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27 Refreshing Summer Punch Recipes to Keep Your Party Cool

You can’t do summer without punch! These delicious summer punch recipes are the ultimate way to enjoy the weather, friends, and social events. They are summer in a glass or a punch bowl!

This collection of recipes will inspire you to try some favorites that we all know and love, but I have also found others that will make your taste buds and your next party come alive.

So, dig out your prettiest glasses, your best jugs, bottles, or jars, and get thinking about how you can present your party punch recipe to make them the highlight of your evening. 

recipes for summer punch

What Ingredients Are in a Punch

But what can go in a punch recipe? Be assured that these delicious recipes I have come across are not just about alcohol.

No, punch can be non-alcoholic, too, and are just as much fun and just as tasty on a hot summer day or at backyard BBQs.

A refreshing glass of punch generally contains a base mix of any sort of drink. Beer, fruit juices, soda, wine, spirits, tea, and other mixes. 

Added to this base mix can be a whole heap of fun to make a delicious punch.

You can add fruit, spices, vegetables, flowers, and herbs that can infuse and excite a punch recipe, and the concoctions are endless. 

Ice is generally used in cold punches, which look nice and make your drink extra refreshing, but guess what? You can have hot punches too! 

Summer Punch Recipes

1. Bacardi Rum Punch

bacardi rum punch


This rum punch is a classic but so easily adapted with small changes to create even more fun. 

Using a base of light rum, which can be any one of your favorite ones, and adding the tropical tastes of lime juice, orange, and pineapple creates this much-loved cocktail. 

But what about adding banana and blackberry liqueur to this and creating a Rum Runner? This perfect drink recipe will inspire you.

2. Firecracker Punch

firecracker punch


Hello, 4th of July! This is the summer cocktail you need in your life!

A blend of cherry, peach, lime, ginger, and cinnamon will undoubtedly cause a crack of fire in your mouth that you will be pleasantly surprised by.

This classic summer fruit punch recipe is alcohol-free, but it gives some ideas to make this an adult-only version.

3. Sparkling Strawberry Punch

sparkling strawberry punch


This lightly carbonated cocktail will take you straight to the strawberry patch.

It has floating strawberry slices that mix so well with a ginger and mixed fruit base, and the whole family will enjoy it.

A great idea is added to the recipe about making the mix into ice pops, too – I love it!

4. Hunch Punch

hunch punch


What a name! I just had to find out more and read through this really imaginative recipe.

It’s a fizzy, fruity drink that will make your party come alive!

Using a mixed fruit juice, orange juice, and pineapple juice base, it’s boosted with a good glug of vodka and can be easily made into a large batch if needed.

5. Sparkling Bourbon Peach Punch

sparkling bourbon punch


This is a sparkling cocktail made from a bourbon base. It’s flavored with peach, pomegranate, and ginger beer and is one to try if you want something different.

The recipe suggests it would be used as a rather sophisticated evening party or special brunch drink, and I totally agree! This one does feel rather special. 

If you love peach flavor, check out these tasty crown royal peach cocktails!

6. Strawberry Smash

strawberry smash


This is a non-alcoholic, delicate cocktail that will be a popular choice for everyone. Flavored with rose petals and coriander seeds, this is rather unusual and something quite different for guests.

Using sparkling water to serve creates a refreshing sparkling punch drink.

7. Papaya Rum Punch

papaya rum punch


Another twist on a rum punch, this one is for the rum lovers that dream of the sun. Using triple sec or other orange liqueur to keep the rum company, this punch is not for the faint-hearted.

Papaya juice and simple syrup lift this rum punch and go well with the juicy orange taste. It uses club soda water to serve, so there’s a little fizz here too.

8. Malibu Rum Punch

malibu rum punch


This is a bit of a twist on a classic punch. Adding mango to this cocktail is a great addition that will take you to tropical shores and give you a taste of the sun.

The base uses that popular coconut rum many of us love and a good helping of cranberry juice, creating a lovely fruity punch recipe full of summery tastes.

9. Shirley Temple Punch

shirley temple punch


The youngsters will feel grown up and sophisticated with this version of Shirley Temple. There’s no alcohol in this classic drink, just an adult taste for summer parties.

So, how’s it made? Just click and grab grenadine, 7-UP, and orange juice. Don’t forget plenty of ice and maraschino cherries for this pretty punch.

10. Mimosa Punch

mimosa punch


This is a rather special punch recipe with a fruity flavor. Using a generous amount of prosecco champagne as a base, it’s the perfect choice for a celebration, like an anniversary or garden party.

Pineapple, grenadine, and orange come together to make this the perfect blend, and if you need to make a non-alcoholic version, a switch from champagne to soda is easy peasy. 

Don’t forget to top this summer punch cocktail with a maraschino cherry!

11. Rainbow Sherbet Punch

rainbow sherbert punch


Now, this crowd-pleasing summer punch is so different! You need to serve it up pretty quickly, but it probably won’t last long.

The sherbet and soda react quite quickly and create a rainbow of fizz that will delight anyone in the best way.

There are lots of tips on serving this punch and making the sherbet, so certainly worth a look. Add some lemon slices or lime slices to finish it!

