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17 Crown Royal Peach Cocktail Recipes

Got some peaches and need some inspiration for your cocktails? Prepare these delicious crown royal peach cocktail recipes.

If you’re one of the lucky individuals with a bottle of Crown Royal Peach Canadian Whisky in your liquor cabinet, I’ve got some fantastic recipes for you for those hot summer days.

While it tastes delicious on its own, there are so many fantastic cocktail recipes to bring the smoky-sweet delicious peach flavors to a new level.

crown royal peach cocktails

Released in 2019 by Crown Royal, their peach-flavored whisky became a popular Limited Edition beverage almost immediately.

The delicate peach flavor and enhanced sweetness balance the smoky whiskey easily.

What Mixes Well with Crown Peach?

It blends well with almost all other summer drinks! Orange juice, cranberry juice, pineapple juice, iced tea, lemonade, and ginger ale are all great vehicles for this whisky to make your new favorite cocktail.

Best Crown Royal Peach Recipes

Whether you’re a refined drinker and whisky veteran or looking for a light and fun way to enjoy your bottle of Crown Royal. I’ve got a peach crown royal mixed drink recipe for you!

1. Jello Shots

Jello Shots


Gearing up for a summer party? These jiggly jello shots are sweet, refreshing, and a whole lot of fun.

Emphasize the peach in the whiskey by pairing it with peach jelly and some peach slices. If you’re not a fan of peach gummies like gummy peach rings, try using real dried peaches instead to top them off.

2. Peach Shooters

Peach Shooters


Next up, we have a quick and easy punch recipe for parties. Satisfy your guests on a warm summer afternoon with a glass of these delightful Crown Royal Peach shooters.

Each sip bursts with light and refreshing peach juice, with a hint of smoky crown royal whiskey hiding beneath the surface.

3. 2 Ingredient Southern Peach Cocktail

2 Ingredient Southern Peach Cocktail


If you’re from the South, this whisky blend has your name all over it. Revel in the taste of seasonal peach with this incredible fishbowl alcoholic drink recipe.

It’s super easy to customize this popular drink to suit your taste. Whether you’re having a night in with friends or heading out on a picnic, this refreshing drink will impress!

4. Peach Jello Shots

Peach Jello Shots


Here’s another take on crown peach jello shots! While the original recipe calls for Smirnoff Peach Vodka, substituting Crown Royal Peach into the mix is super easy.

While plastic cups are great for making large quantities of shots at once, there is a more sustainable choice. Pick up some shot glasses from your local dollar store for a more refined look!

5. Whiskey Fish Bowl Cocktail

Whiskey Fish Bowl Cocktail


This next fishbowl cocktail is packed with different fruity flavors, all serving to highlight the deliciously sweet and delicate Crown Royal Peach.

You can make several large fishbowls for your guests to share or opt for slightly smaller bowls each guest can enjoy on their own. Top this simple recipe with plenty of ice cubes and lemon slices!

6. Royal Peach Cocktail

Royal Peach Cocktail


Get your cocktail shaker out for this one! You can be your own bartender when you make these crown peach drinks with juicy peaches.

This drink features a dash of peach schnapps and Sprite, making it a light and refreshing sipper. Top with a squeeze of lime to pull back on some of that sweetness.

7. Crown and Coke

Crown and Coke


A Crown and Coke is for you if you love a simple drink. Imagine the dark, sweet caramel of a Coca-Cola blending with the light, delicate, yet still smoky Crown Royal.

Take it one step further with a can of Vanilla Coke. The blend of vanilla and peach is almost impossible to beat.

8. Royal Old Fashioned

Royal Old Fashioned


A classic old-fashioned is already a delicious cocktail, but what happens when you use peach whisky? The result is a refreshing version of the usually dark and decadent drink.

Rather than a slice of burnt orange, top your Royal Old Fashioned with a piece of fresh peach to bring out the beverage’s sunny notes.

9. 3 Ingredient Crown Royal Summer Cocktail

3 Ingredient Crown Royal Summer Cocktail


Need a quick, easy, and stunning drink to prepare for an upcoming party? Then this three-ingredient blend is definitely for you!

All you need is an assortment of fresh peaches, a can of fruity peach and mango juice, and a generous helping of Crown Royal Peach Whisky.

10. Peach Tea

Peach Tea


The scent and taste of peach tea remind us of the summer days spent outside with friends. Why not bring that feeling back to life with this deliciously boozy version of the classic peach iced tea?

It’s so simple to make that you can quickly whip it up beforehand and take it with you to a friend’s place. Brew your tea at home or use a canned version. Both are delicious!

11. Crown Peach and Lemonade

Crown Peach and Lemonade


Rather than blending the Crown Royal with a dark and deep can of Coke, try going the opposite direction with a refreshing dose of lemonade.

The citrus blends beautifully with the light peach whisky, creating a summery beverage that looks amazing in the glass.

12. Crown Royal Peach Fizz

Crown Royal Peach Fizz


Celebratory drinks are sorted with this beautiful, fizzy, and profoundly refreshing cocktail. Sprite, peach juice, and prosecco combine to create the perfect vehicle for a shot of the Crown Royal Peach.

Serve in a tall champagne glass with a gummy peach ring to complete the look.

13. Cherry Peach Royal

Cherry Peach Royal


This super simple three-ingredient recipe capitalizes on the delicious combination of peach and cherries. It’s also very cost-effective. So, it’s great for making in large quantities.

Grab a jar of maraschino cherries for a dose of that sticky sweetness. Then, top off with a bottle of refreshing Sprite to balance the two other ingredients.

14. Crown Peach Mint Julep

Crown Peach Mint Julep


Typically, a mint julep is made with bourbon. Why not enjoy a delightfully sweet twist on this tried-and-true classic?

The crushed mint elevates the Crown Royal Peach Whisky, picking up on the delicate underlying notes of peach while the whisky offers a delicious burn.

15. Crown Royal Mimosa

Crown Royal Mimosa


This recipe comes directly from Crown Royal, the maker of this fine whisky. In this take, they use a shot of the Crown Royal Peach to accent an already-delicious mimosa.

Look no further if you’re looking for an extra-boozy, extra-refreshing brunch beverage.

16. Crown Royal Peach and Sprite

Crown Royal Peach and Sprite


Looking for a quick and easy cocktail to make at home? Crown Royal Peach and Sprite is a simple blend you’ll never get tired of.

Top a short glass off with a wedge of fresh lemon to accent the whisky’s darker notes.

17. Peaches and Cream Cocktail

Peaches and Cream Cocktail


Our final cocktail recipe celebrates a highly-enjoyed dessert, keeping with the sweet whisky. A Peaches and Cream cocktail.

The key lies in the cream soda, which offers a smooth and mellow base through which the whisky can sing. Top with a fresh strawberry or a maraschino cherry!

Have any of these stunning Crown Royal Peach cocktail recipes caught your eye? Let me know in the comments below!