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31 Best Puerto Rican Recipes That are Yum

Looking for Puerto Rican inspiration? You can enjoy more Puerto Rican cuisine in your home when you prepare any of these rich and flavorful Puerto Rican recipes.

Puerto Rico has one of the most unique culinary scenes on Earth. It resides in the middle of the Caribbean, so Puerto Rican cuisine has various influences.

All those spices and techniques blend to create an incredible array of food. It’s hard to narrow down the best recipes. But this list is going to try!

puerto rican recipes

There are many popular Puerto Rican dishes, so it’s hard to know which is the most common. However, some local favorites include:

  • Arroz con gandules
  • Mofongo
  • Tostones
  • Pasteles
  • Empanadillas

Puerto Rican Chicken Recipes

Many different types of meat are commonly used in Puerto Rico, including the chicken! Chicken is often prepared with a spice rub, allowing it to take on a bunch of flavors.

Grilling or smoking chicken is also very common to add a delicious smoky flavor. Some Puerto Rican chicken dishes – like arroz con pollo – are known all over the world for how tasty they are!

Best Puerto Rican Recipes

If you’re new to the Puerto Rican food scene, use this list of puerto rican recipes to tour the best! Each of these delicious Puerto rican recipes is great for beginners.

So, jump on board and discover this fantastic cuisine!

1. Arroz Con Pollo

arroz con pollo


First on our list is one of Puerto Rico’s most popular dishes: Arroz con Pollo! This traditional dish has Latin American origins. You only need one pan and an hour to turn this recipe out.

This popular puerto rican recipe is super delicious and well worth the time spent making it.

2. Sazon Burgers

sazon burgers


Enjoy an American classic with some Puerto Rican flair. Sazon is a Puerto Rican spice mix that goes perfectly in burgers. Paired with classic burger ingredients, this warm and fragrant spice is terrific.

This easy recipe is delicious and familiar.

3. Tripleta Sandwich

tripleta sandwiches


Put a unique twist on the classic Cuban with the Tripleta sandwich. Named for the number of meats in the bun, this sandwich is one for meat lovers!

Ready for more sandwich inspiration? Check out these healthy sandwich ideas for lunch!

4. Baked Sweet Plantains

baked sweet plantains


This simple baked plantains recipe is a great way to try this classic Puerto Rican dish.

Ripe plantain are like smaller, sweeter bananas. They turn into tender, chewy treats when cooked with some spices.

This is an easy dessert that’s also a little bit healthy so that you can enjoy it guilt-free!

5. Flan De Queso

flan de queso


Flan de Queso – literally ‘cheese cake’ – is a Puerto Rican take on a classic dessert.

Every bite is smooth and silky. The gold caramel sauce oozes off the top of the cream cheese base and adds a lovely sweetness.

6. Habichuelas Guisadas

habichuelas guisadas


Our next dish uses humble ingredients to make something super tasty. Olive oil, tomato sauce, beans, onions, and potatoes, and adobo seasoning combine to create a riot of flavor on the plate!

It’s a simple one-pot wonder that easily allows you to make big batches.

It also uses affordable ingredients.

7. Ropa Vieja

ropa vieja


Ropa vieja is a flavor-packed beef roast slow cooked in tomatoes and a whole heap of spices and bay leaves.

The beef gets so tender that it becomes flaky and easy to tear. So, you can enjoy this with white rice and beans or even on a sandwich.

8. Coconut Nog

coconut nog


Also known as ‘coquito,’ coconut nog is one of the things that makes Christmas special in Puerto Rico!

This is one of the easiest holiday drink recipes, thanks to canned coconut milk. Notes of rum, coconut, and cinnamon sticks all blend into perfect harmony.

9. Air Fryer Tostones

air fryer tostones


Tostones are fried green plantains. This delicious savory dish is favored all over Puerto Rico as a tasty side dish or snack. The tostones are super crunchy, starchy, and salty with a hint of lime juice!

It won’t take longer than fifteen minutes to bring this to life in your air fryer.

10. Puerto Rican Style Beans

puerto rican style beans


Here’s another take on habichuelas guisadas! This recipe uses olives to add a very welcome salty kick.

You can enjoy these beans on rice for a light but protein-filled lunch. However, they’re also great as a side dish with a larger meal.

11. Pina Colada

pina colada


Pina Coladas are one of the most popular cocktails in the world! These tropical delights are a delicious blend of coconut and pineapple. Enjoy with a splash of rum or as a virgin drink.

Either way, these cocktails are great for summer occasions.

12. Pollo Guisado

pollo guisado


This puerto rican chicken stew is super easy to make on a stovetop or in a crockpot. I recommend using bone-in chicken thighs to get the most flavorful meat.

This Pollo Guisado is one of the most easy crockpot recipes anyone can make!

13. Vegan Carne Guisada

vegan carne guisada


This is a meatless beef stew! I know, it sounds crazy. But the hearty stew and rich, flavorful stock prove that such a thing is possible.

This stew uses a Puerto Rican-style recipe but makes it plant-based. Instead of beef, we use mushrooms to create that meaty taste and texture.