12. Festive Fruit Punch

festive fruit punch


Keep this recipe handy and in a safe place as the holiday season comes quickly, and you will wonder where this recipe went. 

The jeweled cranberries in this punch will make this drink a centerpiece. There is even a recipe for how to make an ice ring to display it, perfect for a social gathering.

13. Slush Punch

slush punch


This alcohol-free punch is so much fun for children. It uses jello and juice, frozen and mixed until you have a slushy mix that everyone will love.

The colors are amazing and will brighten up anyone’s party. You could use any flavored jello sachets to make lots of different versions.

14. Patriotic Punch

patriotic punch


What makes this patriotic, I hear you ask. Well, you just need to see it! Red, white, and blue sing out in layers, and the colors make it look really quite special.

The drink is made from cranberry-raspberry, Gatorade Frost and Powerade Zero. It’s a funky concoction that’s quite a different experience.

There are lots of tips for other versions of this and how to get the technique correct to make this perfectly layered.

15. Orange Sherbet Punch

orange sherbert punch


This a non-alcoholic fun drink that can have rum or vodka easily added. There is a lime soda and orange juice base that, when stirred to the orange sherbet, creates a slushy, ice sensation.

These simple three ingredients can be made up into a large batch and would be so much fun for a larger gathering of friends in the summer to keep you cool.

16. Shirley Temple Party Punch

shirley temple party punch


Here is another version of the classic Shirley Temple cocktail that has been made to look as pretty as a picture.

You have just found the recipe if you are after a drink to make up as a large offering that looks amazing.

This grenadine, lime, and ginger drink will look like a delight using slices of orange and cherries to float around amongst the ice.

17. Fruit Punch

fruit punch


Fruit punch can leave you a little worried when you aren’t sure what has gone in it. This one is alcohol-free, and you can make it with whatever you have to hand. 

The recipe here has a fantastic color, and the idea of glasses/jars to serve it in can really create some style on a hot day.

18. Bacardi Rum Punch

bacardi rum punch


Another rum punch recipe has been added here, as I firmly believe that choice is personal! 

This one has all the beach-themed tastes of orange, pineapple, and lime, but it has a demerara syrup, which will appeal if you love a buttery note.

19. Strawberry Lemonade

strawberry lemonade


Such an easy classic that everyone loves. Who won’t look at some pink lemonade and not think it looks pretty?

What makes this so special is the fact it is made from a homemade base lemonade base. The recipe is simple, delicious, and looks beautiful. My tip: Add the mint; oh my goodness!

20. Rainbow Sherbet Punch

rainbow sherbert punch


Oh wow, another version of this sherbet punch that looks and tastes amazing. As the sherbet melts into this, it not only creates a deeper color but it will also deepen the taste.

This is quite different and uses a raspberry ginger ale, tinned pineapple, and fresh raspberries, creating a flavor that will pop in your mouth.

21. White Wine Summer Sangria Spritzer

white wine summer sangria spritzer


I have found a perfect punch with white wine for this lighter version of the usually quite heavy sangria. It uses a lemon-lime soda to create a gentle sparkle.

So, if you want a sangria or spritzer, this recipe is for you. The added fruit pieces are perfect for summer evenings and make this punch look amazing.

22. Classic Primm’s Cup



This classic punch is so refreshing and combines the gin-based liqueur with lemon soda and fresh fruit.

It’s an adult drink that would be easy to make ahead and one that a party of guests would be impressed by. See the recipe for some great tips!

23. Strawberry Limeade

strawberry limeade


Strawberries and lime are the perfect combinations if you sometimes find strawberries too sweet. The lime really balances the sweetness here and creates the most perfectly-tasting strawberry drink.

Alcohol-free, this punch can be enjoyed by everyone and the best thing? It’s made from fresh ingredients of raw strawberries and fresh limes. Perfect.

24. Sparkling Raspberry Limeade

sparkling raspberry limeade


Lightly sparkling and refreshing, this raspberry and lime combo will be perfect for a hot day.

Fresh mint leaves are added to the punch and add a freshness that you will love.

Fresh raspberries and lime are used in this recipe, so if you have gone a bit mad at the ‘pick your own’ farm, this will be the perfect way to use them.

25. Pink Rose Grapefruit Sangria

pink rose grapefruit sangria


Grapefruit liqueur, Aperol, strawberries, and peaches are going to give you a rather special and unique punch that you can enjoy with friends.

Using a rose wine base, this light sangria alternative looks so pretty.

Packed full of fresh peaches, strawberries, and grapefruit, it will undoubtedly create a centerpiece on any table you are setting for entertaining.

26. Blueberry Sangria Lemonade

blueberry sangria lemonade


His utterly delightful sangria is made from a Chardonnay base, giving a pretty pink hue as the blueberries bob around.

The frozen pink lemonade also helps with the color and gives a sweetness that really balances well with the blueberries.

27. Pirates Punch

pirates punch


Anything pirate themed certainly needs checking out! It’s sweet and fruity and tastes of the tropics.

This one is certainly for adults who like to enjoy their rum. It’s a blend of amaretto, white, and dark rum mixed with pineapple, orange, and cranberry and will be guaranteed to create a bit of fun.