17 Best Pollock Recipes (Quick and Easy)

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Looking for a new way to enjoy pollock? Make these irrisistible best pollock recipes that are easy to make, are flavorful and nutritious.

Pollock is an underrated fish, but it’s time to change all that! This versatile fish is great for harried home cooks who need a healthy, easy cooking option.

You can dress this fish fillet up or down, churning out a fancy dinner party meal or a simple, tasty weeknight dinner.

pollock recipes

Is Pollock as Healthy as Salmon?

Like salmon, pollock is a rich source of lean protein that doesn’t have much saturated fat and has a mild flavor. Saturated fats raise your bad cholesterol. So, you want to avoid this where you can.

With plenty of protein and low fat levels, this fish is similar to salmon in terms of health. Pollock filets are also usually cheaper than salmon or cod, so it’s great for saving money. 

Is Pollock Fish a Good Fish to Eat?

Pollock is a great fish to eat! It’s filling and healthy, but beyond that, it tastes great. You can use it in many different ways. It’s even a little more versatile than salmon.

Thanks to how affordable it is, Alaskan pollock fillets are a great fish to use for family weeknight dinners.

Easy Pollock Recipes

Today, we’re focusing on the easiest pollock recipes. These simple pollock recipes will get you through the week without too much fuss. Ready? Let’s go!

1. Coconut Seafood Stew

coconut seafood stew

Source: senseandedibility.com

First, we have a  delicious recipe for a Puerto Rican coconut stew that will blow your mind. This stew proves how much flavor you can pack into a meal without using expensive ingredients!

This takes a little while to make, so this is ideal for enjoying on the weekend.

2. Air Fryer Fish

air fryer fish

Source: littlesunnykitchen.com

Fish and chips on a weeknight! Who can turn that down? This air fryer pollock makes it super easy to create crunchy fish fillets your family will adore.

Paired with tartar sauce and a bit of kick from the black pepper, this easy recipe will disappear in seconds.

3. Bacalaitos


Source: senseandedibility.com

Speaking of crunchy fish, we’re headed back to Puerto Rico for another delicious white fish recipe. Bacalaitos means ‘salted codfish fritters,’ but you can easily make these with pollock.

Every bite is generously seasoned with Puerto Rican herbs and spices to lend the batter a fantastic kick with an herby flavor.

4. Sauteed Wild Alaska Pollock with Parmesan Crumbs

sauteed wild alaskan pollock with parmesan crumps

Source: tridentseafoods.com

Next up is an easy pollock recipe that keeps things light and fresh.

It’s super versatile! The parmesan crumb crust and a hint of lemon are the real heroes. Serve with a light salad for an easy lunch, or bulk it up with a heavier carb for a more filling dinner.

5. Baked Pollock with Cheddar Herb Crust

baked pollock with cheddar herb crust

Source: greatbritishchefs.com

Baked fish is a super simple weeknight meal.

You can serve this flavorful fish with any of your favorite side dish recipes.

If you loved this, you’ll love this herb crusted salmon meal!

6. Garlic Butter Poached Pollock

garlic butter poached pollock

Source: lakegenevacountrymeats.com

This garlic butter-poached pollock is so rich and delicious.

The key is to have a well of melted butter in the side of the pan and continue spooning butter gently over the fish.

This way gives the best results. It cooks both sides but leaves only one side crispy while the other is tender.

7. Alaska Pollock a la Plancha

Alaska pollock a la plancha

Source: foodnetwork.com

This is a single skillet meal with many different vegetables like bell peppers, herbs and a healthy dose of omega-3.

Served with toasted bread and a generous drizzle of olive oil and a mixture of Mediterranean spices.

You only need twenty-five minutes to pull this together, so it’s a great last-minute dinner!

8. Baked Pollock with Tomatoes and Feta

baked pollock with tomatoes with feta

Source: walterpurkisandsons.com

Here’s another take on baked pollock, but with a Mediterranean twist. The creamy, salty feta and bright, juicy tomatoes are amazing.

This is another dish that only takes twenty-five minutes to make.

Serve this flaky pollock with a fresh green salad and a couple lemon slices!

9. Oven Baked Pollock with Pesto Sauce

oven baked pollock with pesto sauce

Source: panamei.com

Pesto and pollock are a match made in heaven. The strong herbaceous flavor of pesto highlights the delicate flesh of the pollock.

Each tender bite falls apart, and the vibrant green sauce adds a fresh burst.

This pollock dish would be a great Sunday dinner idea.

10. Alaskan Pollock Southwestern Salad with Avocado Dressing

Alaskan Pollock Southwestern Salad with Avocado Dressing

Source: kimscravings.com

A crispy pollock fillet is the hero of this dish, but it’s by no means the only delicious thing on the plate.

Drizzle your tomatoes with olive oil—Char your corn. Mix your beans with some cilantro and lime. Finally, crown it all in the avocado dressing!

11. Grilled Lemon Pollock

Grilled Lemon Pollock

Source: recipes.net

Lemon brings out the best of the pollock, highlighting the delicate saltiness without overwhelming the dish.

This super-fast grilled fish doesn’t need much to make it delicious. A dash of some different herbs with a generous squeeze of lemon is enough to lift it to ‘tasty weeknight dinner’ status.

12. Air Fryer Beer Battered Alaska Pollock

Air Fryer Beer Battered Alaska Pollock

Source: festfoods.com

The best way to enjoy fish and chips is with beer-battered fish. The beer makes the batter super crunchy and rich, adding a light yeast taste that help the crunchy shell feel more filling.

Use an air fryer to create some fantastic air-fried pollock.

13. Alaska Pollock Fish Tacos

Alaska Pollock Fish Tacos

Source: awortheyread.com

These fish tacos taste as vibrant as they look, with plenty of different flavors to keep your tastebuds dancing. Best of all, you can use your Instant Pot!

In just thirty minutes, enjoy restaurant-quality fish tacos. The fresh salsa and cilantro make each bite so fresh and delicious.

14. Alaska Pollock Recipe with Noodles

Alaska Pollock recipe with Noodles

Source: searchingforspice.com

Next up, we have a Chinese-inspired dish that everyone can enjoy. The flavors are delicious but approachable, and the recipe is super easy. It’s an essential recipe to have in your arsenal!

The Chinese five spice is the hero, but you can play with other flavors to tip the scales.

15. Chili Garlic Alaskan Pollock

Chilli Garlic Alaskan Pollock

Source: globalseafoods.com

Chili and garlic are a combination unlike any other. The rich and earthy garlic is a great foundation for sweet, spicy chili! Pair that with delicate pollock, and you’ve got a winner.

Enjoy sesame flavor? Try these teriyaki chicken lettuce wraps.

16. Fried Garlic Soy Wild Alaska Pollock

Fried Garlic Soy Wild Alaskan Pollock

Source: tridentseafoods.com

Next up is another Asian-inspired dish.

It’s great on top of noodles, with a bowl of rice, or even with broth. The world is your oyster with this recipe.

Get inspired for more delicious fish based dinner with this easy Salmon stir fry!

17. Baked Pollock

Baked Pollock

Source: food.com

Our last recipe is a favorite because of its simplicity and deliciousness. Ideal for rushed weeknights where you need something healthy, this comes together in just 25 minutes.

Use frozen pollock fillets to save yourself even more time!

Ready for more delicious fish recipes? Try these best swordfish recipes!

Have you ever had pollock before? If so, what’s your favorite pollock recipe? Let me know in the comments below!

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