14. Arroz Con Dulce

arroz con dulce


Arroz con Dulce – or coconut rice pudding – is a classic Puerto Rican dessert. It’s super creamy and full of warm, comforting flavors. You can enjoy it cold or warm, so it’s great year-round!

Best of all, you can make this dessert ahead of time.

15. Instant Pot Carne Guisada

instant pot carne guisada


It’s time to break out one of the best appliances in the world: the Instant Pot!

You only need an hour and a half from start to finish to make this. Only fifteen minutes of that time is for preparation! Rich, hearty, and filling, this is a great winter warmer.

16. Bistec Encebollado

bistec encebollado


Next is a Mexican recipe that’s become popular in Puerto Rico: steak and onions! This quick and easy barbecue recipe is great for entertaining friends and family.

The thin strips of beef and tender onions cook in mere minutes.

17. Sancocho Soup

sancocho soup


Sancocho is a super versatile soup you can make with absolutely any protein.

The onions and plantains create a robust base of flavor. The cilantro and corn lift it, making it a perfectly balanced broth.

This is one of the most delicious healthy fall soup recipes.

18. Pernil Asado

pernil asado


Who doesn’t love good roast pork? This recipe uses a three-day marinade, but it’s worth it. This spicy garlic paste soaks into the meat, making it rich and earthy.

Then, you roast it low and slow to create a delicious crust on top and tender meat in the middle.

19. Puerto Rican Yellow Rice

puerto rican yellow rice


Also called “Arroz con Gandules,” this fragrant Puerto Rican rice is great as a lunch or side dish.

The rice keeps its flavor and texture for a while in the fridge. It’s high in protein, thanks to the pigeon peas peppered throughout. The sazon also adds a warm, lovely spice.

20. Instant Pot Picadillo

instant pot picadillo


Picadillo is a delicious ground beef dish with olives, tomatoes, and plenty of spices. This Instant Pot recipe allows you to whip up this hearty stew in as little as an hour!

This is also one of the best cheap dinner ideas for when you are on a budget.

21. 20-Minute Habichuelas Guisadas

20 minute habichuelas guisadas


Take twenty minutes out of your evening to create this delicious vegan habichuelas guisadas.

This recipe uses homemade sofrito – an herb and spice paste – for an extra level of flavor. With your Instant Pot in play, you only need to wait twenty minutes to enjoy this delicacy!

22. Sofrito



Sofrito is an essential part of Puerto Rican cooking. This spice paste forms the base of so many different Puerto Rican dishes.

The good news is that you can easily make a big batch and keep it in your fridge for up to two weeks if you store it in an airtight container.

23. Creamy Rigatoni with Sofrito Avocado Sauce

creamy rigatoni with sofrito avocado sauce


Enjoy this pasta dish with a Puerto Rican twist! This vibrant green sauce will stand out no matter what else is on the table.

The rigatoni would also suit a weeknight dinner for the family. It’s creamy and delicious but full of delicious vegetables to keep everyone healthy.

24. Flan



Spanish Flan is very popular in Puerto Rico. This recipe teaches you how to make a basic caramel flan.

But don’t let the word ‘basic’ fool you. This flan hums with delicious caramel flavor. The creamy texture will blow your mind and delight your tastebuds.

25. Pastelon



You can think of this layered dish as a plantain lasagna made with green plantains. Instead of the pasta sheets, we use cooked plantains to separate layers of tasty elements.

This dish features fragrant ground beef and plenty of cheese. If you’re looking for a healthier alternative to lasagna, you just found it!

26. Vegan Coquito

vegan coquito


If you love the idea of coquito but don’t want alcohol, this recipe is for you. This rum-free Christmas beverage tastes so delicious that everyone will want a sip.

This is a great drink at your Christmas party if your kids want to get in on the fun.

27. Yuca Fries

yuca fries


Yuca fries are a healthier alternative to the standard potato French fry. Baked in salt rather than fried, they are thick, crispy, and fluffy.

Serve these with a sprinkle of your favorite seasoning for a tasty treat.

28. Pinchos De Pollo

pinchos de pollo


hese marinated chicken skewers highlight everything good about Puerto Rican food.

Make sure to give the chicken a lovely char to give them as much flavor as possible. For the best results, use thigh meat.

Check out these best side dishes for chicken!

29. Churrasco with Chimichurri Sauce

churrasco with chimichurri sauce


You might think the steak is the hero of the dish. However, it’s the chimichurri.

Chimichurri is a super flavorful condiment made by blitzing many herbs, spices, and lime. The punchy sauce is so good on any meat! Make a big batch and keep it in your fridge if you like.

30. Instant Pot Chicken Fricassee

instant pot chicken fricassee


Also called fricase de Pollo, this Instant Pot recipe grants you Cuban-style food in minutes.

So, it’s sure to be a hit at your place too! This is a hearty dish perfect for whipping up on a cold winter weeknight. You only need thirty minutes to get this on the table.

31. Air Fryer Sweet Plantain

air fryer sweet plantain


These air fryer plantains are a simple way to make this famous Puerto Rican dish. They’re healthy and full of flavor without requiring much oil.

Sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon to enjoy as a dessert. Or you can use them as a meat substitute in your next stew!

So, has this list sparked your interest? What’s the first Puerto Rican dish you’ll try? Let me know in the comments below!