesecake

coffee cheesecake


This creamy coffee cheesecake is ideal for coffee lovers and cheesecake lovers. Two favorites in one easy recipe!

Make a buttery Graham Cracker crust to hold your rich cheesecake. To create your filling, you’ll use cream cheese, heavy cream, powdered sugar, and dissolved instant coffee.

When your cheesecake is set, decorate it with crunchy walnuts, if desired!

24. Coffee Slice

coffee slice


This no-bake coffee slice is the perfect treat to eat alongside a cup of freshly brewed coffee. It’s also an excellent choice for a coffee morning or bake sale, as it’s mess-free.

You’ll create a rich, coffee-flavored base for your chocolate coffee icing to sit on. You’ll combine your dry ingredients with condensed milk and butter, producing a hint of creaminess!

25. Cream Pie

cream pie


A fluffy filling and plain cookies dipped in coffee make this a family-favorite dessert. The snowy white, smooth cream filling contrasts the topping of crushed, crunchy hazelnuts!

26. Cappuccino Nanaimo Bars

cappuccino bars


These cookie bars’ intense chocolate and coffee flavors are a perfect combination. You’ll find three delicious layers in this version of a classic Canadian treat.

Your bottom layer is a sweet Oreo cookie crumb crust with a hint of toasted nuts. A creamy coffee-flavored layer sits in the middle of your Nanaimo bars.

A rich chocolate layer completes your sweet coffee treat!

Coffee Dessert Drinks

These coffee dessert drinks are an excellent alternative to regular coffee!

27. Simple Affogato

simple affogato


Affogato is an Italian dessert that consists of hot espresso poured over gelato or ice cream. As you’re using hot coffee, your ice cream will melt right into it!

You can use any flavor of ice cream or gelato you prefer. However, vanilla is an excellent choice to soak up the coffee flavor.

28. Espresso Milkshake

espresso milkshake


This espresso milkshake is made with just ice cream and coffee. It tastes great and has a thick, creamy texture.

If you use chocolate ice cream instead of vanilla, you can make your milkshake taste like mocha.

For a decadent milkshake, add your favorite toppings! The best are freshly whipped cream and sprinkles.

29. Coffee Hot Chocolate

coffee hot chocolate


Hot chocolate is a must-have in the fall and winter. Instead of cocoa or chocolate powder, you’ll use real chocolate to make this one.

When you mix instant coffee powder with milk instead of water, you get a drink that is even more creamy and rich. An extra indulgent touch is whipped cream with a coffee flavor!

30. Coffee and Ice Cream Milkshake

coffee and ice cream milkshake


You only need two ingredients in three flavor variations to make this thick, creamy coffee and ice cream milkshake.

Use vanilla ice cream and coffee for an iced vanilla latte flavor. Coffee flavor ice cream and milk create a shake that tastes like thick iced coffee.

Finally, chocolate ice cream and coffee create a mocha-flavored milkshake!

31. Iced Blueberry Coffee

iced blueberry coffee


This is a unique way to make iced coffee! This drink is excellent for the summer as it is made with homemade blueberry coffee syrup.

Mix cold brew coffee with your blueberry syrup for a refreshing taste.

rich chocolate espresso cake

31 Decadent Coffee and Desserts That'll Perk You Up

Yield: 8-12
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes

Get ready to fall in love with these sweet and decadent coffee and desserts that are perfect for any occasion!


  • 1. Espresso Macarons
  • 2. Coffee Popsicles
  • 3. Cinnamon Coffee Bundt Cake
  • 4. Coffee Ice Cream
  • 5. Coffee and Cream Mocha Hazelnut Sandwich Cookies
  • 6. Chocolate Tart with Coffee Candied Almonds
  • 7. Espresso Bread Pudding with Bourbon Sauce
  • 8. Vegan Coffee Walnut Cake
  • 9. Chocolate Espresso Cupcakes
  • 10. Vegan Tiramisu
  • 11. Coffee Creme Brulee
  • 12. Double Chocolate Chip and Coffee Biscotti
  • 13. Mocha Chocolate Truffles
  • 14. Chocolate Espresso Cake with Silky Espresso Buttercream
  • 15. Coffee Glazed Donuts
  • 16. Coffee Kisses
  • 17. Frosted Mocha Brownies
  • 18. Coffee Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
  • 19. Salty Vanilla Bean Espresso Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • 20. Coffee and Walnut Loaf
  • 21. Baileys Irish Cream Coffee Cheesecake Bites
  • 22. Espresso Ganache Cheesecake
  • 23. Coffee Cheesecake
  • 24. Coffee Slice
  • 25. Cream Pie
  • 26. Cappuccino Nanaimo Bars
  • 27. Simple Affogato
  • 28. Espresso Milkshake
  • 29. Coffee Hot Chocolate
  • 30. Coffee and Ice Cream Milkshake
  • 31. Iced Blueberry Coffee


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